• Alright guys, I've got a bit of a question to ask ya'll, would you want me to be your admin? Well you can answer this by following the directions below. (Be sure to remove the spaces between the "}".

    Type { {Voting/Yes} } if you vote yes. 

    Type { {Voting/No} } if you vote no.

    I'll keep track of who says what and update this once everyone has given their 2c.

    Why I Should be Admin

    Alright, I'll thoroughly explain why I feel I should be admin.

    First off, I have a deep commitment to this community. I've been on SFW since 2011, I've seen most things people would shake their head and be like "Damn" at. I'm a seasoned user who has been around to know what I'm talking about and what I promise this wiki. If my experience says nothing to you, that's fine, just know why it should as this progresses.

    Secondly, I have a decently high level of edits. I alone made more than five thousand on my previous account of UltimateDude127 and I'm very close to my old record on this account, just barely itching at the 5,000 mark.

    Thirdly, I have a suitable personality to the working environment. I put my feelings aside for my work and can indeed handle criticism along with user complaints. I never ignore anything anyone has to say, everything you say to me as a user will come across as something of significance to a guy like me. I'm here for you guys, not for my own benefit. If anyone cried for help, I'd like to be there for em.

    Fourthly, I've studied previous mistakes from older generations. The reason why it took me so long to even make a recommendation thing is because I was taking subtle hints on how not to mess up my work flow and ensure you guys support me as an admin because I won't be making the same mistakes as my previous generation and current generations on SFW.

    Fifthly, I'm involved in this community. I make roleplays, try to appeal to the user base by being a voice of reason to those who don't talk for themselves. It's always been my gig, it's why I invoke a heavy message that me as Admin will be for you the users, not for my benefit. I will still continue to side with the common user, rather than what I'd want or what'd benefit me as an admin.

    Sixthly (wowzers, this isn't a word..), I'm not vindictive. I can wholeheartedly say I will not ban out of no where, hell I'd give my victims more chances than they deserve. I'm very forgiving and open to listen to what my opponent has to say in their defense no matter their crime against the wiki. I wouldn't patronize them in any fashion, regardless of what they've done to me or the wiki.

    Seventhly (Is that even a word? It isn't.. lol), I have a sense of humor. I'm as laid back as they come and even more so humorous. I'd take time to crack jokes with the users or pull various pranks that will amuse the users rather than annoy them. I like to make sure my community has fun and makes sure they're happy and content, rather than scared of my sterness and unemotive outlook. Trust me guys, I'm a ball of fun.

    Lastly, I wouldn't abuse my power. I have a very strong sense of user liberty and equality. Trust me, you'll think I would be a responsible user before an admin, and this is because I would only use my powers to benefit you guys rather than oppress y'all. It's just how I function.

    So please guys, leave your comments below and tell me what you feel. Vote aye for my dictatorship adminship!


    Users/Moderators that have voted for me

    • TheDarkMantis15
    • HauntedAlchemist
    • Darkest Shadow

    Admins/Bureaucrats that have voted for me

    • Akrivus
    • Monk the Cat
    • TheSkullWolf
    • Memphis the Light

    Users that have voted against me

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    Admins that have voted against me


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