• (This chapter will predominantly focus on Phantom the Mink and Taura the Squirrel as they venture for supplies and food. They will lead this section as the other three heroes face Greigor. Visit the main page for questions and or links. I hope you all enjoy this section split of chapter 2.)

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    • As Taura scours the dead jungle for food, she stares bitterly at the rotting foliage that surrounds her. In this state, the nature-empowered vampire could barely make the plants twitch at her will, let alone manipulate them to do her bidding. This could prove to be problematic if she were to encounter an enemy in these parts of the jungle, which meant that the sooner she and Phantom could reach the area in which plants were still clinging to life, the better.

      At least there were still things to be positive about. The dense vegetation blocks out a great deal of the sunlight, providing shade to the vampire, whose parasol can only relief her of the damaging effects of the Sun enough to keep her alive. As little as there was, the sound of ambiance was further comforting. 

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    • The mink walked alongside the squirrel, not very happy with what they were currently seeing. Dying of starvation would be the worst way to go. Or fighting on an empty stomach.

      "We've been walking for a while. Is there anything even living on this island?"

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    • "You mean besides you?" Taura jests, pretending to sound offended.

      The plants ahead of them were finally beginning to look greener.

      "I hope we can find some meat around here. Maybe there's a wild boar or two."

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    • "...heh. Touché."

      She was happy to see that they were beginning to transition into a healthier area. The mink looks up at the trees in hopes of spotting any type of fruit.

      "Do you have anything on you that can be used long distance? It's not like we can walk up to an animal without it running." She shrugs. A question eventually comes to mind. "... Out of curiousity, do you have to have the blood of others? Or does the blood of prey work for you?"

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    • "I could set up a trap, I suppose. I'm certain I could get the drop on any animal we find if push comes to shove."

      The vampire squirrel sees some fruit hanging on top of a tree and approaches it. She places her hand on the trunk and watches as the tree begins to shake on its own, causing the fruit to eventually drop to the ground all at once.

      "Oh and indeed, I require blood from other people, it won't do coming from just any wild creature. Why? Are you offering? 

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    • She nods. Though she knew how traps worked, she lacked the necessary materials to create one. If the squirrel could somehow come up with any ideas, she would gladly assist. Unless if she was asked to be bait.

      "Of course not." She replies quickly. "I was hoping that wouldn't be the case. It would've definitely made everyone feel better if it were. Though, that leads to another question, wouldn't you starve on this island?" The mink briefly glances at her companion before picking up a singular fruit. Using her polearm, she slices it in half, inspecting the inside.

      "It smells sweet, but I've never seen this where I'm from." She comments. "Hopefully it won't kill any of us."

      Though she was lucky this time, she reminds herself that because she was in an unknown land, she needed to be more cautious. Briefly she recalled a poisonous fruit that she discovered while she was travelling in Vayrillia, one that was deadly to eat and released toxins whenever touched.

      "Hopefully we can find more. Maybe berries, maybe an animal, or more fruit. Who knows." She pauses. "'re a squirrel that drinks blood, I'm a mink, there's a canivorous bird, a wolf, and a fish...what do fish eat?" 

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    • The vampire didn't answer the mink's question regarding her need for blood. Taura didn't want to be reminded of the fact that before she was dragged on this adventure, she has had no blood for months. Though eating other things certainly would curb her appetite, the fact remains that she will still waste away if does not drink any blood.

      The pale-muzzled squirrel picks up one of the fruit, studying it for a minute before biting down on it. "I don't sense anything wrong with these. Though even if they were tainted, we could see if the fish is capable of restoring them. Speaking of whom, I believe that fish eat...smaller fish. He'd have to find a way to feed himself, what with all of that corrupted waters."

      Taura takes a quick glance around at the plants around the two, analyzing them for ways to set up a trap.

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    • She notices that Taura doesn't respond. "...can you drink your own blood?" She asks after some thought.

      There were vines within their location, and given how they were in a healthier area, they appear to be in a strong condition. She tugs at one experimentally, noting the tautness it possessed, before slashing it with her polearm. At least now they had a substitute for rope.

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    • "No, that would be...a fatal mistake," Taura answers with a hint of tension.

