• (Title's self explanitory, this role play will detail how the Black Cards members met and how they took over the whole circus industry.)

    The sun sets as a young Quoll appears in a group of gothic esque students hanging outside of Crimson City's acclaimed High School. The Quoll was about to enter his third year, Junior year and previously flunked his sophomore year; having to take summer school.

    "Pass me the bud." says the Quoll lowly as he extends his hand out looking for the blunt. The Quoll was a decently tall kid, standing at 3"7, just roughly seventeen. He had a fatigued expression, long well kept black hair, and torn up dark clothing. He was slender but with slight muscle appearing around his chest and arms. His voice, low and melancholy.

    "You betta pay me for this stick, prick." shouts back another student as he hands Domino the blunt.

    "Shut your mouth asshole." Responds the Quoll harshly. He then lights the blunt and takes a deep breath.

    The misfits pass the blunt around.

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    • A young, teenage husky was seen exiting an office supply store with two paper shopping bags in one hand and her cell phone in another. Finishing her text, she looks up, surprised by how much earlier the sun had begun to set for the past week. With a small sigh she begins her walk back to her family's apartment.

      She stops abruptly as she passes by her high school. Unable to understand the voices, her curiousity gets the best of her, causing her to go investigate. It was admittedly somewhat odd that anyone would be around the high school during this time; school wouldn't start for another two weeks.

      She knew she shouldn't have been surprised when she saw the group of misfits, but she was still taken aback.

      "Hey," She intrudes. "I'm not sure what you guys are doing here, but from the looks of this, this is absolutely disgusting. It's getting late, I suggest you all head home before I inform the school board about this."

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    • The Quoll moves in front of everyone just to respond to Spades.

      "Hey you're cute, but I think you came to the wrong area little girl." Domino says with a cocky grin on his face.

      "Didn't we see this little shit last year? Bitch thought she was miss perfect or whatever." One misit says. The other misfits begin to laugh, Domino laughs just as they do.

      "Go on and snitch kid, you wouldn't want to see us again." Domino flashes a pocket knife to Spades as he begins to chuckle. He puts away the knife and begins to take another puff of the blunt as soon as it gets back to him. The Quoll was obviously high and didn't know what he was saying or doing.

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    • "Little girl?" She raised a brow, her expression extremely amused with a hint of building anger. As soon as he removes the blunt from his mouth, she plucks it out of his hands and pulls out her own hunting knife. Using it to tear the small object, she then drops it on the ground and stomps out the smoke whilst rendering it useless to the group. "I'm not perfect, but at least I'm better off than you low lives. None of you look much older than me, but I believe that you wouldn't want to see me again either." She points the knife towards the quoll before walking off with her school supplies.

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    • Domino and the other misfits were shocked until one of them begins laughing at the Quoll.

      "Ahaaahahaa!" Laughs a misfit. "She told you little bitch Danny-O."

      Domino sighs as he hangs his head, he then kicks the side of the curb in frustration.

      "Damn punk, just who the hell does she think she is? Those were my smokes man.. Mine!" The Quoll shouts.

      "She obviously showed you who's who, she's your better is who she thinks she is. And that was my weed you dope fiend, you barely paid me last time for a share. I'm beginning to not want you around, Danny. You smell like shit and half the time you only get us into more trouble." remarks a misfit.

      "Wh-What? What the hell do you mean by that?" Domino replies with a expression of confusion.

      "It means get the hell out of here." They all push the Quoll in the direction where the husky had gone.

      Domino runs to where the Husky is.

      "This is your god damn fault, you stupid chump do you know who the hell I am?!" Domino says in a fit of rage getting into the husky's face.

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    • "My fault?" She asks amusedly. "Last I checked, you were hanging out with the wrong crowd doing drugs. All I did was tell you off." She had been working off of multiple assumptions for the past few minutes, including now. Assuming he was tossed out of the small group, she gives him little attention and continues walking. "I don't need to know who you are. You look and act like a teenager, and you were smoking. Even if you were legally old enough, you'd still be in some trouble for possessing drugs on school grounds."

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    • Domino knocks her things down as she knocked his blunt away, he continued to follow her.

