• Hello!

    I'm Chamesthehero, but I'm more known as Chames.

    Today, I'm running for administration.

    For many years, I have resided within this place. For many years, I've seen many pages being deleted and created, fellow users coming and going, and almost all sorts of controversy. For many years, I've watched and actively participated in the Sonic Fanon Wiki as it continuously developed.

    Yes, I acknowledge that I have made mistakes in the past like everyone else. But, to quote a certain character, we can rebuild. We can do better, and we can move forward. With administratorship, I feel like I can make a genuine, big difference in the wikia that I am otherwise unable to do as a user. Perhaps the admins that are rooting for my promotion also see that as well.

    I was rarely, if ever, credited for it, but I have worked with the administrators in the backstage even as a regular user. Among my achievements are revising the Art Policy , ocassionally helping with the Awards ceremony, and dealing with harassment in an article's comment sectionMany discussions were also within the realm of my input to those of higher status.

    I'm a bilingual user that speaks fluent Portuguese and English. While seemingly trivial, those are among the skills I possess that allows me to become the bridge between foreign users and this wiki. If anything, I always have a lot of time to dedicate myself to the community, too!

    I occasionally contribute to the wiki with suggestions. Like Akrivus stated, the latest wiki-wide discussion featured numerous of ideas I brought up at the time. I am willing to activity enforce, guide others, and improve on the policy and regulations like I always have. You guys know how I roll.

    Thank you reading through all of that! Let us all continue to move forward!

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    • I vote YES on this.

      cause why the fuck not?

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    • Chames is the closest thing to being my replacement, save for the coding skills, which in all honestly I don't think are really required at this point.

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    • Considering that five of our eleven admins are currently inactive, it might be a good idea to probably demote the inactive ones, which would then leave us with only six admins. And on a large site like this, six admins aren't really enough.

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    • A FANDOM user
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