      She places a hand on the trunk of the same tree that she had earlier relieved of its fruit. This time, instead of it simply shaking, part of the trunk begins to split open, leaving a head-sized hole around the base of it. Presumably, this is where a trap would be further set up. 

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    • Phantom remains silent after noticing the vampire's tone change, instead choosing to watch whatever Taura was doing.

      "What's your idea, here?"

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    • Taura realizes that she should probably clarify what she had meant earlier, though she was not quite ready to confess a unique weakness of hers to someone that she still considered to be a stranger.

      Her attention returns to the matter at hand. "Try putting your hand in it. It'll become quite clear what the trap is."

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    • She briefly wondered what sort of wildlife they would catch. They haven't seen anything but plant life, dead or alive. Additionally, they would need some method to carry everything back...having a surplus of food would be important, namely for days when they don't have the time for hunting and gathering.

      "I'm not going to lose said hand, will I?" She looks at the squirrel with wary eyes.

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    • "I wouldn't be asking you to stick it in there if there were a possibility," Taura sighs. For the sake of moving on so that she can make more traps, she presses her own hand inside the hole. The second she does, the trunk seems to repair itself, closing the hole and trapping her hand inside. Where the hole had been repaired, the trunk is noticeably more brittle. Presumably, she and Taura can break open the trunk in that spot to pull out whatever gets trapped.

      "Trees like these are common where I'm from, though they're more carnivorous rather than just trapping things." 

      Taura places her other hand on the tree, manipulating it to free her hand.

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    • Phantom watches with fascination, having never seen anything like it, despite all of her travelling throughout Azima.

      "Alright. We'll need to disperse the traps throughout a larger area, then." She nods, implying they would need to continue on walking. With her blade she makes a slash through the tree so they both can identify it later when the tree closes. Then, using her wind abilities, she allows for the fruit from before to float in the air and follow them. "Let's go."

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    • The mink and squirrel's success in finding fruit for the party was definitely a major win while the others were out fighting the lethal bastion. Sadly, the two were not alone.

      A shadow-like figure was perched on the high tree tops, quietly following every step the other two heroes had. The figure would squint his dull grey eyes as he noticed them tamper with one of the trees.

      "Could they be a threat to the world..? I don't know if they are surviving natives trying to pillage what is left on this island.. Maybe I can help them survive, I can not have Vaylor deal with the threat of more dead at the wake of Moya's tyranny.." the figure muttered to himself very lowly.

      But just as he spoke of Moya's name, a large cloud of smoke covered the forest at a close distance. The smoke smelled of chemicals rather than normal fire, almost like sulfur as a blue flame arose from the same distance. The fire was not natural, it grew stronger and stuck to its environment rather than spreading out of it.

      The turning of wheels can be heard as whipping echoes in the forest.

      "Hyah! I said move damn it!" shrills the voice of a tyrant. The voice sounding young and feminine, but at the same time powerful and aggressive. Noise of what sounds like a chariot is moving closer and closer to the location of the two heroes.

      "I smell fruit.. and meat! Living uninfected meat! Move this bloody thing now!" shrieks the master as a emphasized whip cracking noise is heard. Slaves move the chariot with their brute force as they are profusely bleeding both oil and blood with large scars and torn clothing. A dark ox leads the chariot with a bull to his left and a yak to his right. All of them full of flaming scars, darkened complexion, bodies drenched in oil, and bloodshot eyes.

      The group finally finds the squirrel and mink, both of which holding a favorable amount of fruit. Wheel tracks can be seen leading to where the chariot stopped. The chariot itself can be seen to have fruit and meat hanging at the side.

      From the roof of the vehicle, a orange and black lizard pops open a wooden door to which she would jump out of and land before the squirrel and mink. The lizard was of the appearance of a gila monster judging by the color scheme of her scales and figure. She was short with orange hair that was in the style of an undercut with the right side of her head being shaven of its hair, her hair would just barely reach her shoulders.

      She had bright red-orange eyes, darker than the ones Hiero dawned and thus more fearsome to stare at with a scar under her right eye. She wore black capri pants that would lead to black boots which began at her knee with red flame designs at her heels, a red fishtail jacket with the sleaves torn off that showed her badly bruised arms with what look like claw marks embedded into her skin but yet still retain a muscular in appearance, a torn black tank top that revealed the lower edges of her stomach, charred black bracelets on her wrists, and finally sharpened claws with a flaming whip in her hand.

