• 'Ello there, fren.
    For a while, i've been working on this story fiction thing including all of my characters, and i've come up to about the 15th episode, which is currently in development. No, it's not this one, but a new one that I have yet to reveal. I was wondering if I could have permission to use Vexx? The reason I ask is because of Nikki's backstory in the series, and some episode ideas I had in mind. This series does take place in an alternate timeline from Nikki's actual page here, so their relationship might alter a bit. Of coarse, since he's not my character, I wanted to ask first. It would be kind of complicated though, seeing as since I don't own him, I can really make many changes to his history. If you want to avoid confusion and not put Vexx in the series, that's perfectly fine, and I could find a substitute per se, to be Nikki's "interest". Again, since this series will take place in an alternate timeline, Nikki and Vexx's main relationship wouldn't be affected. Just let me know what you think before I make any future changes to my plot ^.^

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