• (Private roleplay between me and Nitrogen218)

    It was a cloudy and humid day outside in Mariala City, however, inside of Christina's Boutique, it is nice and cool. The boutique isn't very crowded today. The blonde beauty, Christina the HedgeCat, was behind the counter giving people their clothes.

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    • As she was handing out clothes, she had noticed a silver look a like observe some of the fashion in the boutique. The look-a-like seemed to be thorough, neatly folding up clothes as if she had worked there her whole life. There also proved to be a mysterious air about her.

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    • Christina looked puzzled at the loo-alike. She then tilted her head, "Silver?" she asked the figure.

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    • The figure turns its head. "Silver?" She turns herself around entirely. "Nah, i'm not Silver. My name's Trinity. Silver's my brother." She turn puts her hand out for a handshake.

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    • Christina, slightly embarrassed, shook her hand. "It's nice to meet you too." Then, suddenly, her eyes widened. "Did you say you were Silver's sister?"

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    • "Yes, I did. Why? Is that bad?" Trinity thought.

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    • Christina chuckled, "Funny thing;Silver's actually my cousin."

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    • Trinity"s eyes grew wide. "Wow, an actual cousin from the past. Why didn't he tell me?"

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    • Christina giggled, yet again, she said, "Actually, I only found out he was my cousin a few months ago," she told her, "It's a long story, unless you want to hear."

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    • "If you want to, tell me, I wouldn't mind " Trinity sounding interested. Trinity uses her Psychokinesis to bring a chair over and sirs down." Tell me everything you know."

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    • "A few weeks ago, there was a huge gala at the town square, my friend Lili, holds these once in a blue moon, so it's very crowded. However, Sonic and his friends, including Silver, also happened to go there. Before they got there I was on a Video Chat call with my boyfriend, Cole. However, Silver interrupted my video call, and asked me out to the dance. Poor Silver has trouble making friends, so I said yes. However, when I broke out the news to my family, my mother gave me a family history book. When I opened it, I was shocked: I saw the name "Silver Transon" written down. Oh boy, if Silver heard that, he'd be so embarrassed, he was crushing on me for a good 4 years. So when I went to the dance with Cole, he started to brag and make up a false backstory to the people he never knew. He even called me his girlfriend, right in front of Cole's face. That's when I got sick of it. I told his real backstory and that I wasn't even his girlfriend. Guilt took him over, and he went on a rampage. He was locked up in his room for one and a half weeks according to Shadow..." Christina breathed out; even though it was not in one breath.

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    • If you're finishing up, I gotta go. Gotta get some sleep. I'll return when I can.

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    • Alright, G'night

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    • Trinity : Oh, well that is a little low, for him at least. I've known him since birth. We have come from a ruined future, as you might have guessed. But, between you and me, I have a crush on someone.

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    • Christina's eyes widened. "Ooh, do tell!"

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    • "Have you ever heard of a red hedgehog named Raven? He is one of my closet friends since we met and overtime I him." But still you heard of him?"

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    • Christina smiled, and replied, "I heard of a Raven. One of my friends is really tight with him. She says that he's a perfect guy."

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    • "Really? Who?" Trinity asked.

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    • Christina took a hairbrush and combed her hair, while she was saying, "She's this wonderful alicorn I know named Krys. She's a really sweet girl with magic powers out of this world!"

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    • "Krys?" "Why would she say perfect?" Trinity, sounding confused.

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    • "What do you mean?" Christina asked her.

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    • " Why would she call him a perfect guy?" Is she....y'know, in to him? Romantically?" Trinity asked.

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    • "Well.." Christina said, "She said that they kissed quite a few times, and used love to defeat something that could potentially destroy the universe, and they might be into each other. Why? Do you know who Krys is?"

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    • Trinity mutters angrily to herself, "Oh, now its returning to me. I tried to turn back time out of anger that I never told him my affections, but she stopped me from that. " After muttering, She sounded like she was gonna start crying. "But I guess he found someone that makes him happy..." 

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    • Christina patted her shoulder, "There's plenty of fish in the sea..." She started to say gently, but she returned to her normal voice, "But that still doesn't answer my question...."

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    • "Yes, I do." I remember encountering her, and she kissed him right in front of me." That's when she suddenly sprang up with reassurance. "Wait, she never did tell you her feelings for him were genuine, did she?"

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    • Christina giggled, while still in a sad tone, "Krys isn't an actress, my friend Michelle is." She told her, "So I'm afraid that that's as true as it gets..."

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    • "Oh, I see." Trinity replied. "But that's it about me, tell me about your crush."

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    • Christina blushed a little, "Well, he's not my crush, he's my boyfriend." She told him, "This cute echidna named Cole. He's a rap-star, I don't know if you ever heard him on the radio, and he's also a fantastic skateboarder. He's handsome, and he's sweet. He's everything in a boy that you would dream of."

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    • "Oh, that's nice." Yet, there is one final thing you should tell me..Have you or Krys heard of some snotty group named "Team Fashion?" Because I had a run in with them before, as they wanted me to join their team." Says Trinity.

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    • Christina sighed, "We better talk about this where nobody else can hear us. Any one fo these people can be a member in disguise." She told her. She turned away from her, walked to the back of her booth and stood up on her chair: "BLOODSTONE!" She yelled.

      A teal colored hedgehog with red hair came through the back door "What is it Christina?" The hedgehog named Bloodstone asked.

      "Take care of all these customers for me, please?" She asked.

      "Yes ma'am!" She replied.

      Christina thanked her, and grabbed Trinity's arm. She dashed up the stairs; all 3 flights to get to her room where nobody else could hear.

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    • Trinity: (sits down on her bed) they are this powerful? I always thought they were just some run down pop junkies constantly looking for attention." Trinity to Christina.

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    • Christina sighed again, she sat on her bed with Trinity, and said, "Yes.... they are very bad people." She told them, "Krys and I both know them extremely well. In fact, Krys used to be on Team Fashion."

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    • "What?" Trinity responded in shock. "What do they want?" "How popular are they, exactly? And how does that factor into spies?" Trinity asked.

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    • Christina sighed and closed her eyes in sadness, "Their ultimate goal is to want me dead...." She said, with a tear rolling down her eye. She wiped it and said, "They seem to be pretty popular... There's Mimi, the team leader, who can shapeshift. There's Jamie, her sidekick, who manipulate shadows. Chloe, who can shoot milk at people. Then there's Britney, who manipulates poison. Each of them are brilliant in stealth."

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    • Trinity consoling her by hugging her. "You're very lucky I'm not one of them." From what i heard, Raven's a hero in this city, as is Krys, is this true?"

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    • Christina nodded. "Krys just might be the main reason Mariala City hasn't been harmed or controlled by any other empire.... and as for Raven, he's a hero, just not from around here."

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    • "I see." "I wonder where they are now, as well as Team Fashion." Wanna go find Krys and Raven?, see if they can help us?" Trinity asked.

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    • Christina nodded. "Sure!" She took out her oPhone, and dialed Krys's number.

      Meanwhile, like Trinity predicted, Krys was actually with Raven.  Her phone was buzzing in her pocket. She picked it up, "Hi Christina!"

      "Hi Krys!" She answered

      "What did you need?" She asked her

      "Where are you?" Christina replied.

      "I'm at the mall with Raven, you know, the red hedgehog?" Krys replied.



      "I'll tell you when we get there? Okay? Bye!" She hung up.

