• (Private talkplay between me and Frost.)

    In the city, all was calm. Civilians and vehicles moved through the streets without a care in the world, going about their business as usual. The night sky was filled with stars, shining brightly around the moon.

    Perched on a rooftop was a female Zoroark, standing at three feet, ten inches. The large mane of purple hair flowed behind her in the wind, a gold bangle present on the end. The ruff around her chest appeared brown-black, and grey fur was present on her neck, arms, and lower torso. Her legs seemed to appear completely black as well, mimicking "pants". The tips of her claws were purple, like her mane. Although she seemingly lacked clothing, there was a necklace with a red gem on it around her neck.

    The Pokemon looked out on the city before her. Once more, nobody was noticing her... which suited her well. A devious smile appeared on her lips as she looked for her target. "Now, where are ya..."

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    • On another rooftop, not too far away from the pokemon, a black and green mockingbird wearing a matching colored fedora and boots was looking through a pair of binoculars. His sight was set on a museum a couple blocks down. He watched as a few delivery men carted a container into the museum's loading bay. A devious smile formed on his beak as he watched. "There's our prize." he said. "Now I just need to get in, get the thing, and get out. And, maybe get a few suveniors while I'm at it."

      Although the mockingbird was as true blooded a thief as they came, tonight was different. Instead of going after some kind of valuable diamond or relic, he was after a information storage device that was being smuggled into the city within a statue. The information on the storage device supposedly contained accounts and records of a smuggling ring's transactions and dealings. Such a thing would be valuable to both law enforcement and rival crime syndicates alike.

      "No 'suveniors', Mimic." a voice said in his head. Or rather, over an earpiece. "Don't forget that I'm watching you."

      "Oh, of course. Hope you enjoy the show, Robin. You're about to watch a master at work." the mockingbird said in a jesting tone. He put away his binoculars and started heading towards the museum, leaping from rooftop to rooftop and running across thin wires, displaying remarkable agility and balance.

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    • The Zoroark watched the museum as well, eyes glued on the container that a few guys were bringing into the building. Like the mockingbird, she had the same objective - retrieve a storage device containing valuable data and records about crime bosses, mafias, and the like... at least, that's what she was told. The group she was doing this for - a shadowy group of five who kept their identities hidden, sending only a messenger to talk to her. She had been informed that, should she get this info and give it to them, she'd be reward handsomely with a lot of rings.

      Money money money, that's what I like~ she thought with a smirk. She couldn't say no to a healthy addition to her (illegal) bank account like that. It'd certainly allow her to do all sorts of things while also remaining out of sight from law enforcement. ...though... I won't be able to have fun with that handsome Greninja. Then again, I could work something out.

      Having reached a decision, the Dark-type cast an illusion around herself to make her look like a shadow before leaping down onto the streets. Without missing a beat, she entered a sprint, making sure to remain hidden while also approaching the museum quickly.

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    • Within minutes, the mockingbird landed on the outer perimiter of the museum. "Alright. Now, we just need to find an opening." he said. Spying an airvent on the roof, he narrowed his eyes. "A little cliche, but it'll do." he said.

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    • The other thief approached the loading area, watching all the men run around going about their business. She went over her options - either go in while still in shadow form, or put on her weasel illusion to blend in more. While the former was more comfortable and quicker, she'd be caught immediately if she went under a light. However, she wouldn't arouse suspicion as much if she went as the weasel.

      Reaching a decision, she stood up, summoning her alter-ego: a young-looking male weasel, with yellow fur and red eyes. A long tail could be seen behind him as well. What he had on his person in terms of clothing was a large vest with pockets, a green shirt underneath, blue jeans, and sneakers of the same color. A blue trucker cap with a visor was also present on his head.

      In this form, she was now known as "Jack" - the name others used to refer to this form, as there was no actual name for it. She didn't care, though. The less people know, the better.

      With the illusion active, she began to approach one of the doors leading into the museum, hoping nobody would see her.

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    • Upon reaching the roof, the mockingbird made his way to the airvent, watching his step. The last thing he wanted to do was step on a pressure plate or trip an inferred beam. Assuming this museum even had any of that. While casing the place, it seemed to only have standard security systems within the building, while the outside had little more than cameras and the occasional patrolman.

