• Hello, David, I see you have two articles on the site, and they're getting several comments on their page...... except these comments are from you.

    Please don't spam articles, especially yours, with comments that keep on asking for others' opinions. I get that you're trying to see what others think of your articles, but the excessive comments are just unnecessary. If you want feedback, just open up a critique request forum, and I'm someone will happily review it for you.

    As for the comments, they may or may not happen. Don't ask for others opinions every time your revise and edit it. Just let the feedback roll in.

    Have a nice day.

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    • OK. Thanks for letting me know. I will get onto that pretty soon. You know that I have been a user of this site for about a month or two, so... I'm not pretty sure how things work. But thanks.

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