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    • As they are on their way to the mall..

      Raven(to Krys as he is leaning against a pole) : "Remind me again Krys, why did you bring me here?"

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    • Krys smiled, "You forgot already?" She asked, "Today was the opening of a new popular brand, and I got the honors of cutting the ribbon for people to go inside. It's a huge honor." She then tilted her head, "Also, we might have to stay a little longer, my friend Christina and one of her new friends said to meet up here."

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    • "That's fine I guess." Oh wait. Raven runs to the top of the building to avoid getting trampled by ecstatic crowd. He then shouts from the roof. "Alright, Krys, cut it up!!!"

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    • Krys's horn lights up. The giantscisors glow in the same color aura as her horn: lavender. "I hereby decree that Kylie's Kloset is officially open!" The scissors cut the ribbon, and the huge crowd runs in the shop. Two of the crowd members stayed: Christina and Trinity.

      "Krys!" She called.

      "Oh, hi Christina." She told her, as she magically teleported to her. "I see you brought......" She looked at Trinity "that thing.... with you."

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    • "I'm not a thing, Krys." Trinity said in a slightly annoyed tone. She turned to Raven. "Hi, Raven. (She walks up and hugs him, and hugs her, neither one wanting to squeeze another to death. Krys immediately started thinking that maybe Trinity was finally over him. After they stop Raven asks. " "Hi, Trinity". Raven replies in a happy tone. ," Well someone's changed their thoughts up about me. So, what brings you here?"

      Trinity tells them"Christina and I are cousins, guys."

      Raven's eyes went wide, and his irises shrink. "Whoa, that's surprising news." "By the way, you disappeared on me and Krys when we left a Chinese restaurant. What happened there?"

      Trinity rubs her left arm, but then whispers in Christina's ear to help her tell them.

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    • Christina smiled and told him, "Silver was also at the gala on that day, so after she left, she was hanging out with Silver." She gave that I'm-totally-not-lying smile.

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    • Raven gave her his precautionary face, and activated an optical scanner in his eyes to scan for any possible lying signs. That's when he took note of several signs.

      "Endocrine System is rapidly active, sweat glands are starting to release sweat, and heart rate is on the rise to 157 bpms." "Recent input is faulty. That's blah-blah-blah talk for " you're hiding something. Need I proceed?" Raven said.

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    • Christina just stopped.

      Krys's horn lit up. Suddenly, Raven's optical scanner was magically turned off. "If Christina said something, it's probably true. She barely ever lies."

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    • "I meant no disrespect, of course. Sorry ladies, but I had this feeling something is going on between them, like how Trinity was doing. But still, sorry ladies, that was my fault." Raven apologizing to Krys, Trinity and Christina with his head down in shame 

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    • Krys hugged him, "Everything's gonna be okay, Ravey...."

      Suddenly Christina's eyes widened, "So it's true...." she whispered to herself.

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    • ,"Didn't I tell you, Christie? What's the matter?" Trinity whispered to Christina

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    • Christina turned her head, she looked a little depressed, "I feel kind of sorry for you..." She told her, quietly, so Raven nor Krys could hear.

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    • "Why?" Trinity whispered confused

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    • "I know how much you loved him...." She replied.

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    • "Oh." Trinity replied. "Are you gonna be okay?"

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    • Christina looked at her, "I'm fine."

      Krys looked at Christina. "But still, you have not yet answered the main question. Why are you here?"

      Christina, "Oh... Trinity, why don't you tell Krys what you came for."

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    • "Ummm...have either you guys heard of Team fashion? Because while you two were dating and such, they were trying to get me to join." Trinity reluctantly replied.

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    • Krys's eyes shrunk. "Yes, I have heard of Team Fashion. We better have a talk with them, shant we?" She asked.

      Christina thought to herself, Shant? Krys NEVER says Shant.... unless...

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    • Trinity actives her telekinesis while Raven pulls a pistol. Raven angrily grabs "Krys" and presses her against the wall, saying " Is that you, Mimica?!!? Come on, spit them out!!!"

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    • The alicorn's horn lit up and she uses her magic to suddenly teleport into Total Diva, which is merely a few shops down, and presses the elevator door rapidly. As the three gang up on her. She closed the door, gave a mocking wave and stuck out her tongue and pulled down on her eyelid. 

      The door closed before they could come near her. Suddenly, Krys's body started to light up from her feet. Then the white light went up her body. Blue heels, a blue dress, orange hair, white skin, blue and green eyes, and blue eyeliner appeared. It was Mimi the Cat the whole time!

      The elevator door opened. Jamie, Chloe and Britney were waiting outside for her.

      "Well?" Chloe asked her

      "Raven the Cyberjunk got suspicious and blew my cover."

      "Don't be an idiot, Mims, let's get our butts out of here!" Britney told them, as they ran down the hall into their experiment room.

      Mimi went up to the figure in a magic-guard barrier. Now... how's our little hostage doing.

      The real Krys was held hostage, and with the barrier being magic guard, there was no escape. "You won't get away with this, Mimi! When Raven finds out about this, you'll pay."

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    • An anonymous voice broke the silence. "Oh, and how do you think that will happen little miss prick?" The voice that broke the silence came from Radon. Along with him, Vultra and Metal Raven.

      "Why, Mimica, you and your team look much more prettier up close." Remember us, Kryssie?, Mimica? Would you also introduce us to your new friend? "

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    • The porcupine stood up. "Have you like not heard of meh? I'm like tots the newest member of Team Fashion." She said in her sassy tone with sassy hand motions.

      "Don't be a brat, Britt. These guys are our allies, even Mimi's friends." Jamie told her.

      "Christin-duh the ugly and her ugly w**** friends are too dumb to find us anyway." Mimi told the three. "Also, Britney is Krys's replacement. She's real good at poison manipulation."

      "Ya!" She told them, "I can like make people die."

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    • Radon lowered his shades against a nearby light, which reflects off the lens and gets Brittney in the eye. "You're lucky I am never privileged for extensive counteractions, Britts." Sassiness won't get you far with me, or my...assistants here."

      Vultra just raised an eyelash at Radon. "Really?"

      She then called for Metal Raven."Metal Raven, acknowledge."

      Metal Raven turned to face Vultra. "Proceed, Empress Vultra."

      "Under previously discussed terms, you are enforced to abide to Team fashion's orders, as you would to mine. You are also to abide to their demands and necessities as they see fit. DO NOT blow it." Vultra instructed.

      Metal Raven salutes Vultra. "Understood." Then proceeds to walk over to team fashion.

      "Alright, ladies, he's yours to command." Vultra said with a villainous smirk. If something happens in my absence....(Vultra walks over to Mimi, opens her hand up, and places a distress beacon in her hand.)..use this to give me a shout. "Alright, now to remind you of the plan:

      First: We rig this entire building in trap and security weapons, make this place as desolate as possible. If he reaches the elevator while it locked shut and tries to use the cables as poles, well, you know what they say.....down the hatch(chuckles).

      Second: With Metal Raven serving you, use him to your advantage. Oh, if I were you, use him in a race. But buy me some time, there is a big surprise waiting at the end.

      Third: I will challenge Raven to an Extreme Gear match in CyberSpace Circuit, which will be slalom course, to an arena, where he will be forced to fight his old foes.

