• Hey. DavidG185 here. SInce 2012, I started writing stories about a heroic team named The Conspiracy Time Team.  A heroic team who defeats villains, just like Sonic the Hedgehog. I am wondering, as I still do it.

    Is it OK from you guys if I included these characters into this site? They mainly use their hedgehog appearances, but they do have additional appearances. Another question. What is the rules for pages that involves characters? It's no biggie!

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    • I forgot to mention. When I was in high school, I also made a Fan Site using the HTML and the CSS Codes. (Unfortunately, I didn't put it up online as I was just afraid of what others would think).

      Of course I am doing college now and it is a good thing to know.

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    • If you guys are not going to be convinced, I will put the captain of TCTT up first!

      The captain's name is David Conspiracy. He is a green and black hedgehog. Based off his status, he is more anti-heroic, but mentions a lot of. For some reason, he likes villains as much as he likes defeating them.

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