      Upon reaching the vent, Mimic inspected it to see if he could open it. The vent cover was bolted on tight.

      "Heh, bolted vent? No problem." he remarked. Bringing up his right hand, it morphed into what appeared to be a type of drill. Using the 'hand-drill', he undid all the bolts on the vent in a matter of only a few seconds. His hand then changed back to it's original form, and he gently lifted the cover and put it to the side. Gonna need to make sure to put that back on so I don't leave a trace. he thought as he proceeded down the ventilation shaft.

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    • Miraculously, she slipped in with little difficulty, evading the haulers' sight with ease. Granted, they were all laughing and joking amongst each other, so it wasn't hard to slip under their noses.

      "Hehe, idiots," she murmured, rushing behind an exhibit of a large animal skeleton. While there, she took a cursory glance around the place, studying what lay ahead.

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    • Not to far away from where the pokemon was, An airvent came unhinged and quitely swung open. The mockingbird cautiously poked his head out and surveyed the area. No guards, as far as he could see. Regardless, now was not the time to get cocky. That could come later.

      The mockingbird, quickly glancing around for any security cameras, decided to stick to the rafters of the museum for the time being. He maneuvered his way through the area until he was above the large animal skeleton. At that moment, the sound of footsteps became audiable as a secuirty guard came down the hall.

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    • The disguised Pokemon watched the guard stroll down the hall, flashlight in hand. Thankfully she was kept hidden due to her position, so she remained undetected.

      Hm... might need to take him out... but how?

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    • The shapeshifter smriked as the guard approached from below, utterly unaware of the presence of either intruder. As the guard came closer into view, passing right below the mockingbird, the thief noticed a keycard attached to his belt. Bet he has access to quite a few places around here. he thought. Might come in handy.

      Because of a nearby camera, Mimic moved through the rafters to position himself further ahead along the guard's route. Once the guard got close, he would knock him out, hide the body, take his keycard, and morph into the guard's appearance, making it look as though nothing out of the ordinary happened.

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    • The Pokemon had also spotted the keycard on the guard's person. Smirking, she devised a plan that would surely succeed without her having to be overly violent...

      Standing to her full height, the Pokemon dismissed her disguise to show her true self. Sauntering over towards the guard, she let forth a sharp whistle to get his attention.

      "Wha? Who's there??" the guard said frantically, turning towards her and shining his flashlight on her.

      Hook, like, and sinker, thought the Zoroark as she approached him. "Why me, of course~. Didn't expect to find a lady like me here, eh?"

      The guard simply stared at her, standing totally still. "Uh..."

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    • Mimic snapped his attention to where the whistle came from. What... is that? he thought, not really having seen a pokemon before. He quickly began to catch on to what she would do. "Looks like I have a little competition tonight." he said to himself. "This just got more intersting."

      "Running scans now." Robin said, going silent for a few minutes to scan who this new person was.

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    • "Well?" the Zoroark inquired teasingly.

      "N-no..." the guard said sheepishly.

      "Hm, that's a shame. I'm probably the first person to ever make an entrance here in the night. Which means... you're a very lucky guy." Her words were said in a sultry tone, as if she was toying with her prey.

      "Uh... really?" the guard said dumbly, continuing to stare. He was dimly aware that she was getting closer as they talked.

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    • "Barricade the Zoroark" Robin chimmed in. "Wanted thief, with several connections to various heists. Capable of disguising herself using illusions. Sound familiar?"

      "Please." Mimic said sarcasitcally. "Good thieves may be the stuff of literature, but great thieves like me never let themselves become the subject of urben myth, or most wanted lists." He decided to stick around and see how this played out. Who knows? Maybe she could do some of the hard work for him?

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    • "Really," the Dark-type replied in that same tone she was using. "There's something I want you to do for me..."

      At this point, she was standing right in front of him. She had hooked a finger under the guard's chin to tip his head towards her.

      "Uh, y-yes?" he said, looking very flustered.

      "Gimme that keycard and you'll be rewarded with something worth more than a paycheck, I promise~."

