• Roleplay between Detective SkullWolf, Minato Arisato00, and HauntedAlchemist.

    A witness manages to escape The Nazar's grasp after one of their missions. Though they have nothing to worry about legally, they still wish to maintain their "clean" appearance to the outside world, and as such, needs to dispose of the bystander. Now a target, the witness seeks the assistance of The Codex, creating even more conflict between the two groups.

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    • A female, mutated cat carefully browsed through the numerous file folders, careful to not transfer any ice cream from her hands onto the pages. She looks interested in a few papers, taking them, though they're apparently not a part of her mission, as she continues to search.

      "Neo, did you get it yet?" A young, feminine voice made itself apparent through her comm link. She huffs irritably.

      "Hush up. You can't rush things like this." Neapolitan chides, then adding when her mic is off, "Why the hell was she made second in command..."

      "Hello? Is someone in there?" She stills when she hears a voice outside. She swore that the building was closed at this time of night, no one should be here. Still, she quickly melts and hides back in the floor vent she had entered from.

      "I could've sworn I heard someone..." A male wolf enters the room, turning the lights on and looking around. A lone, manila folder that she had been looking through sat on a desk, open and displaying it's contents next to the stack of papers the feline had accumulated while going through others. He approaches it but leaves the door to the room open, his back now directly in front of her. "People really don't know how to clean up after themselves around here... Banking reports and life insurance? Who would need th--"

      In a single moment, the mutant jumps out of the vent and solidifies back into her mobian form. Tightening her right arm around his neck from behind, she covers his nose and mouth with her left hand, now a blob of ice cream blocking any flow of air into him. He tries to resist, attempting to remove her from him, but fails to do so.

      "Shhh. Don't struggle, dear." She rumbles in his ear. Eventually he loses all oxygen, and goes limp in her arms, prompting her to grunt and drop his body immediately. 

      She returns to her search, though it didn't take her long to find what she had came there for. Neatly gathering her stolen pages and putting the folder back where she found it, she steps over the wolf's corpse and exits the building through the vents again, unaware of the other person.

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    • A young shaggy haired gliding lizard watches the horror ensue at a noticeable distance. Once the body slumped over, he quickly takes notes on the appearance of the ice cream looking creature.

      "Dear god.." He mutters to himself disgusted at watching the wolf die. "What could she want to do such a thing.." The gliding lizard exits the location quickly before being noticed by the ice cream cat.

      He packs up his notes and runs out the exit door of the building. Hordaiquan was raining heavily, allowing the lizard to blend in with the crowd as he opens his umbrella. He runs over to his parked hover board and flees the scene completely.

      I could make top dollar exposing this on media with the media manglers.. But, they wouldn't listen to me.. Hmm.. thinks the lizard to himself as he hovers away through Princeton.

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    • "You messed up." Is the first thing Neapolitan's told upon arriving back to their base. The Nazar's engineer, Sylas, approaches her.

      "I suggest you be more specific darling, I don't usually make mistakes." She replies, walking back to her quarters after pushing the papers into Mirage's hands. The husky seemed curious, but didn't say much, wanting to see her father and went to deliver the documents to him. "If you mean the wolf fella that you neglected to tell me about, then wouldn't that put the blame on you?"

      "Some parts of the building doesn't possess security cameras, I did tell you to be weary of that." He scowls at her. "There was another person in the building with that man. He stayed as far away as possible, so you couldn't possibly notice him, he saw you steal the documents, and he saw you kill that wolf. If this is leaked--" The feline's usually calm expression leaves her face.

      "Did you wipe the surveillance footage?"

      "I did, but you know Vlad's policy; no witnesses." He crosses his arms. "I tried to contact Mirage, but no signal went through."

      "Hi dad!" The husky bounces into their leader's office. "We got the files you wanted, here you go!" She hands him the papers, rocking back and forth on her feet.

      "Sylas said there were some issues. Maybe you should talk to him?"

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    • A tall komodo dragon stands attentively at the voice of the husky. His face lights up with glee and he runs over to hug the husky before taking the papers.

      "Mirage, you make me proud in your position as my second hand. What are these issues. doch'?" Vlad then takes the papers and his expression instantly becomes grim.

      "Get Sylas in here as soon as possible. That pathetic cat as well. The dragon then walks to his desk and sits down with his hands placed on the side of his head.

      "Doch', get me my pills too.. I feel I am losing myself.." Vlad says somberly.

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    • "Already have them." Mirage sets the bottle of medication on the table, already anticipating this. "Take two, okay? I'll be right back!"

      "Sir?" Sylas is the first to speak after he and Neo enters. He looks to the husky, who gestures for him to continue talking. "Er, we apparently have a witness that escaped while we were gathering those documents. Nothing has shown up on the web or the news, but Neapolitan does have a distinctive look to her, and she had to kill someone. We're concerned that our reputation is on the line."