      "I'm your better! You're just a sophomore any way, I bet you don't even know how things work. You don't know a thing about me and here you are, giving me attitude and acting like a dumb kid who judges way more than they should." Domino moves the hair away from his eyes.

      "And I'm a man, missy! I've worked my whole life to be known as such." The quoll's voice cracks as he angrily shouts at the husky.

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    • Her school supplies spills onto the sidewalk and she rolls her eyes at his rant. "Sophomore, going on junior year." She corrected as she pulls her knife back out, pointing it directly at his throat. "I think I know how a lot of things work. Such as, well, how to get someone to do something. Pick up my bags." She said, nodding her head at the items he had just knocked over.

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    • The Quoll gets very angry at the fact that there is a knife next to his throat and he's being treated as a lackey. He backs up and back hands the knife in her hand, aiming to disarm the husky.

      "Pick them up yourself chump, you'll work for me one day. We'll see who likes who best then!" He then proceeds to give the husky the finger before spitting on her notebooks.

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    • "I doubt it, I don't plan on becoming a homeless loser who wastes their time dealing drugs." She replies with just as much confidence as before, despite him removing the knife from her grasp. Though she was surprised, she didn't show it. She did have an extra on her in case. "I suggest you get your life back on track soon, your family's going to be real disappointed in you if they aren't already. I might've done you a favor, getting you out of that group."

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    • Domino sighs, realizing the husky had some truth to her words. He knew they lacked loyalty, but they gave him a sense of belonging the world had never given him.

      "My family isn't shit.." the quoll mutters lowly under his breath.

      "Go away man, do whatever privileged little things like you do." The Quoll waves away as he walks into a shady alley way.

      "You've got family that expects you, get out of my face and gather yourself. I better not see you in two weeks." He comments as he walks away.

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    • Odd. He seemed to have changed immediately after her words, perhaps she struck a nerve?

      She shakes her head with a shrug, calling out a "Same to you!" to the quoll before gathing her supplies. Thankfully the notebooks were covered in a plastic wrap, leaving them still okay to use. Finally she grabs the knife and returns back home.

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    • The two weeks past and the Quoll eventually returns home but for a very short amount of time. The school year starts and Domino returns to the misfits just like last time before the school day began.

      "Danny boy, lookin' as sleak as ever. What? Do you got my cash?" Asks one of the misfits.

      "No, matter of fact, I'm quitting the hard drugs and weed." says Domino in return.

      "Bah! You hear this boys? Dan doesn't want to hang with us no more. Amateur." The misfits move away from Domino as they leave school grounds.

      The Quoll enters the school and lets out a heavy sigh as his ears droop. Back in here huh.. I've skipped such a large portion of my previous year it's almost daunting to come back.. Thought the Quoll in his mind. He followed schedule and went to first period, Physics. The teacher begins to take attendance.

      "Daniel White." calls the teacher.

      "Present sir.." Domino responds with his hand raised, the students in the class room are surprised, Domino was slightly known around the school as one of the students that never enter class.

      "Wow can you believe it? That kid's back in class.." Rumors one student to another.

      The Quoll simply picks a desk and puts his head down as he sits in it.

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    • "Is there anyone's name I did not call?" The teacher looks up from his attendance sheet, finding that the husky in the back was raising her hand. "Ah, your name is..?"

      "Sierra McKinley. I was transferred into this class yesterday." She replied smoothly. She shot a glance at the quoll, who had his head down. Just my luck.

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    • Domino was fast asleep for most of his first period, only waking up when the bell rung. The class was mainly introductions and rules being taught.

      As soon as the tired Quoll stepped out of the classroom, he instantly noticed the Husky from the other week.

      "Psst, you there. Come here. I want to talk to you." The Quoll says in a low but audible tone. He beckons her to speak to him. Unlike last time, his voice didn't carry hostility.

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    • Her ears, usually laid back, perked up as soon as he speaks.

      "Well, if it isn't the addict." She tilts her head to the side. "If you need something it better be fast, the gym's on the other side of the school from here."

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    • "Don't call me that, that's something I'm not. Don't be impatient with me either, missy!" His ears droop.

      He takes a deep breath before speaking. Despite Sierra's old claims of him being a druggie, he hardly smelled anything like that and he didn't sound nor act high aside from sleeping in class.

