• Hey, Minato. I know we don't talk often and all that crap, but I felt like asking you something relating to Persona 3, since I've recently gotten into it thanks to Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

    Now, among the three versions of P3 that have been released (The vanilla P3, P3:FES, or P3P), which of them do you think is your favorite? ...or which one have you played if you've only played one of them. (In case you ask, I'm playing P3P on my PSP emulator.)

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    • I've played all incarnations of Persona 3. My absolute favorite is FES, it's a lot of fun and it feels more complete and less complicated than P3P. FES also had a 30+ hour campaign called the Answer that was rather interesting; but be careful it's hard as hell. I'm glad to hear you got involved with the Persona franchise, and never be afraid to message me anything friend. I'll be down to listen whenever! Good luck with the games, they're absolutely wonderful.

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    • Well, the only reason I'm playing P3P is because I literally have zero access to any of the PS2 games as they don't appear to be sold in retailers anymore.

      So, have you played P4AU (or either P4 or P4G (I cry everytime)) by any chance?

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    • I've played the Vanilla P4, nothing else P4 related. I loved the vanilla P4, but I most likely would ever invest in Persona 4 Golden if anything. Not a huge fan of Persona 4 Arena, I feel as though it kinda dismantles any storytelling the previous games made to establish the franchise in my heart.

      I've played Persona 2 Innosent Sin and Eternal Punishment (both PS1 and PSP versions of Eternal Punishment. I find Persona 2 hilariously serious and it's quite fun, but at the same time very difficult to get used to and well accustomed to.

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