      She looks at the other two women and smiles. "Ah, girls. Lovely to see more of the superior gender on this island, don't you think so too?" She lightly giggles as her long tongue and sharp fangs appear.

      "I'm afraid I didn't come looking to befriend you girls though, as beautiful as you both are. I especially love the style of the squirrel, as ancient as it comes. You girls have something of mine." She points to the floating fruits. "Hand them over nice and slowly and I may spare your lives.." She gestures toward her three large slaves as they huff, awaiting for their master's command. "I may even invite you into my domain where we can thrive off of the apocalypse and praise Malwrath's magnificence." She stretches her whip out awaiting an answer from Phantom and Taura with a look of malevolence.

      "Well, I'm waiting.. And you do not want to keep me waiting." She cracks the whip on the leading ox which burns him and causes him to shake violently; he was ready to tear into something. Moya's face had such a nonchalant look of joy that would make any normal person cringe.

      The shadow figure of the tree tops kept his eyes set on Moya's flaming whip, ready to jump if it were to hit the two survivors.

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    • Phantom looks over at the squirrel, trying to read what she was thinking. Personally, she didn't take too kindly to being told to hand over their findings.

      She was likely one of the members that the monk had mentioned before, another one of the failed heroes. Alarm bells started ringing in her head when she mentions Malwrath, and the fact that she started to...worship him?

      She wasn't sure of what the fire was made of, but she was sure she could combat it with her own powers. Prepared to grab her polearm, she waits for Taura's reaction.

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    • "Well would you look at that. We didn't even need to bait the trap; the prey came right to us," Taura says with glee, punctuating by showing off her own fangs. With the introduction of another enemy presenting new opportunities to the vampire, she had become so enraptured with the potential of blood that she had neglected to put up her mist illusion to disguise her identity.

      Taura gives Phantom a look that should dissuade any fear that she would surrender to this lizard. 

      "I'm afraid we won't be relinquishing anything over to you, dear, but we will kindly give you a revised version of your own offer: surrender all of your food as well as the lives of your servants, and we shall spare you for the time being. Otherwise, prepare to forfeit your blood here and now."

      Taking the iniative, Taura kneels and puts her hand on the ground. Within seconds, one of the nearby trees is uprooted as it slowly topples over towards the carriage.

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    • Moya turns her head to see what happened to her prized chariot. Anger fills the gila monster as her whip's flames become a sapphire color with the heat hot enough to burn some of the surrounding folliage.

      "You're in no position to make such propositions!" Moya hisses.

      With a snap of her fingers, the leading ox breaks free of his chains and runs to pummel the mink with his brute strength and horns.

      Moya stares at the squirrel, she readies her whip but in the flash of a second, a dark figure dashes through the air knocking Moya's whip out of her hands. The figure would then roll backward and land in front of Taura. It was none other than Xulu himself cloaked with harmless gasses that made his physical appearance hard to point out.

      Moya steps backward stupified about the fact that her whip flew out of her hand with out her even noticing it. She then realizes that the gaseous figure is Xulu, a personal rival of Moya's.

      "You! You've come back to ruin this island again, haven't you? Don't you realize we've no love for you, we've all gone our seperate ways. Malwrath leads my path, not you, not Vaylor, not Greigor, o-or.. F-Faras!.. none of you saps do!" Moya says to Xulu, as she points at him. She would then pick up her flaming whip in the flash of a second and rolled backward again incase of any attack.

      Xulu watches Moya with a look of concentration. "You have forsaken everything for your own benefit, Moya. You are to blame for our failures, your greed is insatiable." Xulu then gestures towards the mink and squirrel. "These two have done nothing to you and you seek to pillage them? Where's Malwrath when you need food, shelter, or family? Face it Moya, your luck has run dry. Leave these two be, or I'll have to put you down like the animal you are!" Xulu says as his dull grey eyes glimmered.

      Moya cracks her whip at her Yak and Bull which split their attention. The Yak attacks Taura with his horns, aiming to impale the petite squirrel. Whereas the bull attacks Xulu.