      "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for shaking you up two weeks ago. I was high as all hell and I didn't really think through with what I was doing, I'm not a bad guy, not at all. I wouldn't hurt you if I was paid. My name's Daniel." He slowly holds his hand out for a hand shake.

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    • She seems apprehensive, but eases up upon hearing his apology. Though she probably wouldn't accept it like she never does with others, it seems he at least deserved the benefit of the doubt. She cautiously looks at his hand, but eventually takes it. "Sierra." She replied. "I won't take your word for it, because already you've given me quite the strong impression, but we'll see if you own up to what you have to say. I'll be seeing you around, Daniel." At that, she walks off.

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    • Daniel watches her walk off. In life all I need is music, drugs just help with getting the ideas through. The Quoll thought.

      The rest of the day goes smoothly, the two had different schedules sharing only their first period together. After school he sees Sierra again but chooses not to say something, he is surrounded by similarly dressed gothic students; unlike the last time however, these were different people.

      Domino's eyes are fixed on Sierra as he watches her leave the school, one of the kids tap him on the shoulder.

      "Danny boy, you got an eye out for that chick? What's next you gonna take her out and not even kiss her just like you did with those other chicks?" says a shrew with slick backed black hair.

      "What? I have no intentions.. Jenny's still in my heart.." The Quoll responds lowly.

      "Jenny's gone dude, get over her. It's the passing of life, we all die some day." says a student as they pull out cigarettes discretely.

      Domino growled as he smacks the cigarettes out their hand. "Don't you dare say Jenny's gone! She's still alive to me.."

      "Man what's gotten into you dude, you need to chill." He picks the cigarettes back up. "I'll offer you a smoke free, matter of fact take the whole thing." The kid forces the pack into Domino's clean leather jacket. The Quoll sighs and leaves off to head to the downtown park.

      The Quoll lights a cigarette and begins to strum his guitar in a quiet corner of the park. The strumming caught the attention and eyes of some people but nothing major, the Quoll indeed had talent with the guitar but he wasn't playing it for money, simply as a way to let out stress.

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    • His guitar playing had also gotten the husky to look up from her phone. She was waiting to meet up with a friend at the same park, but considering how they had yet to show up, she chose to approach him. She laughs quietly, but audibly as she gets closer.

      "Ah, see, this proves that I had the right idea about you even more." She says, even having the nerve to remove the cigarette from his mouth. 

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    • The Quoll chuckles lowly as his cigarette is dropped, he was actually looking forward to seeing Sierra for some reason.

      "Good music makes you do things that make you feel good I guess. Was just kinda stressed. Ever try not being so up tight?" The Quoll says with light hearted tone.

      "Oh noo, god forbid you smoke for a bit Danny!" He puts his guitar down as he waves his hands in a format to show he's shocked.

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    • "The alcohol age limit here might be lower than other countries, but what you're doing is illegal, so indeed, Hakikat forbid." She replied, shaking her head and putting out the smoke. "Call me uptight all you want, but you're pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum, so maybe you should start caring a bit more."

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    • "And what? Conform to society? A place where everyone just wants money and success to show off over others? As if. You can buy me that smoke back too since you're so uptight and on track with your life." The Quoll says.

      "You know how easily and noted it is for people to get away with stuff in that crap continent Mavenland? You could down right do anything and get away! It's perfect over there. But back on topic, I'm perfectly careful with my life and what I'm doing. Just don't like rules or restrictions, I'm not a snobby conformist like you, Sierra." He nudges her arm.

      "Have fun for a bit, you don't know what life has in store."

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    • "I'm not going to aid you in furthering your dumb addiction. Society is necessary in order to learn, deny it all you want but it's in every animal. It's Crimson City, of course everyone wants wealth and fame, but if you have a problem with it, feel free to move to another place like Pryden if you can ever get yourself out of that hole you dug yourself into." She states evenly.

      "You can't call a continent "crap" and "perfect" at the same time, but it's true, you can do anything and get away with it there, that's why it's a terrible place to live." She had her arms crossed when he nudged her, causing her to push him away with a digusted expression. "I have no problems being a conformist if it gets me to where I want to go. Clearly you've been sitting around doing nothing, and if that's all you're ever going to do, you're most likely going to be doing the same thing years from now."