      Lastly: If we make it to this step, the surprise will be out of this world, and you gorgeous ladies, will be at the helm of this end, using the surprise for your benefit. Heck, you may even keep Metal Raven as my thanks.

      Are you ladies up to the task?

      Oh wait....(Vultra walks up to Krys) well, if it isn't the little miss princess herself. How's it hangin' , rat?

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    • Krys looks down at Vultra, "Rat?" She in told her fastly, "Seriously?"

      Mimi looked at Radon, "So.... you and Raven are going to ride on those hoverboard things around CyberSpace Circut?" She asked him.

      "Before you go on, maybe I could make a few modifications, to allow you to win undeniably." Jamie told him.

      "But still, on a more major topic, we understand your process."

      Krys, still struggling, told them, "He isn't alone."

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    • "Not me.Vultra said she would do it, as they had been rivals, perhaps enemies, since they met. I'm hosting the arena at the end of the course." Radon said. "What modifications, Jamie?"

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    • Radon angrily fires a beam of radiation in Krys's face. "SILENCE!!!!" He shouted.

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    • Jamie smiled and said, "Maybe I could add a few modifications, like a rocket booster, or a tiny chip that expands your air usage?"

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    • "Do whatever you want. " says Radon. "Also, Princess Krys, we know he isn't alone and we are prepared.Oh, and Jamie, can I see in the examination room real quick?" Radon asked.

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    • Jamie smiled and said, "Sure. It's actually the experiment room, but however you want to address it is fine."

      Mimi stared at Britney, "Now, Britt, if you want to stay on the team, you'll keep an eye out on the pink and white mutt hanging from the wall, okay?"

      Krys looked down angrily at Mimi, "I am not a mutt!" She shouted at her.

      Mimi looked at Chloe. "Megaphone?" She asked her. Chloe raced down and got her the megaphone. She turned it on. Jamie covered Radon's ears. She yelled at the top of her lungs, SHUT UP KRISSIE! She then turned back at Britney she tossed her a red horn. "If out ugly hostage can't keep her trap shut, you blow that horn to emit an ear-splitting shriek. Luckily, it has no effect on Team Fashion whatsoever since Jamie is suck a genius!"

      Britney looked at her and said, "I'll watch this one like a hawk." She told her.

      Mimi nodded, as Jamie lead the way to the experiment room with Mimi, Radon, Metal Raven, Vultra and Chloe behind her.

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    • Radon ended up doing something crazy. Even for him.  Radon grabs Jamie by her arm, and pulls her into him for a kiss. Apparently, Radon had a crush on her, and never told anyone.

      Oblivious to all of this,Vultra was discussing to Mimi about how the rigged systems will work.

      "Alright, I have rigged the elevator suspension cables with Grade A detonators, which will bring the elevator to a roaring level of speed down the shaft and utterly pancake the poor sucker upon impact with the ground.Jamie has already helped me with stalling the elevator and sealing the door. To make things even better, here's the building schematic for Total Diva. I have marked all traps in red. 

      Vultra hands the marked schematic to Mimi.

      Right now the entrance hall has security cameras scoping out the hall. I have set  up infrared laser traps in the aisles, doorways, and windows, creating an invisible barrier. Should an area be penetrated, homemade gun turrets will annihilate anyone in sight. If that is not enough, every square inch of the main floor of the building is rigged with motion sensors. These ones detect even the slightest motion. Once a motion is present, they will trigger an alarm, and detonate like mines.

      I have also have created Hyper fire gunturrets and EMP grenades, which will help terminate (mocking tone) Krys's sweet, and heartfelt, royal nuisance of a boyfriend Raven.(end of mocking)

      So, do you like it? Or more importantly, does it suit you?" Vultra to Mimi.

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    • Mimi nodded her head. "Yes, I'd love that, but might I suggest a small change." She took the blueprint copy of Vultra's rigged plans. She turned around to call Jamie, "Jamie we ne--" She was suddenly stopped. The blue print fell right out of her hand. She say Radon kissing Jamie.  "What...... the...."

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    • Vultra turned her direction. "RADON!!! WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU DOING!!???!" Vultra asked out of disbelief.

      Radon stopped kissing her and looked back an enraged Vultra and a shocked Mimi. Radon finally came out and said. "Alright, listen, I know Vultra wants to feed me to the sentries right now, but I need to confess, I had a crush on Jamie. Ever since I met her, I was tied to that girl's unshakable beauty, such as one I had never since in YEARS. But listen, you youthful beauties deserve to be praised, but as for her, I couldn't resist anymore." Just to clear things up, I kissed her as I dragged her in for a kiss."

      Vultra instead just dogpiles Radon and starts slinging knuckle sandwiches to his face.

      15 punches to the face later, and with Mimi completely frozen...

      "Mims, you want me to get it through to him more, or do you think he has had enough?" Vultra to Mimi

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    • Mimi looked at Vultra hysterically, "Pffffffffffft! Who do you think I am, Christina? I don't care if you kill him. But as for now, he's important to us. So I really don't care what he does."

      Jamie looked at Mimi, "You were saying?"

      Mimi turned to Vultra. "For now, I need you to turn off the motion sensors." She turned to Jamie, "As for you, I need you to go into it's data and make sure it identifies everyone in the room except for Krys. That way, the alarms won't go off when we come back."

      Jamie saluted her, "Yes sir-- I mean Beautiful Majestic Queen Empress Mimi." She told her as she went off to change the settins of the motion sensors.

      Meanwhile Krys, and Britney were in the other room.

      Britney was staring at her. Krys was really uncomfortable. "My god, Krissie, you like totally look exhausted. Should I like release you?"

      Krys's eyes grew bigger as she nodded. Britney pressed a button, but instead it electrocuted her.. "Psyche! This game is fun!" Britney shouted.

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    • Vultra does as instructed, and shuts off the sensors. "Alright, the sensors are offline." All set and ready to go." 

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    • Afterward, Vultra helped him to his feet, "alright bioform, you bought yourself the time.........for now, anyway."

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    • Mimi dragged Chloe, Britney, Radon, Vultra and Metal Raven in the information center. Mimi then went into the server of the sensors and made opened the file called "Let Them Go" She then stood in the corner, and Mimi was scanned. Then Jamie, then Chloe, then Brittney, then Radon, then Vultra, then Metal Raven. She then was asked to enter the password. She typed in "Christinaisabadperson" Then sounds were emitting from every corner. It was working.

      From inside her tube Krys heard this. She thought With Britney off duty, now's my chance to escape. With the loud noises from the other room. Krys started to kick the barrier several times. It was almost done time was up. She made one more kick, the barrier shattered and disarmed. With the noises emiting from the Information Center. Krys was still flying. So that no lasers would hit her.

      The data was complete. Jamie was about to turn it on, but she heard that sound that the whole team hates. The sound of Krys's horn lighting up for her teleportation and escape from her exile. The red alarm above their heads went off. The big screen showed Krys breaking out of the barrier, flying and using her magic to escape.

      Mimi looked suddenly frightened, but slapped herself to smack out of it. She turned to the four. "Ladies, we have ourselves an emergency." 

      "It seems Krys somehow broke out of the barrier, and managed to escape." 

      Mimi stared angrily at Britney. "THIS IS ALL OF YOUR FREAKING FAULT, BRITNEY! If you could have just STOOD there like a normal guard, none of this would have ever happened!"

      Chloe was giving her a back massage. "Calm down Mimi. We'll catch them, AND Christina as a bonus. Maybe she's with that Cyberthrow up and his little crush."