      Xulu lunges over the bull's hardy punches and haymakers to then land on top of the bull and suffocate him by sapping the air out of his lungs. The bull was dead within seconds, bleeding out of his mouth profusely. The ease in which Xulu took to kill Moya's bull made her uneasy. She then cracks the whip at Xulu, burning the nearby environment as she slams the whip in his direction.

      Xulu dodges over the whip and rolls into Moya, leading into a thrusting kick. Moya would block and grab Xulu's foot, slamming the gaseous bird into the ground with great force. Xulu would grunt as he rolls to his side to avoid Moya's attempt to grasp him off the ground. Xulu would then take the opportunity to kick Moya's whip out of her hand once again, leading the fight into a more melee focused battle between the gaseous bird and tyrant lizard.

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    • The mink felt better after seeing that she and Taura were on the same page. If they had conflicting ideas, things would've likely gone downhill for them both. She had to bite back a laugh as soon as the vampire drops a tree on the chariot, though her humor was short lived, the ox now charging at her.

      The fruit that used to be floating alongside Phantom immediately dropped to the ground as she decided to concentrate her abilities elsewhere. Packing air molecules together as tightly as possible, she's able to form a literal invisible wall, which the ox would end up running into. She follows up on this by bringing up as much dust as she could around the beast, both meant to irritate his eyes and make it difficult for him to see.

      It was clear that the she couldn't take him on individually, especially at close range, though she felt better with her odds like this.

      Phantom barely registered Xulu's arrival, nevermind the exchange he and Moya shared.

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    • Taura was not liking how things were turning out at all. With the appearance of Xulu, the situation was becoming more complicated. She had no idea whether to treat him as an adversary or ally, though she greatly preferred the former. While he and Moya were partaking in their grudge match, however, Taura had other troubles to deal with.

      With threat of the charging yak presenting the biggest danger to her, Taura had to act fast. Luckily for her, she was in the midst of a jungle teeming with plant life, providing her with an ample variety of defense options. Her hand still on the ground, this time the nature-wielding squirrel takes control of the plants on the jungle floor. The yak finds his legs being pulled to the ground by ferns and the roots of the trees. Should he struggle too much, he would find the trees falling on top of him.

      Taura spares a moment to study Phantom's own situation and sees that things are not going so well for her either.  "Throw it head-first into the trap," she advises her ally before turning attention back to the yak.

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    • The yak would hit the ground immediately after losing balance and the tree would land on his spine. Cracking of his bones could be heard as the tree crushed the Yak's spine. Despite all of this, the Yak acted almost as if he wasn't hurt by the tree's collision or himself hitting the ground. He desperately tried to crawl to Taura, but the tree's weight and his feet being tangled in plantlife leaves him immobile. Huffing and grunting can be heard from the yak as his blood shot eyes glow red and oil secretes from his nostrils.

      The ox would have no reaction to the dust in his eyes as pain didn't register for these creatures. They were not normal, it was like they were under some form of influence. The ox kept trying his best to break the invisible barrier between himself and the mink, heavy breathing can be seen from the ox as smoke was huffing out of his nostrils with the occasional oil dripping.

      Xulu and Moya kept at their fight with the two swinging wildly at each other. Xulu ends up getting the upper hand, drawing blood from Moya after kicking her in the jaw with a swift roundhouse across the face. Stunned and shocked Moya sits still, giving Xulu the space to grab Moya and break her leg by stomping on the side of her left knee. This would cause Moya to collapse into the ground in pain. Muttered screaming can be heard from the gila monster as she hits the ground.

      "Do you yield?" Xulu asks Moya with his arms crossed.

      Tears can be seen flowing from Moya's face as she curls up and clutches her knee, despite her past as being a heavy freedom fighter, she has never broken a limb before causing her to feel a pain she's never felt in past.

      Xulu looks down upon her with a look of disappointment. "Leave these two be, now."

      Moya nods as she crawls away picking up her whip. She then calls forth her only surviving ally, the ox. The ox splits his attention away from Phantom and runs to his masters assistance. Picking her up and running off with his master in his arms.

      Xulu would then turn his attention to the remaining mink and squirrel. "Who are you two?"

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    • Damn, she really wanted to take down the ox. On the other hand, that may have resulted in any potential injury, so she chose to not complain. Additionally, they had left their now destroyed wagon behind. They could probably salvage things from the wreckage.

