• As Sonic fans know, there are many dimensions. The Chaos Dimension. The Sol Dimension. The Genesis Dimensions. The Sonic X Dimension.

    All of them were peacefully separated... until a certain bunny/Black-Arm gets her hand on something that threatens to obliterate the peace. Good thing that there are heroes to stop her!

    A small, young turtle named Turles comes to town and warns everyone of the oncoming danger. Team Mask and Team Astro, familiar with this danger, immediately decided to listen to this lad. But this time... their strength won't be enough. Will there be other people to help them? If so, will they save the borders of time and space?

    Or are they just on a suicide mission?


    You like it? I'm planning for it to be free join.

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    • So, whatddya think?

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    • It's an intersting idea. I don't know if I'd join though.

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    • Also, whatddya think about this guy so far?

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    • So far so good. I'm a little iffy about him being able to "dodge lightning". I mean, I get he has some abilities in terms of slowing/stopping time and pre-cognition, but lightning is instantaneous (or at least super close). Again, the pre-cognition and time manipulation may explain how he can, so rather than actually dodging, it's more of making sure he's not in the way ahead of time. If that makes sense.

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