• Hey, man. I got your message. I know you told me not to bother, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm really sorry. I only thought I'd make some changes while you were away, but yeah, you're right in retrospect. I may have been a wee bit too extensive in my editing, and again, I apologize for all of that.

    But what really got me was that the fact that you actually did feel annoyed around me. Sure, I may have made a few terrible quips (some worse than others, I take it), but I really thought we were tight in spite of that. If you really had been feeling this way fo a long time now, you could have just told me when you were still around.

    I probably won't be able to change your mind about Darkness Trigger (even though I seem to recall suggesting the idea to you, but I heavily digress), but can I at least have my friendship with you back? You're one of my closest friends here on the wiki, Mantis, and you were the reason I even managed to find something to enjoy in the wiki. You were - and probably still are - my inspiration. You were - and definitely still are - my friend.

    I'm sorry, Kyle.

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