      She finally is able to turn her attention to Xulu. It's obvious that he's had history with the gila monster, who was clearly one of the members that came to the island before her and Taura. He must've been a part of the same group. The mink briefly recalled Numen naming off each of the failed heroes. Her name must've been Moya, given that she manipulated fire. By process of elimination, this would have to be Xulu.

      She wasn't sure how to feel about the situation. He had defended her and the vampire, though from what she was told from the all seeing monk, he was just as much of an enemy as Moya. Still, she gave him the benefit of the doubt.


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    • Taura puts a hand against her ally's mouth before she can say anymore. Now that the short-lived battle had finished, the suspicious vampire had come to the same conclusion as the mink: their "rescuer" was none other than Xulu himself. From what Numen had told them, this person was not only one of the six islanders that they were tasked with killing, but he was a major player in the events that lead to Taura being tasked with cleaning up the monk's mess.

      Numen had even gone as far as to describe Xulu as once being a sort of god. Yes, she could indeed sense great power dwelling within the man before them, however, as the monk had also described, much of it has left him as a result of his failure. Why would he of all people defend them from Moya, whom Numen had said to have been another islander?

      From the way that Xulu had questioned their identity, he has no idea that she and Phantom had been tasked with his death. For now, Taura planned to keep it that way. If the two of them could manage to take out the head of the islanders right here and now, finishing the rest of the mission would be a breeze.

      "We're just travelers looking for food," she bluffed, "we greatly appreciate your assistance. Though I have to ask, was it such a good idea to let the lizard go? Chances are that she'll come back to return the favor."

      Taura glances at the yak, still struggling in the sorry state she had left him in. She almost felt pity for him, for between his mindlessness and his master deserting him, he had no chance of getting out of this situation alive. She'd make sure to put him out of commission before they moved on.

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    • Gases cloak Xulu to only his eyes being visible, he can tell that the girls before him seem to know him just by their behaviorisms. He could tell that Taura was talking out of her ass and that there was more to their purpose on the island.

      "Do you take me as some fool?" Xulu says in a harsh tone. His voice sounds like something of a ghost's, haunting and raspy. "Moya.." He says lowly. "She has passed her days of living. Me killing her would do her no justice.. It would only cause more issues for my endeavors." Xulu was obviously lying about his reasons for not killing Moya.

      Why would I kill some one I once called friend.. Xulu thinks to himself.

      "She won't bother you no more, I would hope." Xulu then shakes his head as he stares at Taura. "I smell a great deal of malevolence in you, take care that your path doesn't swallow you whole. Lying to a figure like myself was not a very wise decision. You two seem to recognize me, I can tell by the way you both stare at me. Might you know a parasite by the name of Numen? I have a feeling he'd send two girls to die off in the forest just to serve himself." Frustration can be heard in Xulu's voice.

      "Phantom, was it." He says staring at the mink now. "I don't want to hurt you and your friend, you both pose no threat to me and my work, but I will have to ask you to come clean. Tell me everything about yourselves, whom you align with, and if you serve Numen or Malwrath. These pieces of information are crucial. I could save you both from potential death as I did here." Xulu's eyes focus on Phantom's almost like he can see through her, it would give off the chilling feeling that he was trying to read her mind.

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    • Phantom frowns as he stared at her, looking straight back at him, though not as a means to challenge him, but to show that she rarely had anything to hide. There wasn't anything particularly special or shady about her aside from the fact that every so often she robs others of their prized possessions. Despite this she chose her words carefully.

      "Admittedly Taura is correct; we are traveling in search of food." She begins. "It was Numen that brought us here and we felt that food and shelter should be our priority. We...don't trust him, to say the least. We've just met and he's plenty shady enough. Are you implying that he's the threat here?"

      "As for who I am...I'm a treasure hunter from Archaven who can see the dead." She pauses, noticing something as she continued to look back at him. Usually she's used to sensing the prescence of the dead, especially with Taura around now, but she notices something was off. "In fact, you're...dying. You're sick, but Numen said you were a god?"

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    • The gasses fade slightly giving away Xulu's appearance once more.

      He appeared as an alien looking bird that looked very similar to eagles but at the same time much like a spiritual bird. Ash covered his flesh as his feathers and beak looked charred, thus giving his complexion a jet black coloring wit the occasional white specs across his body.

