• Now I know alot of you have been saying I'm OneOfMany, and the truth is, Im not. Really. Its just an account my friend made so we could troll some users on the internet, because we saw alot of people making others think they are posessed on the Internet, so we thought we could do that too. So please, stop mocking me. Its very sad and Sinful.

    - Bionic10

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    • >Its very sad and Sinful

      Okay, OneOfMany.

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    • what the heck

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    • so, what you're saying is, you (and your friend) came here to troll us, and it backfired immensely. And now you're begging us to stop?

      All I can say is, you reap what you sow. You brought this on yourself. Now, I think this whole thing is veeeery silly, so all you (and your friend*) and everyone else needs to do is just drop this and let it go. Don't bring it up again, don't attempt anything else like this again, just move on. I mean, nobody REALLY cares, do they? If you stop, they'll stop.

      *citation needed

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    • i see that stealth citation needed

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    • A FANDOM user
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