      Jamie "Good idea."

      Meanwhile, back in the mall Christina, Trinity and Raven were still on the lookout for the imposter. Ironically, a purple light appeared right in front of them. Krys appeared from that light. The real Krys. Christina charged against her and tackled her.

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    • Trinity used her Kinesis to tear off some metal clamps from the clotheslines, a and turn them into strong cuffs around her ankles and wrists, and then tightened them up real good. With Krys struggling to break free and clear her name, Trinity had put more metal over her mouth to prevent her noises from attracting attention. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Raven the Cyberhog appears. As over happy to see him, she was also afraid of what he would do to her.

      She thought back to when they first dated, and Radon and Jamie were after, how Raven turned Wilderbeast to try to slaughter him. Then she thought back to when they originally met, and he died by Metal Raven's cold, soulless hands. All this told her he was no stranger to such things. She was hoping Raven would recognize her and she'd come out okay, but it was clear Raven had been played for a sap, and bent on revenge.

      "Well if it isn't it the megalomaniac of a prick herself, how ya doin' mins? Still imitating Krys I see? Well guess, you're game cat and mouse is over. Since you've proven to be a tough nut to break, I'll terminate you myself. Then the others will follow suit." Raven raises his weapon. But Krys is desperately shaking to get out.

      Every villain was watching from below, with Mimi on the verge of pulling her hair out in Ecstasy. Radon kissed Jamie again, but by accident because he humorously tripped over a wwire, Chloe was on the verge on deciding whether to help her or not, Britney was just was filled with ecstasy, Vultra just folded her arms, and Metal Raven was setting there, observing, not making any emotion

      "Goodnight, Mimica." Raven said to who he believed was Mimi. Raven was holding his pistol at weye level, ready to fire. 

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    • Mimi came out of the corner. She turned to Vultra. "Wow, that cyberjunk is an idiot."

      Christina noticed Raven trying to kill the real Krys. Christina ran up. "Raven, NO!!" She hit the gun and it feel out of his hand, his finger slipped on the trigger and it shot Christina through the heart.

      Mimi, Jamie, and Chloe were bouncing up and down like little children at a birthday party. "Is she dead?" Mimi said with excitement.

      Krys had both of her eyes still closed tight. She wasn't shot, she opened one eye. For there, she saw a lifeless and pale Christina. "Christie!" Tears were coming out of her eyes. Christina was gasping for breath. Krys tried to blow air into her. Her horn lit up, and the air became thinner. The air went inside Christina. She was now hollow, motionless....... dead...

      While Krys was depressed. Mimi was chanting, "Christina died! Christina died!" And then the rest were chanting.

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    • Raven was scared stiff after that event. Then, out of extreme embarrassment, regret and woe, Raven ran off in complete shame because he just killed an innocent being out of mistaken identity. He not only hurt his close friend, Trinity, but also his girlfriend, Krys too, none of it intentional.

      As Raven ran about as far away as he could possibly go..........very...............very..................far, and never stopped until he hit complete isolation. Once he did he did, and for the first time in years, he started crying. While alone he didn't know if he should slaughter himself to apologize to everyone and Christina. But this have him some look back at himself. 

      Everyone saw raven run without either girl's knowledge from below. "With Cybersnot gone, we can resume the lplan." Vultra said with assurance.

      Metal Raven said "2ignorances gone, 2 remaining."

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    • "Don't worry, Christie." Krys told the figure, "I'll make this all right!" Krys flapped her wings and soared down the hall into the expirement room. She hid behind one of the corners.

      Trinity was left all alone.

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    • Back with Raven,fit was clear to say, Raven felt like a madman. He started hurting himself with the events that transpired, and just felt like being left alone. He then started having memories of this experience, and just couldn't shake the one thing that rang true in his mind, he dishonored the rules of being a hero by killing Christina by accident. But he knew it was the rules that disheartened him, it was the result of a mistaken identity case. Raven decided to start walking alone in the deserted area he had run to, and try to think of other positive things, and just isolate everything else. However,  raven started going paranoid. He saw an illusion of Christina on the ground lying dead, and Krys with her face buried in her hand.

      "Krys?!!!!?, you're back in Mariala City.........H-hey, Krys, KRYS!!

      As raven approached, he touched Krys, only his hand to go right through her and snap back to reality.

      " Oh, just a trick of the brain." Raven says.

      "Simple itself, just cast the bad memories away. Nothing to see."

      However he hears Krys call out his name, but sounded weak, fragile.

      Raven sluggishly turns around and is shocked ad Krys looks like she had lived in isolation her whole life. Poor well-being, tattered clothes, a weak and fragile appearance. 

      Two seconds later, she's gone.

      Raven then started folding his arms, and walked a bit faster. 

      OOOOkay, time to go.

      Eventually, the illusions stopped, but Raven was starting to feel scared. He even set up a barricade  to keep himself from going crazy.

      Back with Krys, Trinity, and a deceased Christina, Trinity saw the error of her ways and agreed to cut her free. But Trinity couldn't help but regret her contribution to the tragedy in front in front of her.

      "Krys I am SO sorry, my cousin died by Raven's hand under mistaken identity. I'm really sorry." Trinity said with extreme regret as she helped Krys up on her feet. "Can you forgive me?"

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    • Krys completely ignored her not just because she was sort of depressed but that she needed total concentration. Her horn lit up. Trinity was pushed far, far, away from Krys and Christina.

      Krys took a deep breath in. Her horn lit up, this time it wasn't her light purple aura, it turned a brilliant red. Suddenly, the red grows into a rainbow color aura. Krys was struggling, but then she managed to do it. A rainbow double helix beam shoots from her horn into the sky. Suddenly she grabbed a spirit from hell;Christina's. With massive struggling, Krys managed to take the spirit and put it back in her body, therefore making the life come back to her.

      Christina eyes started to open. Krys took her hair and wrapped it around Christina's heart area. She started to sing. Christina opened her eyes. She was shocked on what she had seen. Krys learned Christina's healing song. Krys's hair started to glow and become more vibrant.

      Flower gleem and glow, let your power shine. Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt. Change the fate's design. Save what's once been lost. Bring back what once was mine...... what once was mine..... 

      Krys's hair turned into a more normal color. Christina looked at Krys, "But how?" She asked her, "How did you learn my healing psalm?"

      Krys looked at her best friend. "That's not very important right now." She unwrapped her hair from her heart area." The hole that the bullet made was gone.

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    • Vultra was unable to say anything, she was in shock. "Impossible! She has brought Christina to life without trouble

      Metal Raven goes "Magic does not compute......" And blows up like a grenade. Thankfully, for everyone, the secret had not been exposed. 

      "I'll fix metal, again...." Vultra reluctantly asked.  "Alright, time to initiate the plan, ladies" Vultra said in anticipation. "With Raven gone in isolation, we can get the only two girls here to try to stop is, which they won't. "

      Before the plan was initiated, Krys quickly realized that someone else was missing from the picture: Raven.

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    • Krys thought. Raven... 

      Leaves appeared from Christina's left hand, and crystals appeared from her right.

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    • Trinity somehow manages to return to Krys and Christina.  Trinity takes note of Christina's actions and goes. "Uh, what are you doing?"

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    • Christina examined the room. Without looking at her, she told her, "They're up to something, and when it comes the time to fight, my powers will become stronger."