      "Sierra!" She turned around to see her friend running towards her. She gives Daniel one last look before walking off with the newly arrived individual.

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    • "If any one's got talent it's me." He picks his guitar back up and begins strumming a calming song as he watches Sierra leave to her friend.

      "Oh she'll learn the blessings of life some day, monotony and depression will get her." He mumbles. He then lowly hums a song. The Quoll was all around calm, despite Sierra pushing to aim for nerves in him.

      He then stomps out the cigarette on the ground, he takes a look at the cig packet. Eugh, these things are broken from when I smacked them down, leave it to Ronny to be a cheapskate. Domino chuckles as he throws out the rest of the pack. He then sets his path to going home.

      Months pass by as the year goes by, warmer weather sets in. Domino hasn't attended major classes, only his classes of intruige; music, art, and literacy. Upon skipping, Domino instantly notices Sierra acting in truancy.

      "Go figure!" He moves on up to Sierra. "Look at you! Oh I'm so proud of you!" He says with a delighted tone.

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    • She was leaning against a wall with her arms crossed, again going through her phone. She seems unfazed by his sudden appearance, blankly staring at him upon his approach. "I don't follow." She frowns. "But I suggest you get back to class. I thought you dropped out of high school, seeing how the teacher constantly complains that you're never in physics. It's a fascinating class though, you're missing out."

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    • "Speak for yourself, Sierra. You're skipping right now. What happened to that wondrous attendance of yours, you're an A student aren't you? Why are you skipping class, so called genius?" Domino says with his hands at his waist.

      "Dropping out wouldn't be a bad idea.. But my classes need me, I inspire them." Domino says strongly.

      "You should join music club as well as art or literacy. You've got to have some talent don't you?" Domino says with a stern face.

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    • "Me skipping class is like indirectly spitting in my family's face." She replied with a shrug. "They've been asshats for the past few days, so hey, why not? I pick up on material that I miss pretty quickly." She rolls her eyes at his comment pertaining to his "inspiring aura," but says nothing about it.

      She huffs at his last statement. If her ears wasn't already flat against her head, they would've been. "Of course I do. My parents spends enough time sending me to after school classes that I rarely bother attending either."

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    • Domino's face of spite changes as he hears her talking about her parents being asshats.

      "Why bother with them, Sierra? Spread your wings, ignore their rules. Regulations only serve to sever your freedoms and tie you down to the ground. I'm not being a careless mope when I tell you this, I really do mean it. You're not doing the things you're happy with, in life you should be spending time doing the things you are good at and the things you love doing." The Quoll says trying to be inspiring.

      "What you're doing right now is giving the finger to all the right people." The Quoll takes out a cigarette as he gets ready to light it. "You won't regret life when you enjoy it."

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    • "While I can half agree with that..." She starts, and for the third time since she met him, removed whatever he was about to smoke from his hand. "...I can half disagree as well. Life should be filled with things you enjoy doing, but you can't forget about the things you dislike either. You can't give the finger to something like taxes once you become an adult. Besides, just because you like something, doesn't mean it's good for you." She points the cigarette at him to emphasize her point.

      "Don't get me wrong here, I'm not doing this because I'm attempting to avoid what I dislike doing, I'm doing this to tell my parents to quit bothering with the useless stuff is all. I don't mind rules and regulations, otherwise."

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    • "But that is good for me." He picks up the cigarette and firmly holds it in his hand.

      "Those are necessities, Sierra. This bull shit we call school? This isn't any where near anything we need. Will your life really be that different doing the tedious crap your parents tell you to do? Ask yourself those questions. It's why I never speak to mine."

      Domino turns his head to look at a poster hung up on a street pole. It was a poster for Deck of Cards Entetainment. The Quoll looked at the poster with a puzzled expression.

      Deck of Cards in Crimson City! Come one, come all to enjoy the festive travelling circus acts! Enjoy the circus in its own home town!

      "You ever heard of the Deck of Cards? Apparently they're from here, my home town. They're coming here for a performance. You into to that stuff?" Domino asks as he points to the poster.

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    • Ahhh. So he does have family issues. She muses, slightly pleased that she was right, despite how terribly negative it was. "The better I do here in class, the better chances I have of getting into a decent college and living a decent life." She replied. "I don't need my parents badgering me, but school is important."