      He wore a black pea coat with a hood that covered the top side of his head, covering his hair; the coat itself was bloodied and ashy much like the rest of his body with a few tatters across the coat's designs. He wore slacks of sorts that were torn at the knee, everything from his knee below was covered in bandages that would lead to his sharp talons. Xulu wore black bandana below his beak hanging from his neck, it was very similar to the hawk's scarf and equally just as battle torn. His beak was completely black and in good condition.

      Xulu takes a deep breath, his eyes stray away from Phantom's. The realization that he was dying and deathly sick hit him hard. The moment the mink brought up his state of living, it was as though Xulu himself had escaped his state of mind. Instead of crossing his arms he places both of his hands on his chest in a crossed postion. He closes his eyes then opens them to look back at Phantom and Taura.

      "I.. I can't die.. Numen.. He revived me, that isn't possible.." Xulu places his fingers on his temple causing his hood to fall, revealing a long dark almost blackened green comb over kind of hairstyle. His hair was unkempt, grays could be seen at the side from either stress or sickness.

      "I-I feel fine.. How can I be dying..?" Xulu's eyes fill with anger as he enters a state of being in denial. "Lies! Damn it you're lying! You've no right to tell me I'm dying, let alone understand what death is! You're the spawn of Numen, sent to destroy me either by crushing my spirit or crushing my bones. I will not fail this planet, this universe.. All because some disgusting pathetic mortal told me my state of living was in peril!" He moves closer to Phantom, getting ready to attack the mink, but he doesn't.

      Xulu stops, reflecting on the past situation with Moya. If he had struck at Phantom he'd be no better than Moya, let alone he'd lack any form of reasoning to do so. The mink was honest with him, he knew she had no reason to pull a trick.

      Xulu backs away from Phantom immediately. Gases cover his body again and looks at the mink with a somber expression.

      "How.. How can you sense the dead..? Please tell me this is a horrible lie.. I-I've not even begun on my journey.. No.." Xulu shakes his head.

      "Lead me to Numen, lead him to me now damn it! I will ring his neck and slaughter him for all he's done. He's sent my team on a suicide mission, all of them turned into savages of what they formerly were.. He.. He must die!" Xulu says with passion beaming in his voice.

      The bird paces back and forth and stops, he is deeply reflecting on his situation. Xulu almost forgot a key part of Phantom's expression of the truth. It was the fact that they know Numen and the fact that they must be on the island searching for the voice of spirits. Once coming to that conclusion Xulu stops pacing and eerily turns to Phantom. At this point it would strike the mink that Xulu was losing his sanity slowly.

      "You two, you're after the voice of spirits.." He says slowly. A look of aggrivation overtook Xulu's face, the girls had best come to a conclussion to either calm or defeat Xulu before things got out of hand.

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    • The warning Xulu had given Taura concerning the path she was following left a pit in her stomach. She remembers being told similarly by Numen himself, and she did not take well with people telling her how she should live her unlife. In fact, Xulu faintly reminds her of the monk, aside from his emotional instability (which she relates to a certain other bird she knows).

      Taura was not inclined to have any calm discussion with this maniac. With the revelation of his dying state, the intensity of her desire to kill him here and now grew. If she were to take him out and drink his blood, her powers would surely surge in strength. But like the monk, she knew she has no chance of defeating him at the moment, even with the assistance of Phantom. She would need the entire team to pull it off. Dying right here would serve no purpose to her agenda, so she decided to attempt to settle him down.

      "We have no need to fight right now, as it would only serve to waste both of our time. Let us be and we'll do the same," she offers the bird, though there is a hint of spite in her tone that even she herself notices and quickly tries to correct. She thinks to herself that maybe she should attempt to tell a joke to calm Xulu, though he does not seem to be the type to have any sense of humor. She's notably not well-adjusted when it comes to going the peaceful route and looks at Phantom for help.

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    • That escalated much faster than she expected. She thought that Xulu already knew that he was dying, as most people wouldn't really be surprised if affected by an ailment, but apparently that wasn't the case. She instinctively backs away from him as he becomes more and more unstable, all whilst approaching her. He eventually turns away, however.