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    • Trinity quiquietly says, oh. But then she looks at Krys and says, "what's wrong, Krys?"

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    • Krys regained strength. "I'm fine." Christina helped her up, "You and the white plant that grew from your garden must stop the reconstruction of Metal Raven, and defeat Team Fashion plus their villainous friends."

      Christina saluted, "Okay Krys!"

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    • "Alright, but are you doing while WE take them head on?"Trinity asked her.

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    • Krys sighed and spoke, "For you, I'm afriad that's none of your concern." She then turned to Christina, "However, for you, I can tell." She was suddenly more soft. "I need to find Raven, so keep your white piranha plant from biting." Krys started to flap her wings, and her horn lit up, she then sparkled away.

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    • Back with Raven, he had managed to construct his own settlement. Yet,  he stayed in this settlement, often out of the sunlight. 

      However, he was mainly unaware that his girlfriend was on the search for him.

      That is, of course, until he developed an unusual feeling that someone was around. He immediately came out with his pistol, shaking with fear.

      "Who's there!!??!!"

      After a looking around, he then says:

      "If you are an illusion, back off, I'm armed!"

      But then stopped and put the gun down saying:

      "Meh, must have been sensing things."

      Then returns to his settlement.

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    • Krys's horn lit up. Suddenly, a hologram screen appeared right in front of her.

      "He's at that settlement!"

      She was still 200 feet in the air. She then soared down in search for Raven.

      Meanwhile, with Christina and Trinity...

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    • Trinity ueses a move known as "foresight", a move that allows the user to see evrnts and secrets ahead of time to prevent future disadvantages. Trinity finds out that the store is rigged with silent alarms manufactured by Vultra to sound off motion sensors and an invisible barrier is shielding the entire store. She also finds the experiment room below the store.

      " well, if we aim to just walk in, or set off the barrier, we'd be tagged and bagged with any time to spare." Trinity spoke. "But......I have something that they don't."

      She grabs Christina and teleports herself and Christina go the experiment room. 

      At this point, Vultra, is working on the "surprise", Radon as at the arena, and Metal Raven is fully reconstructed, currently following Team fashion's orders. Trinity and Christina appear and hide behind Krys's prison cell.

      " Hmmmm..........Something's not right here." Trinity thought out loud.

      Trinity then uses "clairvoyance", a telekinetic ability normally used to find a location.

      Trinity uses this, but didn't get far, as she used a lot of energy to teleport herself and her cousin into the room. 

      "Ugh, my head.......I need sit this out for a few minutes." Trinity thought in her head.

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    • Christina's hands glowed in a green aura. Suddenly, a vine from the prison cell to one of the hooks on the walls has been formed. Christina easily walked on the vine with perfect balance.

      A vine, controlled by Christina then wraps around Trinity and grabs her by the waist to pull her to Christina. Apparently, the two were spying on them.

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    • "Thanks for the help, Christie." Trinity said "Now to see what they are up to."

      The two observe as Metal Raven is given orders by team fashion. At the same time, though, they were confused as to why no one had triggered the alarms.

      While Mimi and Brittney maintained surveillance, Jamie was working on some improvements on Metal Raven. Chloe was just watching the group do what they do.

      That's when a conversation strikes the group the plan.

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    • Chloe looked at them. "Umm.... guys why are the sensors not working?"

      Mimi snarled at her, "I don't know Clo! Why don't you do the team a favour and get off your butt to fix it?!" She commanded.

      Chloe saluted, "Yes sir!" Mimi slapped her, "Oh, I mean; Yes, Beautiful Majestic Queen Empress Mimi." She then ran to fix it.

      Christina looked at Chloe. The two nodded. "Now's our chance!" She told her, use your telekinesis on chloe, while I tie her up with my vine. Then when everyone else comes...... umm..... we'll fight them until Krys and Raven come back."

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    • "I thought you'd never ask." Trinity said with a smirk. With Chloe distracted, Trinity freezes Chloe with her powers and keeps her held still.

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    • Chloe was struggling to break free. Christina then whipped down her vine that she was storing in order to hang her from the ceiling. There are a lot of hooks where they hang Chloe, so it's payback time.

      In the other room, a siren went off and the speaker spoke. "The Beast Captured the Beauty. The Beast Captured the Beauty. The Beast Captured the Beauty." While Mimi and Jamie knew what that meant. Vultra, Metal Raven and Radon did not.

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    • "I take it an intruder has breached the area?" Radon says throwing a wild guess.

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    • Mimi, not looking at him, told Radon, "It means that a member of team fashion was captured!" She ran out to see what happened. She saw Chloe hanging from a vine and tied up to it.

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    • Chloe was struggling to break loose, but the vine kept her where she was. She tried to speak, but the vine went over her mouth. Mimi was furious.  She soon realized someone was here. In her head, she was believing it to be either Krys or her boyfriend, Raven. She then demanded that whoever it is came out, but no response.

      At that point, Trinity started to worry. "What are we gonna do? How long will it be till Krys finds her crush and brings him back?" Trinity said to Christina.

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    • Krys and Raven both appear from the shadows. Her horn lit up, Team Fashion were all stuck in one place. It was a true battle now.

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    • Raven breaks down the door, Radiokinesis active. "Oh, you Mary-Sues need to know when enough is enough, because now you're in trouble." Raven pounds the ground, sending a green radiation wave in front of him, and the radiation wave sweeps the Team off there feet. Raven and Krys seize the moment and attack the Team. 

      As they do, Metal Raven saves their hides when he sucks the magic essence from Krys's horn and attacks her. "Hostile Bioform detected. Draining Magical essence. Activating Protocol CX-2339 Theta." Metal Raven uses his own brand of combat on Krys by spin dashing into her back, sweeping her off her feet, and started punching the livestock out of her.

      He then turns his attention to his fleshy counterpart, and preforms a charge, Raven dodges to the left, and tries a spin dash, but Metal Raven's newest upgrade, his Meta-Shield,  to make Raven bounce back and crash into some experimental tools. Metal Raven uses Krys's magic against her, and fires strong and powerful magic blasts out of his left hand at her, leaving her badly hurt. "Pathetic Heroes, you all can't understand the concept of futility when it is front of you." Metal Raven says with a vile tone.

      Raven staggers to his feet, and tries to punch from behind, but using magic, Raven lost the energy to fight at all. "WWarning: Energy Levels critical. Power starvation at 95% Retreat! Retreat!' Said a monitor in Raven's body. Metal RRaven subdues them both, with the fight over. Metal helps his friends to their feet. He turns around , and knocks both of them unconscious. But then, for a little humor, he swaps their bodies with them both out cold. He then returns to Team fashion and says " "Krys and Raven are eliminated ".

      Jamie feels smart that she applied those upgrades to him. Also, Jamie had installed a Auto-filler in him, so now he can refill his magic immediately after use.

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    • Christina looked down at Krys. She wrapped her hair around her. She then sang the healing hymn. Her hair started to glow a beautiful color. Knowing this more well, Christina's healing was much stronger than Krys's. She started to sing that song. 

      "MAKE IT STOP! THIS IS TORTURE TO MY EARS!" Mimi shouted, as the villains went out of control from her "bad" singing.

      Krys's eyes opened in the middle of the song. "Christina."

      Suddenly, her hair stopped glowing. "What is it?"

      Krys giggled. "I'm fine." She whispered in her ear, "Those barbarians don't know that I used a protection spell when I was finding Raven."