      She inspects the poster, tilting her head to the side. It seems to be a habit of hers to do so. "I won't say that I'm exactly into it, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to check it out." She says passively.

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    • "Oh college, everyone wants to go there, but no one wants to do it. It's the funniest thing about college." Domino chuckles.

      "This here is interesting, all my life living here and I've heard nothing but praise about these guys. Neighbors talked about them a while back, but my head's hazy about all that.." Domino says scratching the side of his head.

      "Want to go and watch a show together? I can pay for your ticket. The thing's only six credits, easy money."

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    • She looks at him, a bit surprised and shocked, but eventually agrees. "You don't have to do that..." She shakes her head. "At least get the tickets on a weekend, but otherwise, sure, why not?"

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    • "Then it's settled, I'll reserve the tickets for spring break in the coming week. Better not be late, Sierra. It'll be sure to tarnish that perfect complex you have going on. Meet me at the park on the day the circus begins!" the Quoll walks away as he waves his hand.

      While walking he finally lights the cigarette, humming as he walks.

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    • She gives him a funny look as he walks away, confused, but brushed it off and moved to respond to any texts she had just received. She had completely forgotten that spring break was coming up... She frowns and chooses to go back home, seeing how her parents would be at work by this time.

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    • The week ends as does the brutal testing the board of ed forces the students to go by before Spring break. The circus event begins just later at the end of Friday, 7:00 P.M is the time.

      The Quoll stops by the park, the streets were oddly packed with people walking all over to enter the circus event for its time in Crimson City. Domino checks his watch.

      "7:00.. Where is she.." Domino mumbles looking for Spades.

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    • She finally finds him through the crowded streets, approaching the quoll. She was dressed out of her school uniform and tilts her head to the side again, looking at him. "Well, let's go. Don't you dare smoke while we're inside the circus."

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    • The Quoll covers himself in crystals, changing his outfit to be more formal.

      "I left my smokes at home, I'm getting a bad itch for them too.." The Quoll grabs his forehead.

      "What's your issue with my smokes huh? Why do you hound me so much?" Domino says with a chuckle. "Hound.. Heh.."

      The Quoll proceeds to walk into the crowd pushing through people.

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    • "Did you really just make that joke?" She asks, incredulous. She jogs to catch up to him. "That could even be considered racist. You guys really don't socialize, don't 'ya?"

      She follows him into the circus tent, finding her seat.

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    • "Don't judge me!" The Quoll shouts. "I thought it was funny, so I said it. Gosh, lighten up!"

      The two make their way to their seats, after handing in the tickets. Domino tries to run to steal a front row seat. Once seated, he nudges Sierra's shoulder.

      "I bet you all this crap is fake, bet this is going to be the biggest waste of six credits ever." The Quoll says. Despite his comments, he's very jumpy in his seat; one can easily tell he's excited.

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    • "You may be right. How do you think they manage to make it look real, though?" She replied, habitually tilting her head while examining the large stage. "Magic isn't uncommon here on Archaven, perhaps they use illusions?" Sierra looks up as the lights dimmed and the announcer comes onto the elevates platform, effectively silencing her.

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    • "Fix your head" Domino mutters as the lights dim, the crowd goes silent as well.

      "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show of a lifetime. I'm your host, Gerome! I welcome you all to the Deck of Cards!" The crowd begins roaring in excitement, Domino remained silent, sitting with his arms crossed.

      "I wholesomely have to say that our last visit back home was a great one, can I get the crowd to roar again!? It's good to be home!" Gerome says with his hands in the air, letting the microphone catch the crowd cheering. The sound of the crowd was through the roof, all of them screaming welcome home. Domino cringes however, still keeping his arms crossed.

      The lemur has a smirk on his face, obviously pleased with the crowd.

      "With out further ado, I introduce to you today's acts. Claustraphobic flames will be our initial act done by our beloved Elephant, Nikolai!" Some cheering can be heard, nothing as crazy as before. The well dressed Lemur exits the stage as generic music begins to play for the elephant.

      A whole obstacle course of flames and tightly packed areas is lowered from the roof for the Elephant to go through. The elephant enters the stage. Everyone goes silent in anticipation for his performance.