      "It'll be fine." The ice cream cat didn't seem all that worried, nor did she seem to care that she was in the presence of their leader and could be facing punishment. "The government can waive any trial we could be put on."

      "Our reputation, Cameron. Legally it might not matter, but this could spell trouble if our investors and business partners caught wind of this." He clarifies. She frowns, but only from being unhappy with him using her real name.

      "Just send that assassin we have after him." She shrugs. "No witnesses, yes?"

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    • Vlad takes his pills immediately as Neapolitan began to speak.

      "What you don't understand is that we are not vile criminals who murder people for all to see! Do you not remember our code? Keep it clean, be discreet. Does that not ring any bells, Cameron?" He slams his hand on his desk, causing it to shatter in half.

      Vlad stands up and looks into Neapolitan's disrespectful mug. "Curse you, I may never cure you of your conditions if you keep antagonizing me. I'll phone our assassin.. All this senseless killing, it reminds me of my youth.. Turns my stomach.. I did not struggle this much in life to have my business known as a mess because some of my workers are incompetent!" The dragon takes a deep breath as he stands up and gets in between both Nazar members.

      "Sylas, get as much information as you can about the person we are dealing with here. Cameron, you will pay for this. Ensure the media does not get behind this, thwart the Codex if necessary. Those are direct orders, Cameron. Do not fail me again." He says as he moves over to Neapolitan and has his index finger pointing in her face. His finger so close that his claw scratch a very small portion ice cream off of Neapolitan's face.

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    • The husky jumps when the desk breaks underneath his hand, but the other two members seemed unfazed. Still, the second in command is quick to resettle herself.

      "I can't remember if that's desk 4 or 5..." The culpeo mumbled under his breath, quieting when Vlad got up.

      "There was one guy that no one told me about, I didn't kill the other and stick him up on a telephone pole for the whole world to see." Neapolitan snaps back at him. "Do you think I enjoy a life like this? I was forced into this so I could survive on my own; I used to be normal!"

      Though the feline doesn't bother moving when Vlad stands between the two of them, but Sylas does out of respect.

      "Yes, sir." He salutes once given his orders.

      "Sir, I have all the information we were able to pick up on our witness. Thankfully we were able to ID him." Sylas says, tablet in hand. "He's a gliding lizard that works in customer support for the Bank of Hordaiquan." He shows Vlad the image of his employee photo next to a snapshot of the surviellance footage they had of him in the building.

      "Unlike most of our targets in the past, he's rather ordinary; it may be harder to find him for that reason. He tapped at the screen a few times. "Would you like me to forward the information to our assassin?"

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    • Vlad's expression of anger turns into one of remorse once Neapolitan snaps at him. Unlike before where the two would argue after snapping, Vlad legitimately felt bad for yelling at Neapolitan and making her feel bad for herself.

      He looks at Neapolitan and crosses his arms. "Look.. I won't give up on you. We mutants have to stick together, I know your struggle too Cam. I will find you a cure." Vlad says assuringly.

      Vlad shakes his head and focuses on Sylas now.

      "Alright kid, I'll call the assassin. The lizard looks young, shame."

      Vlad returns to his broken desk and sighs. "Doch', please order me a new table.. You already know my information." He then reaches for his phone to call Varris.

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    • She was surprised and it showed on her face; Vlad rarely had moments where he'd calm down, especially when it came to her.

      Perhaps the meds kicked in.

      Still, she appreciated his words. At least there were others in the organization that understood what it was like to be a mutant, society never did regard them highly. Perhaps some could sympathize (though most would rather look on in disgust), but not many could empathize.

      "...thanks." She mumbles, not really one to express her gratitude. Though she wasn't easily discomforted by many things, she really did seem to be in a hurry to leave now. "...I'll get going."

      "Patch the assassin in to me if they require anything else." He balances the datapad on the left half of the desk, salutes, and takes his leave.

      "I will! It should arrive within a day." The husky chirps brightly, typing away at her own datapad in front of her.

      "Please...take care of your anger in the future, though." She adds, a bit quieter this time.

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    • Vlad nods to Mirage.

      "I'm trying very hard, Doch'. Thank you for ordering that for me.. It's also thanks to my cursed mutations why the slightest tap of anything just falls apart. Oh.. and Doch', please leave the room.. I'm going to have a private conversation." 

      Vlad then calls the Assassin.

      "I'm not pleased to call you as I usually am, but I need a favor. I have a 'gliding lizard' that knows too much about one of my operative's misdeeds. Let's say if this 'mistake' got out, my organization will look very bad. You know what to do. The pay is high. Make it quick and painless for the lizard, he doesn't deserve a cruel death for being there and the wrong time. If you need further information, my engineer will send you further information deeply describing who we're dealing with. Keep it clean, be discreet." Vlad looks at his side awaiting a response from Varris.

      His eyes seem to lower as the pills are kicking in full time, Vlad's muscles can be seen relaxing as whatever frustration previously seen on his face was now gone.

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