      Christina smiled, "Wow, you're clever." She then looked down and breathed in and out. Her and Krys looked at each other, "Crystal Jail?" Christina asked her.

      "Crystal Jail." She replied, and nodded.

      Christina's palms lit up in a red color, suddenly, pink giant crystals appeared from the ground and around Team Fashion. Team Fashion, and the other three villains were all cornered by the giant crystals about 30 feet high, almost the size of the ceiling. While she was rising them, her hands lifted up and her hair was blowing from some sort of wind. Suddenly, there was no escape. Krys's horn lit up and she was using a blending spell to attach and blend all the ice pieces together so they couldn't escape through the cracks. Then, Christina made a giant top crystal appear so they couldn't fly out. Team Fashion was trapped along with the others. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS CHRISTINA, YOU UGLY LITTLE DEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mimi shouted at her.

      Christina and Krys fist bumped. While Raven was still going out of control. "RAVEN!" Christina and Krys shouted.

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    • Raven immediately turns around. "What!!?!!" Raven said out of confusion. 

      Vultra angrily said. "What kind of abominations are you?!!, First you defy natural selection, now you trap using a crystal prison?!!?

      Metal Raven reminds Vultra." Remember Directive 0-9-3-3-1-5-7 Omicron, mistress. "

      Vultra suddenly gets her vile smirk back. "Oh, yeah......before you and your friends go patting yourselves on the back, you should know that was the simple bit of things. The event, in reality, hasn't even begun."

      Vultra pushes a button on her cybernetic arm, and she teleports out of the jail, Taking her friends with her. Not long after, the ground starts to shake, everything is wobbling, things started breaking, until the "surprise" was unveiled. A restored LOKI station. Catapulting itself into space, the true plan was in motion. And they weren't alone. 

      "Tau, Sigma, Rho, Omicron, Theta, Delta, Phi, Xi acknowledge! Combine into Terradon, my sentries, NOW!!!" Vultra commanded!

      The sentries wasted no time uniting, and then proceeded to destroy Mariala City.

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    • Christina looked confused at Krys. "You forgot to put the magic guard spell on the dome, didn't you?" She told her.

      "I never realized that someone like that could be that strong."

      Christina looked suprised. "Those sentry bots are going to destroy Mariala City!"

      Krys muttered, "Stupid robots. They would probably be scared of Mimi's crystal collection."

      "They would be destroyed by every shard of crystal and other jewels in her collection!" Christina and Krys both laughed. Then, Christina's eyes widened. Christina stopped laughing. "Wait a minute..... That's IT!" Christina had an idea. "Crystals!"

      Krys turned her head, "What? I'm confused." She told her.

      You've done enough. You gotta surround that dome in magic guard so none of the villains can escape. Doesn't it work on telekinesis powers too? Also, the dome can't be broken. Use your magic to create the magic guard barrier around the dome. Me and Trinity are going to handle this one."

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    • "WAIT!! You're ggoing about this critically wrong! Terradon is a unison of several military grade sentries sent from NegaSpace!! If you use crystals, he'll simply swat them away!! There is no possible way you could --AAAAAARRRG!!!" Raven shouted.

      Raven was stabbed from behind when the barreling behemoth's hand acted as a blade and stabbed through him from behind. Terradon laughs villanously as Raven is bleeding down Terradon's colossal hand.

      "Hah!!, this is too easy!!!" Terradon laughed.

      As everyone was shocked by Terradon's actions they had to press on, ignoring the incident. With Terradon on an unending rampage, and LOKI station having escaped into space, already firing on the neighboring cities, Christina, Krys, and Trinity were engaged In a fight of desperation to save the planet.

      The girls took in what Raven had said, realizing crystals were out of the question, but that changed when Trinity scanned Terradon , and found that a large-scale puncture wound will cause him to disperse into the sentries that created him. 

      "Did Mimi have big crystals at all? Because that is what we need." Trinity said.

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    • Krys smiled, "Oh I know exactly where she keeps her crystals." She told her with a smirk, "Being a former member of this team, I don't regret everything. Come on!" She lead the girls down the hall into the bedroom. She found a bunch of crystals behind her closet.

      "Ooh! Shiny! Mimi sure has a lot of jewels!" Christina told her. Being a crystalkinetic. Christina took all of Mimi's jewels. "I promise to give them all back to Team Fashion. Just because I hate the living daylights out of them doesn't mean I can't be a bad sport." Krys and Christina ran down into the main room, with a huge gap in the wall from those robots.

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    • "That is well thought of you, Christie." Trinity to Christina. She turns her attention to the crystals. She looks at them, and develops an idea. With her capabilities, she clumps together the crystals into a large harpoon arrow-like spear.

      "This should be more than sufficient to blow a hole intoTerradon's body." Trinity said with spirit.

      The girls heard the sounds of people in terror, the reports of destruction bearing down on all cities, and realize that this was all much more.

      "Oh no...we need to stop"

      "What say you, Christie? Shall we go save this world?"Trinity to Christina

      "Oh, and Krys, you go attend to the people and neighboring cities, Christie and I will do this by our selves." Trinity to Krys

      Trinity suddenly remembered that Raven was still in Terradon's hand, still bleeding, and possibly killed.

      "Also, Raven needs our help soon. If we ignore him, he'll fall to our enemies." Trinity said

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    • Christina nodded her head, "Let's do it."

      Krys's horn lit up as she headed out of the place, and rushed towards the radio tower.

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    • As the cousins proceed to do away with Terradon, they come to find that the colossal giant has destroyed a large portion of Mariala City, and was enjoying it too.

      "Ugh, this place is crawling with the flesh-covered anomalies. They are getting in my way."

      As the military tries what they can, they don't have a chance as Terradon violently pounds his fist to the ground, sending a colossal shockwave underground and then simply blowing them away.

      Trinity and Christina catch up to Terradon, and he not only had Raven, but was about to grab another innocent.

      "Hey, Big Shot!! You Suck!!!" Trinity to Terradon

      Terradon veers his robotic head.

      "How adorable. The little bug girls want to play."

      Terradon tries to fire his Shoulder-Mounted LMG, but is caught off guard by Christina's plant manipulation.

      Christina subdues Terradon by locking the plants over his hands and weapons, which signalled Trinity to finish him off.

      Trinity, using her powers, launches the spear, but Terradon moves his chest to the left, and it sends it crashing into a building.

      "When I get out of this, I will tear your bodies to ruin!!!"

      Terradon starts trying to struggle his way out of Christina's trap. Trinity is struggling to grip the spear with her powers, and is feeling woozy and weak, more likely to pass out.

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    • "Time for a new trick" Christina told Trinity. I hope Lexi taught this to me the right way.... I'm not very good with SEEDS afterall... But it's worth a shot... She thought to herself.

      From the ground, a giant seed glowing in a green around popped and landed on Terradon's chest. Suddenly, Terradon's energy was leeched giving Christina more power, as Terradon was being slowly, but majorly weakened. It worked! She thought to herself.

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    • "OWW!!I actually FELT that." Terradon says. 

      With the majority of Terradon's energy drain from his being, Terradon showed signs of slumping and lagging, meaning he was too weak to retaliate.

      "Ugh. Now you ignoramuses are really gonna pay."Terradon said.

      "Not this time, Terradon. You may have Raven in your barbaric and large hands, but we, Trinity and Christina, will prove our worth today."