      "Uhm... I-I don't know..."

      "Come on, pleaaaase? It'll be worth your while~" she purred. Unbeknownst to the guard, she was already snaking her hand towards the keycard while he was distracted.

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    • "Hey, Bill. Status report!" came a voice on the guard's walkie-talkie. "You there, man?"

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    • The guard snapped out of his trance and backed up, eliciting a soft sound of disapproval from her. "Huh, what? Uh, yeah, I'm here," the guard called Bill replied into his walkie-talkie.

      Dammit, right as I was about to take it, the Zoroark pouted, deciding to stay where she was to see what the guard would do.

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    • "What's your status? Everything alright over there?" the voice said.

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    • The Zoroark shot Bill a look that said, without words, "Do NOT alert him. Or you'll regret it."

      Bill paused for a second, before replying, "Uhm, everything's fine on my end. Nothing to worry about."

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    • Deciding to use this confusion to his advantage (and getting slightly impatient), the mockingbird decided to make an attempt to grab the card. Allowing his hand to extend far beyond its normal lengh, he snaked his appendage along the wall and the floor to come up right behind the guard. He then allowed his hand to slowly reach for the card. With the dim lighting, it was unlikely his abnormally long arm and hand would be noticed.

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    • "H-he doesn't know," Bill said.

      "Hehe, good... now... card, please?" the Dark-type said impatiently, holding her hand out. In reply, the guard nodded and fumbled for the keycard, inadvertently bumping his hand against Mimic's.

      "Wait, huh?"

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    • Mimic quickly retracted his hand, causing it to zip back to it's original lengh. Fortunately, he was fast enough to avoid having his hand seen. He frowned, clenching his fist in minor frustration.

      Blast it! the shapeshifter thought to himself. Nearly had it! He decided to go back to the idea of following closely behind the Zoroark without her knowing he was there.

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    • The Zoroark barely saw the hand reaching for the card, and immediately realized somebody else was here. Without missing a beat, she launched a fist into the guard's face and quite literally punched him out, knocking him down. Quickly pilfering him of the keycard, she left the unconscious man there as she raced away from the room, deciding to explore and see if she could find her objective in time before she was found out.

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    • Mimic gave chase, sticking to the rafters and upper floors to keep out of sight of cameras and the zoroark.

      "Mimic," Robin said, "If someone hired her to go after this information..."

      "Chill." Mimic said. "I'll get to it before some... whatever that thing is, gets to it." Man, that came out lame. he scolded himself.

      "It's a pokemon. A zoroark, to be exact." Robin informed him. "A dark type pokemon with the ability to create illusions to disguise itself. It weighs approxim-"

      "Uh, Robin. The intel?" Mimic interrupted, trying to keep the pokemon in his sight while staying out of its.

      "Oh, right. The keycard will only get her so far." the avian genius said. "There's also a retinal scanner that she'd have to get past, and illusions won't fool that quite as easily as cameras. Only an authorized entity would be able to open it."

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    • ((/falls over)

      The zoroark rushed through the museum, using her shadow magic to conceal herself from the cameras and staying out of the light. She knew that it was only a matter of time before somebody found the knocked-out guard, so she poured on the speed, looking for an area that was locked. Then...


      A door that had AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL plastered on the front, with a small card reader in above the handle, stood at the far end of a hall. The zoroark smirked and ran over, slipping the card into the reader and opening it once the light on it turned green.

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    • The room was filled with several boxes of unopened artifacts and other interesting finds. Only two people were moving about, bringing in more cargo to unload. The statue that the thieves were after was in the center of the room.

      "Alright, I gotta take a break. I'll be back in five. You go ahead and grab some grub." the first one said, a big-boned bear of some sort.

      "'Kay, I'm starving." the other one said, a smaller rodent of some kind. As they left heading towards the door Barricade entered from, the bear scanned his card against a reader before exiting. There were still cameras here and there, but this room seemed to have less security than the rest of the building. With the exception of the Zoroark, the room seemed void of any other life.

      (I'm assuming Barricade would have evaded their detection somehow. Also, although there are less cameras, there are other unseen security measures. Barricade and Mimic are gonna have to be on their toes. :D )

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