      "How the heck is that huge thing going to dodge those flames?" Domino says obviously shocked, looking at Spades. "He's gonna die trying to attempt this!"

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    • Upon his comment, she tilts her head to the other side in some sort of odd act of defiance. The canine did seem surprised at first, apparently not noticing that she was even doing such a thing. Still, she didn't respond as the announcer made it appearance. Like Daniel, she didn't cheer like everyone else, but she was still remotely interested, and was even more so when everyone started to scream even louder.

      She looks back at him. "Well, they've done the same performance all over the world..." She adjusts the way she's sitting, now leaning forward with her arms resting on her knees. "Maybe this is worth six gems."

      "Shhh!" A consumer nearby the two hisses at them.

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    • "...The fuck's wrong with your head.. Why do you do that?" Domino further comments on Sierra's odd head tilting.

      After hearing the consumer tell them to be quiet, Domino gives them the finger and the throat slitting geature. The Quoll then turns around to pay attention to the show again.

      Despite his size and structure, Nikolai was quite flexible and agile. He was easily able to get through the tight corners, jump over the flame rings. It was quite an astounding sight.

      "Well, damn.. I guess I spoke too soon.." Domino comments on the performance.

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    • "Eh? It's a habit. You know, because I'm a dog." She replied, referring to his so called racist comment from earlier. She blankly stared at the gestures he made at the nearby member, a bit shocked like the person on the receiving end.

      "Was that necessary?" She asked.

      Still, she continued to keep an eye on the performance, also impressed. "Here I thought elephants can't jump..?"

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    • "You sure are a dog. I felt it was, ya mess with me you're dead, y'know?" the Quoll says with a cheeky smile.

      The performance ended with Nikolai finishing the obstacle course. The crowd began clapping making Domino lose his concentration and clapping himself.

      "Good job I guess, I could do so much bwtter though."

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    • "And you're a drug addict." She retorted.

      She claps as well, laughing at what he had to say. "Really now? Why don't you join the circus yourself, then? I'm sure they'll be the only ones willing to hire someone like you."

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    • "I'm not an addict! I haven't smoked since last night.." The Quoll scratches his neck, totally not looking as if he didn't want to smoke.

      "You need to mind your business, Sierra. Oh-! Back on topic, I can for sure do this better than these boz- W-wait.. What's that supposed to mean? You're telling me I'm not qualified any where else?" Domino twitches as he gives Sierra the finger.

      "You respect me, Sierra; one day this world will preach after me. Daniel White, the royal king of crystals. I like the ring of that." The Quoll begins to cheekily smile again.

      "Shuddup over there!" Yells another person, effectively making the Quoll grumble in anger.

      Gerome enters the stage after patting Nikolai's back and sending him off the stage.

      "Did everyone enjoy our charismatic performance? Well, the show's only just began! Everyone give Nikolai another round of applause." Gerome says with a great big grin.

      The crowd complies and loud applause can be heard echoing through the circus.

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    • She barks out a laugh at his response. "You're so sensitive! The day I respect you is the day you stop smoking. At least it seems that you quit everything else." She says, lightly punching him in the shoulder when he flips her off. She lowers her voice upon being told to "shut up." "Besides, I still stand by what I said. You're a royal pain, only the circus could possibly take you."

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    • "The royal pain, that doesn't even sound right!" He shouts lowly while rubbing his arm.

      "I'll quit smoking when you quit being a bitch." The Quoll then smiles as he begins laughing at his own joke.

      Perfomances go by as the show continues. Nobody the Saboten had a rather boring show, only focusing on how much of a pincushion he is. The crowd still clapped to be polite, Domino did not.

      "That cactus.. He should be removed all together.." Domino says as he yawns, stretching out in his seat. "When are we gonna get into the meat of things?"

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    • "Sounds perfect to me. If you really thought that, you wouldn't be hanging out with me." She purposely flips her hair to smack him in the face while he laughed.

      She observes each act with varying levels of interest. It was rather obvious--sometimes her ears would perk up, or she'd tilt her head again, despite Domino's objections. "I would agree, only because it almost seems like it doesnt want to be here..." She shrugs, mumbling a "whatever" as the audience waited.

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    • The Quoll spits a loose strand out of his mouth.

