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    22:05, June 27, 2016

    This is going to take awhile.

    Greetings to whoever is reading this. I'm PowerMouse, but those who are more familiar with me know me as Blake. I'm here tonight to nominate myself for adminship, which is a step above chat mod status, which is a position I've held for about a year now, albeit with some complications here and there.

    Now, to those who have had issues with me in the past, namely on chat, I know you're rolling your eyes. I would be too. I'm well aware of the fact that I don't have the cleanest streak, and you probably don't think I'm qualified. Me getting adminship wouldn't serve to rectify that. No, it would further my genuine want to help the wiki's current standing.

    Keep in mind, those who have known me longer than others, I've been on the wiki for nearly six years and counting. Within these six years, I've seen some very odd things. And in the past year, I've made some very odd decisions as a chat mod. From my perspective, they were in the chat's best interests. Such decisions include the updated chat policies, which I have upheld ever since they came into play.

    But now it's time to fry some bigger fish. The wiki's standing concerns me, and I feel it's past time I throw in my two cents and help improve that. These are my two cents. I'm in the hopes that what I've learned from my experience as a chat mod would translate over to becoming an admin, and by extention I can better myself and learn not to repeat the same mistakes.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful night.


    • Consent from Recommended User: Yes 
    • Approval of Three Non-Admin Users: 3/3 ✔
    • Approval of Two Admins: 2/2 ✔
    • Ready for Voting: Yes

    (Add a ✔ as each requirement is fulfilled)

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