• Good afternoon everyone,

    As many of you may or may not know, we have had a media player template for a while that allowed users to autoplay music on their pages for the intent of customization and in order to invoke mood and suspense while reading characters, fanfiction, or roleplays.

    Because of a recent discussion, we've made several updates on the MPC template in order to benefit user experience and friendliness, and so to not have users needlessly get the shit scared out of them.

    Here are the improvements that we've made on said templates.

    • They will no longer autoplay.
    • Height can no longer be customized.
    • Template now floats in lower left corner of screen.
    • Being as their height is fixed, you can now play, pause, and seek through your media.

    If you have an issues to report regarding the new MPC template design such as display errors or potential standards violations (covering page contents, being used to shown illicit content), please report them to Akrivus or another admin so they may be fixed.

    Now, moving onward, it must be necessary to now establish guidelines regarding future usage of media templates not only limited to the MPC template itself. Our policies are flexible enough to accommodate such guidelines without complete adoption and as such I will be posting them for reference to be used by any admin, moderator, or user who sees any potential misuse being carried out.

    Media templates will not be tolerated for the following uses:

    • Using autoplay features. This will no longer be tolerated.
    • Purposefully hiding UI elements of the YouTube player.
    • Playing any form of media that violates our policies.
    • Playing loud or annoying media such as ear rape or meme videos.
    • Playing media designed to trigger a mental or physical ailment such as epilepsy.
    • Playing inexcusably long videos, such as 10 hour loops, ASMR, or compilations.

    If any page violates these rules, you are clear to remove the violating code and/or report said pages and users should it be necessary or needed.

    Furthermore, any questions, comments, or clarifications must be directed to the comments section below.

    Thank you for your time,
    Emerl (a.k.a. Akrivus)

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    • Thanks for letting me know! I think that this should solve all of the problems that I've noticed with the media player template, while keeping all of its useful features.

      (Now that the changes have been made and media players are not so obnoxious any more, I might actually even add media player templates to some of my pages!)

      Anyway, thanks for the notice!

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    • Makes sense.

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    • It does?

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    • I understand the part where you are not allowed to use obnoxious music but not the autoplay part. Anyways, does it rule still apply to the fanfiction characters? It would be the person's fault if they click on it and hear people that may annoy them, right? It's not like they are the official pages for Sega characters.

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    • Autoplay means that the music/video/whatever will play automatically when you open the page, with the only way to stop it being to mute your volume or the page itself.

      And I'm not sure what the rest of your question means, but the rules apply to the the whole wiki.

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    • I mean the 'Fanfiction' page which you can make you own characters. I know what autoplay means but I don't understand why people can't turn the video down but I get why you took it off since people will complain about something they could deal with themselves. 

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    • Maddo basutādo wrote: I mean the 'Fanfiction' page which you can make you own characters. I know what autoplay means but I don't understand why people can't turn the video down but I get why you took it off since people will complain about something they could deal with themselves. 

      You couldn't turn the video down because the video was hidden, you had to mute your speakers or the tab itself.

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    • mmm i think we understand i think.

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    • Akrivus, I noticed a problem with the MPC template: When adding a video to the page with the MPC template, the entire left side of the video is hidden, obscuring the play/pause button. This means that the user must click the correct spot on the left border of the page to trigger the play/pause button once the user has started the video. (For examples, see this, this, this, and this.)

      Is there any way to fix this problem? I tried changing anything that I could think of to change, but couldn't figure out what to do to fix this.

      Thanks in advance if you manage to solve this problem!

      EDIT: I just discovered that the play/pause button is visible when previewing a page while editing, but not otherwise. I hope that this additional information will help you figure out what's going wrong or why it's going wrong!

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    • I can't reproduce this issue and the way your describing it appears to be a natural functionality of the YouTube player, when the video plays, the pause button supposed to move the left side next to the volume button.

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    • Thanks for the information!

      I just tried to reproduce the issue so that you can see what's going on. I took screenshots of a page with an MPC template, both during page preview (where the play/pause button is visible) and in the normal interface (where the play/pause button is invisible). Here are the pictures:

      During page preview: MPC Glitch Stage 1

      In the normal interface: MPC Glitch Stage 2

      I hope that this feedback will be useful for understanding my problem!

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    • You know, i think most people have that same problem now.

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    • ...I'm really sorry, Galaxy, but I can't figure out right now what your latest comment was supposed to mean. Could you rephrase that?

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    • i fix it

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    • Thanks for the clarification! That makes much more sense now. :D

      Good to know that the problem is something on the server end, not on the client end (i.e. it's something wrong with the template or the wiki, not with my computer).

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    • no probs. i just fix it :D

      I think its just the wikia itself perhaps. plus, you can created your own template you know.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the relevant wiki-markup required to create my own template. Also, what with the new rules surrounding this template, I think that creating a new template might cause trouble. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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    • New rules of the template? i never heard of that.

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    • What I'm referring to is the initial post in this thread, which details new guidelines restricting the usage of media player templates.

      (By the way, ignore that "reply to #18" notice; that's only there because of an accident made while creating this comment.)

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    • oh i see

      is that why they change the rules?

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    • Is what why they changed the rules?

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    • yes

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    • ...I was trying to ask you to explain what you were saying. You asked, "Is that why they change[d] the rules?", and I wasn't sure what was the reason that you were citing (the "that" in "Is that why they change[d] the rules?").

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    • i don't know. 

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    • ...OK then. At least we both know what's going on here now.

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    • Yes

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    • A FANDOM user
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