      "Yuck, take better care of your hair; kinda like mine. 100% natural." he flicks his long voluminous hair, hitting both Sierra and the guy sitting next to them.

      "You know kid, you're really pissin' me off." Says the bear as he presses on Domino's shoulder.

      "Ahhh! You wanna quit doin' that?" The Quoll says with a pained expression.

      "You wanna quit bein' an asshole and watch the damn show?" The bear continues, Domino nods thus making the bear let go of him.

      "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our prized performance from the Jack of Clubs!" Gerome says, the rest of the crowd gets up to give a standing ovation, it was like the circus was on fire with all the cheering. Gerome's grin widened on stage, he was definitely happy that the people wanted Jack, but something wasn't right; the Jack of Clubs wasn't appearing.

      The crowd stopped cheering and began booing. "Where's our Jack of Clubs!"

      Domino sits with a puzzled expression.

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    • "Maybe you should've kept your mouth shut."

      She snickered quietly as she watched the bear stand up to the quoll. Serves him right. She thought, eventually leaning back in her seat to continue on enjoying the rest of the show, but quickly sat back up upon everyone's yells of distaste. She looks around, just as confused as Daniel.

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    • Not long after the booing begins, several people converge onto the stage. However, not a single one of them is the Jack of Clubs that the crowd has come to know and love. In fact, only one of them is a living being: a tall, red and white weasel who is wearing the Jack of Club's outfit and toting two revolvers. Everyone else who appeared with him are all robots; taking on the form of penguins in suits.

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    • The crowd goes silent wondering what is going on.

      "I'm so lost right now.." Domino says as he scratches his ear.

      "What exactly is going on here!" Gerome yells at the fake, turning off his microphone. "Who the hell are you! You're making my show look bad!"

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    • "I...don't think he should yell at a guy who's holding two guns..." She mumbles, quietly voicing her thoughts. " this part of the show..?"

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    • "What's going on is that your old Jack decided that he's not cut out for the job anymore and went into hiding, so I thought I'd take it upon myself to put on a show for your audience in his place. You should feel grateful that I was kind enough to save your show for you," the weasel said with a sly grin on his face that made it clear that he wasn't doing this out of kindness.

      The penguin robots formed in front of the weasel, waving at the audience as well as they could manage. It seemed that their arms has difficulty moving; evidence that they had been built on a short notice.

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    • "You'd better not mess this up kid, people will kill me before they even consider you!" Gerome says.

      He then exits the stage to play more generic music for the new Jack of Clubs.

      "I hope you win them kid.." Gerome says to himself as he exits the stage.

      The crowd begins talking a lot and very loudly. Everyone was wondering just what the new Jack was capable of.

      Domino sits there with a perplexed look on his face, he couldnt take his eyes off the new Jack of Clubs. "Hmm.." hums domino.

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    • Sierra slowly claps, confused but welcome to experiencing the next act. Considering how the crowd seems to have calmed down, she felt more at ease. Still, she laughs quietly to herself at the same time.

      "He almost has as much arrogance as you, Daniel." She speaks quietly with a hint of amusement, not even sure if he could hear her, but it didn't seem to matter all that much to her.

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    • "I'm not arrogant, Sierra. I'll have you know I'm a proud gymnast, I'm acrobatic and I make good music. You've heard me play guitar before!" He cringes.

      "Why are you so mean to me? I'm a nice guy! I even offerred to pay for you. Jerk.." Domino says turning his head and crossing his arms.

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    • "Says the person that listed off all the things he's able to do." She says, eyes still focused on the stage. "While is was nice of you to do that, it doesn't make you a nice guy. Anyways, shush, I want to watch the show."

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    • "Joker, we're cleared. Let's pop some heads," the weasel spoke into an ear piece. Soon after Gerome's approval, the penguins stopped waving and stood in place. Their heads began to vibrate in place, looking as if they might fall off. At the same time, the weasel began spinning his revolvers on his hands, waiting. The way he was able to spin them without accidentally pressing the triggers, all while not even looking at them, showed that he's practiced this many times before.

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    • Gerome watches from afar hoping this new Jack knew what he was doing.

      Domino sits with a bored expression merely poking at Sierra's head due to her past comment.