      An aura surrounded her, and then it expands over Christina. The aura drags them close together as silhouettes, and ends up fusing them together.

      The fusion proceeds by mixing it up a bit. Christina's plants all of a sudden grab Terrafon's feet, and trip him up. Telekinetic energy surges through the plants,yanking him up and dropping him. This occurs 5 times. Then vines came out from the ground, straining him to ground, rendering him incapable of escaping. The fusion finished him off by dropping a large seed on his chest, and the seed drains the remaining levels of energy, and uses it to explode. Terradon, now destroyed, defuses and returns into the normal sentries. All of which have been knocked to a pulp. The fusion separates, separating the  cousins. 

      "We did it!" Trinity shouted with joy. The cousins fist bumped, but Trinity realized Raven was still with those sentries. As Trinity hurriedly scavenges through them, Christina finds him., bleeding everywhere, amd hardly recognizable. She then signals Trinity.

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    • Christina shouted, "Trinity!" She then tuned back to the bloody Raven. "Don't worry, I'll make this all go away." She was about to sing, but she then realized that something was stuck in her javelin; Her infinity bottle. Like typical Christina, it looked like a shampoo bottle. It was extremely thin, but she took it out, and put the bottle's product in her hair. Sudenly, her hair started to turn white. A white beaming aura almost blinded people from a mile distance;even Trinity.

      Suddenly, Christina stepped out of the aura. Her fur and hair were a beautiful golden color, and her hair had an endless flow to it. She looked like a star;a great big shinning star. The hair wrapped around Raven, but she didn't sing. Her hair suddenly turned green, and her skin. A light, pale green color like the inside of a kiwi. It shined brightly like the sun; a light green sun. Her skin became that beautiful golden color that it was before with the endless flow.

      Not only was Raven back to a normal shape and health, but the blood was gone,and everything up to a half a mile was cured and/or purified. Suddenly, Christina returned to normal.

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    • Raven comes to. " I?" Raven sounded a bit dazed.. but felt better all in all. Raven staggers to his feet, and looks around. he is surprised that they had succeeded in taking Terradon out, AND how Christina revived him. Raven hugs her in thanks, but remembers that Vultra is still onboard LOKI station in space, and the other cities are still bombarded by the middle fire. They all hear loud missile fire in the distance, along with the screams of terror and see people  running off in fear. 

      "Are you two planning on.... Stopping Team fashion and their friends? If you are, I will attend to the people with Krys. Speaking of which, where is she?" Raven asks them.

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    • Last I heard, She was helping the people through evacuation. Trinity. You go attend to your date Raven. Come on, Christina, let's show them what we got.Raven goes in search of Krys to help her' While the cousins take care of Team fashion, and their friends.

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    • Christina nodded as they both raced to find Team Fashion.

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    • As total chaos is raining down on the planet' the two need to find a way into LOKI station. Trinity and Christina run in the ruins of Total Diva for answers. Trinity  tries to move everything aside in the quest for answers, and she gets it. Somehow, Vultra slipped a Warp pad in the experiment room to bring them onboard the station. Trinity tried to fire it up, but the pad was left sabotaged. They cousins needed a way in, But Trinity realized she could teleport them onboard. 

      With this knowledge, she grabs Christina by he arm, and teleports on board the station. They land in the main entrance deck. While Christina is left in disbelief of how such a station can be constructed, Trinity gets the sensation she has been here before. 

      Christina simply looks about to see what they could find, and Trinity begins to think about the ship. Yet the thunderous roar of missile fire snapped her out of it.

      The two hurry to find Team Fashion, but take a wrong a turn and end up in the artillery control deck. That's when they realize that they can destroy the artillery units piloting the station's artillery. But before they had the slightest chance, Vultra speaks on the intercom, somehow aware of them being onboard.

      "I don't think we want you breaking into our home, ladies."

      Trinity says, "How did you---

      Vultra interrupts, "How did I become aware of your presence on board the station? Or are you aware that what you plan to do will result in the death of two iconic royal heroes?"

      Vultra pulls up hologram images of the REAL Krys and Raven. The cousins are shocked by this. Vultra says, "We understand that neither one of you could cope with the fact that your attempt at sabotage will result in their horrific demises. Ironic, isn't it? To have come all this way in an attempt to stop us, only to worry that, all of your closest friends are being captured, tormented, maybe even executed, instead of being evacuated." Vultra continues "I bet you're wondering just what the heck is going on here, but I don't think it is necessary right?" 

      "Ugh, enough out of me, but why don't you two just come and find us." Vultra  says.

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    • Christina loooked at Trinity in disbelief and in awestruck, "This isn't good. What if they die?" She asks her. But then she realized something, which made everything clear and made Vultra's plan sound stupid. The protection shield. If Victria can't break through that, or even Nightfall or Valarie, there's no way that-- She stopped thinking and nodded to Trinity.

      The two ran down the hallways of the LOKI station, only to hear the frankly irritating voice of Vultra attempting to kill Krys and Raven. The only thing that blocked them was a metal door. On it said "Kinetic proof", even though Trinity knew telekinesis, not even that would work against it. Christina attempted to use her chlorokinesis to shoot a giant razor leaf to cut it, but the door glowed as it bounced back and faded.

      "They're not mistaking." Christina had an idea. Her arms swung back and she twisted her torso a little, she then did a quadruple twisting kick on the door to make it break open. The door cracked a little as she tried it again with more strength. The metal door was still not broken yet.

      But the third time is the charm, as when she did it again, the door was kicked down as she found Vultra about to execute her two friends. But she did it, using her signature Street Fighting move, the Piercing Thorn Fortissimo, not once, but three times, she was able to find the evil figure and the couple.

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    • Vultra laughs evil-like. "Happy to see me? No? Oh well. You won't be happy about this." Vultra pushes a wall-mounted  button, and the hostages are suddenly dragged through the wall behind them, where the Neo-Roboticizer awaits in discreet silence. The button also dispatches Metal Raven to take them out. 

      Vultra begins to run off to team fashion and warn them, but first.

      "Metal Raven!!! Deal with the girls!!!" Vultra commands.

      "Ta-Ta, ladies. Enjoy the company." Vultra to the cousins.

      The girls are infuriated, but not too long as they hear what they think is another missle firing, but instead, something is coming at them from behind them. The object rams them down , and veers its cold-hearted head.

      "You Shouldn,'t have trailed us. Team Empress superior. Team Resistance inferior."

      As the girls are fighting him, Vultra meets Radon and Team fashion at the Neo-Roboticizer and warn them.

      "They're here! They're here!" Vultra to the Team.

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    • Christina facepalmed herself. "She can be so annoying sometimes." But shaking her head, she turned to Trinity. "What are we going to do now?" She turns back to the Neo-Roboticizer. She looks at Krys and Raven, struggling, only to make it tighter. She moved a little closer to Krys and whispered, "Use your magic."

      As Metal Raven came up for an attack, Christina's vine whips and leaf blades did all the work, slicing it's parts. "Save yourself and your boyfriend!"

      Krys nodded. "Right........ but how do I disarm this machine?"

      Christina stares blankly at the large, obvious "on-off" switch on the device. "I'm sorry, but- really?" She asked her stupidly.

      Krys laughed, "Oh riiiight. That." Her horn lit up in her purple aura, so did the switch, the Neo-Roboticizer stopped storing it's energy and turned off. Krys managed to break out of the trap, and used her strength to get Raven out.

