• Hello, everyone on this wiki!

    So, recently, I've been thinking and I also noticed that I have enough edits to attempt to become the lowest of admins. And yes, I know it isn't much but I've been on this wiki for, what, 2 years now? I've only gotten enough edits this year. I've wanted to be in a higher position for a long, long time now and now I've got enough edits to attempt to become positioned higher.

    One thing that I absolutely hate is that when a person vandalizes something, especially when someone worked really hard on it. So, I thought that if I became a Rollback I could remove quite easily. Well, I hope that I qualify for this and I could help out here even more.


    Consent from Recommended User: Yes ✔

    Approval of Two Non-Admin Users: 2/2 ✔

    Approval of Two Admins: 1/2

    Ready for Voting: No

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