      She looks back at Taura. Phantom herself wasn't all that good with people either, and considering his current mentality, would it even be possible to reason with him? Still, she didn't feel all too comfortable with battling with a god, dying or not.

      "All we're here for is a way to save our planet. That's all we want." She says cautiously, implying that the voice of spirits was an important component to their mission, though at the same time she'd be more than willing to search for an alternate route. It there was one. "We don't follow Numen, he just happened to have brought us here and we merely want to survive on his island, which is why we're searching for food." It was true; she didn't trust the monk, and she was sure the squirrel didn't either.

      She wanted to bring up that while he was dying, it was at a slowed pace, though she felt it would be best for her to steer away from any topic related to death.

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    • Xulu calms down instantly when the mink brings up the fact that all they want to do is save the world from dying. It causes Xulu to reflect and dialate his eyes.

      "You know.. I sympathize with that. I too have the same ordeal as you can gather.. I seek to save this land.. But more and more I ask myself, is it all worth it?" Xulu shakes his head.

      "I hope that you come to aid me rather than the monk, but my time is limited. I have much to do before my time comes.. Do not trust that parasitic fool." Xulu says somberly.

      The avian gets ready for flight but he stops for a moment, he cocks his head back and stares at Taura with his peripheral vision. "Should we cross paths again squirrel, I will tear you apart, slaughter you, and bathe in your blood. Never dare stare or speak to me with contempt, disgusting mortal. You are a cockroach, a filthy reminder of scum in this universe. Malwrath will enjoy corrupting and ripping away at your psyche given the path you lead." Xulu says harshy as his eyes narrow on Taura.

      "The only reason I chose not to slaughter you now is in hopes that you redeem yourself with your friend Phantom's guidance." Xulu then jumps as large wings extend from his arms and he fades into a gaseous cloud.

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    • "Seems like a decent guy," Taura says, trying her best not to smirk, "At least he's forward with his intentions, unlike a certain monk we've acquainted with. Why don't you search what's left of the cart while I take care of him?" 

      Taura turns back to the yak, who still struggles under the crushing weight of the fallen tree. She approaches and pulls out a large piece of bark from the tree.  In her hand, the piece of bark changes in density and sharpness, turning it into a makeshift stake. The vampire gives the yak an apologetic look before driving the stake into his skull.  

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    • The Yak struggles breathing heavily as Taura stares back at him. For a split second normality can be seen in the yak and he stops struggling, closing his eyes as a small tear drops from his blood red eyes. The yak can be heard murmuring until the stake is driven into his skull.

      Any movement from the yak was has stopped. he laid there as black oil-like blood excreted from the wound. Blood also drips from his nostrils and oil secretes from his mouth. The smell it of the oils and blood would trickle.

      Nearby the chariot was a small fire caused by Moya's chemical whip from earlier. The girls had to be careful the yak's blood would not touch the napalm surrounding them.

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    • "He does make a fair point though; why should we trust that monk? He's been nothing but suspicious this whole time..." Phantom says, approaching the carriage. "Can you move this out of the way?" She stares at the large tree lying on top of it. Though she could work around it, it would be a lot easier if it weren't there.

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    • Perplexed, Taura examines the oily blood from the yak. It certainly did not look appetizing at all, and the scent of it was giving off warning signs that she should not attempt to drink it unless she was getting very desperate. Then she remembers that someone else on this island should be dying soon if they haven't kicked the bucket already: Greigor. If she returned soon enough, she could sneak off and drink from his corpse; she remembers being told that where on the island he could be found.

      It takes awhile for Taura to realize that Phantom asked her a question. 

      "Once its roots have separated from the ground, I'm afraid I cannot excert any further control over the tree. It also does not help that it's burning right now with the carriage."

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    • She immediately put out the flames using her air abilities, cutting off any source of oxygen.

      "I guess we'll just have to salvage what we can." She sighs, moving away what she could. She gathered up the slabs of meat and fruit that originally hung off the side of the carriage, ignoring anything that seemed unsanitary. The mink wasn't going to take her chances on the island.

      By the time she was done they had a decent amount of food to last them and the other group members for the next few days.

      "Back to the beach we go, then."

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    • "Alright. Let's go see how many of our allies made it back alive."

      Taura follows Phantom behind, twirling her parasol.

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