      "Don't be jealous, Sierra." he says with a snarky tone.

      The crowd eagerly watches.

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    • "I'd never be jealous of an addict." She replied, slapping his hand away from her head. "And don't touch me, I wanna watch the rest of this." She added, crossing her legs and leaning on them.

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    • Suddenly, one of the heads of the penguins skyrockets upward into the air. The weasel quickly takes aim and fires twice as the head begins to fall back down. The bullets hit their mark, causing the head to spin as it falls into the awaiting arms of the headless penguin. The penguin carefully reattaches its head back on, revealing to the audience that the weasel had shot both of its eyes out. The robot punctuates the accomplishment by  spreading out and shaking its flippers, as if to say "TA-DAH!!!".

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    • Domino watches attentively now with a huge smile on his face, the crowd does much of the same. The Quoll begins chuckling.

      "Hey, that's pretty cool. Heh.. I liked that performance!" he nudges Sierra.

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    • "Not bad." She agreed. "Was that it, though?"

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    • After the first head had landed, the rest of the heads launched in the air in sequence from left to right. The weasel, while still spinning his left revolver, shot at each head with the right revolver, this time aiming for the foreheads. All of the shots hit their targets, and the penguins caught their heads and pulled the same pose as the first penguin, showing off the holes in their heads. On the last head, Jack pulled the trigger again, but a clicking sound signaled that he was out of rounds. Just as it seemed as if the final penguin would catch an unmarked head, the weasel fired his spinning left revolver. The bullet ricocheted off of one of the penguin's bodies (it seemed that they were built with better material than the heads, probably for the purpose of this performance) and tore a hole in the last head's beak.

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    • The performances all passed, everyone who watched the show ended up leaving pleasantly impressed by most of the acts.

      Domino left the show instantly looking for merchandise and gifts he could find. He buys himself the queen of diamonds figurine and stuffed Nikolai animal.

      "Should I get the saboten cactus too?" Domino asks Sierra before turning his attention to the performers talking to each other, he watches the queen of diamonds talk to the King of Hearts. One could hear them conversing about how they were going to quit soon. What caught Domino's eye the most was Jack as he was polishing his gun.

      "You there!" he shouts. "Even though you started it was a nice performance." Domino says with a slight smile.

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    • "It's just "Saboten,'" she corrected. "If you don't get it I will. I almost feel bad for the poor thing, seems like it doesn't want to be here."

      Unlike Daniel, the husky was more or less preoccupied with her phone yet again, not paying any mind to the two actors he was listening to. She does follow him when he moved to go talk with the Jack of Clubs, however, this time looking up from the screen. She offers a polite smile, but says nothing.

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    • The weasel looks up from cleaning his gun and grunts, "good on you." He says nothing else and  quickly goes back to cleaning, assuming that Domino and Sierra have already left.

      The yellow snake beside him is fixing the penguins, patching the holes in their heads. "Sorry about my friend, he's not very talkative. We're both glad that you enjoyed his performance. With luck, we'll be taking over the old guy's position, so you'll be seeing him in future shows."  

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    • While walking away, Domino nods at the snake. As he and Sierra walk out of the tent, the quoll nudges her arm.

      "What'd you think of it? I felt those guys could be real dicks, but besides that I enjoyed it." He checks his phone. "It's rather late, gosh.."

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    • "The snake guy seems nice. He's probably not from around here, though..." She mumbles the last sentence. "Guess no one's really enjoying themselves though. Oh well, personally I thought that was fun. The knives act was great."

      She nods in agreement at his comment on the time. "Time to head home, then."

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    • When their sudden guests leave, the yellow snake quickly whispers aside to his weasel companion, "what do we do with the old guy?"

      The weasel gives him a puzzled expression, as if this was a non-issue; unworthy of being brought up. "Aye, just leave him tied up till morning. By that time, we'll have his job and there'll be nothing he can do about it."

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    • The quoll walks off with Spades.

      "You know, I want to own a business. I think I'd have a very successful one! Would you like to be a slave to business, dirt hound?" Domino gestures with a sway of his hand.

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    • "Maybe if you attend class more often you might actually be able to do something with your sorry life." She replied smoothly, ignoring his last comment. "Who knows, you might make for a good clown."

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