      "You two deal with that pile of garbage!" She told them.

      "Right!" Krys replied, "You and your white flower-head friend have to run to stop Team Fashion and Vultra's crew!"

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    • "I have a name, princess. I'd rather you get started with calling me by that." Trinity said to Krys.

      Trinity was about to run with Christina., but was looking at Raven.

      "What's the matter?" Raven said to Trinity.

      " careful for us, okay, Raven?" Trinity to Raven.

      "Yeah, sure. When am I not?" Raven says this with reassurance.

      Krys could sense what was Trinity was picking at, and gets in front of him.

      "Alright, Alright I'm going."

      As the royal couple fend off Metal Raven, The cousins mange to reach Vultra and the team at the over watching deck of the station.

      "I suppose you two really are a thorn in our backs. Well no more. We will cut you down to size." Vultra to the cousins.

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    • Christina stared blankly, "And I thought Mimi gave me headaches...." She said. "What do you even intend on doing?" She asked curiously

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    • "The same thing everyone is after. To overrule this primitive, and undervalued planet. My artificial creator, Nega, planned the same thing a while back. What happened to him? Oh, nothing short of destruction and the remnants of his faltering militia have taken an interest of becoming Kintobor's militants. Even since then, I was undeterred from fulfilling this directive, EVEN IF IT MEANT WIPING THE PLANET OF THESE ORGANIC VERMIN FOREVER!!!!!!!!" Vultra angrily answering Christina.

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    • Christina facepalmed. "So...... you're trying to rule the world?" 

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    • "In a manner of speaking, Yes." Vultra answered. "I intend to do it for my dead creator. I have allowed Radon, Team fashion, And Ken Kintobor to be spared when the conquest is fulfilled. Raven the Cyberhog will die for the destruction of Nega. It is all HIS fault, as well as that good-for-nothing witch he is accompanied by.. It was ALL connected from the start, Blondie and you, just for helping in even the slightest way manageable, will be marked for death. " Vultra continues

      But who cares, as I look at the screens in front of me, my psuedo-droids are rapidly approaching fatalities of 15%. Torturing rate is at 59%, Enslavement by the Neo-Roboticizer by 23%, and the station has overall bombarded 900,000sq. meters of acreage, cities, metropolitan areas. In T-minus 2 hours, this primordial planet will be decimated and devastated. Once done, the plan shall proceed to stage 2. The Neo-Roboticized  slaves will remake Mariala City into Team Fashion's utopia. Ken Kintobor shall follow up by bringing his armed forces here and monitor the enslavement pens for those that go against our Rule. I will join this team by having the slaves rework this primordial planet by turning it into our own unified empire. Best of all, you will be eliminated.

      Vultra overhears someone struggling to break free from a brawler's grip.

      Brawler: Mokka, sukren drin Zixx'deg Tovik. (Madam, I got you a struggler.)

      Vultra: Kav run brik(Let me see.)

      Vultra looks at the holographic screens and spots the brawler restraining someone Christina may recognize.

      Brawler: Qeeb xir zograt ritka t'brako. Zax dim gudras? (She was aiding the resistance. How should we proceed?

      Vultra: Zoka friben. (Wait there.)

      Vultra turn the hologram to Christina. And who she sees in there has driven her into fear. It was her best friend, Alexis Petals.

      "Does this girl ring a bell to you?" Vultra to Christina.

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    • Christina's eyes widened hugely. "Lexi?!" She asked, "W-w-w-w-what the hell?!" Christina was struck in fear and disbelief. "This is just........... horrible! How could you?" Suddenly, Christina exploded with anger. "She's down in Mariala City! Right in front of the public to view her floging!" She was puzzled.

      Suddenly, she did a piercing thorn fortissimo on Vultra, as she was knocked out. "Stay her, cousin." She told Trinity.

      Without a regret, Christina took out her javelin, and opened up the compartment where she puts her infinity bottle. Suddenly, her hair started to turn white, and a blinding light almost blinded everyone who didn't cover their eyes. Christina, stepping out as her super form, Shinning Christina got out, and crashed through the window into space.

      While in space, she headed down to earth at a fast rate. She was on fire;she was furious. Seeing clouds, she headed down towards Mariala City's town square on the podium, where Alexis was struggling. She turned straight with her left hand glowing green, and right hand glowing light blue, suddenly, a bunch of razor sharp leaves and crystals rained down on the brawler, while she was still fiery. She then did a spin rapidly;tthe drill drive, aiming for the brawler. Suddenly, there was a big explosion, even the eyes of Trinity and Vultra saw at the LOKI station, thousands of miles away.

      Alexis was coughing from the dust, as she saw her best friend, more relieved. "You're........ you're okay?" Christina asked her.

      "Christie......" She started to tell her, "Thank you....." She was relieved.

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    • Trinity was cheering Christina from the station. "Now THAT is how you make an entrance!! Way to go, Christina!!!"

      Vultra was slowly waking up, "uh...yes, indeed. "

      " Sorry, aren't you, Vultra?" Trinity to Vultra. "If you simply played nice, she wouldn't have to break your toy."

      Vultra was beginning to crack. "I see, but how about she "sits this one out." Vultra presses a button, and seals both Christina and Alexis on the planet, in an anti-kinetic barrier.

      "I'M THROUGH MESSIN'  AROUND!" Vultra erupting.

      "This is it! Just You and Me, Trinity. A straight up fight for Möbius. Nothin,' short of it."

      Trinity and Vultra charge at each other. Vultra takes a swing with her fists but misses. Trinity curls up and preforms a spin dash at Vultra's torso. Vultra lands a counterstrike into Trinity's face hitting her in the eye. Half-blinded, Trinity uses her Telekinesis and throws Vultra over the control panel. The impact results in something more serious. The bombardment stops, but the propulsion system is active. The switch to turn it off was destroyed upon impact, and the station was on a course for the target city, Mariala City.

      "Get in here girls, let,s finish her off. You too, Radon."

      It was truly a final fight.

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    • Back down on Mobius, Christina and Alexis were in a barrier. Alexis tries to store up her chlorokinetic energy, but Christina stops her by nodding her head. "It won't work." She told Alexis

      Alexis was confused, "Why? Christie, what's going on?"

      Christina took a deep breaht in "So my long lost cousin Trinity showed up, and she was all upset about Krys dating her super secret crush Raven, so we started a little game of confession, which turned into this crazy goose chase to stop Team Fashion, so then this really annoying bird named Vultra takes us onto some weird space station for Krys and Raven to become robots, and then she sent out a guy to whip you until you're skin and bones, and I had to save your skin, and I have no idea how this happened." She told her. She then started to throw kicks at the barrier to break it, but it wouldn't budge.

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    • The station was rapidly approaching the planet's surface. The propulsion system  wasn't gonna stop for anything. Trinity is in the fight of her life. With everyone  bearing down on her, it was hard for her to keep up.  She knew the collision course could result in the planet's surface to be a barren wasteland.

      Trinity, seeming like she had finally fallen, had two more trump cards up her sleeve. In a discreet move, Trinity tuned her wrist and boot cuffs to "Second Chance" mode. This would enable her to rewind time back to a point of her choosing if she failed to save everyone, and prevent the planet's destruction.

      Surrounding herself in an aqua green aura, she summons every last bit of her strength to preform a Mega-Teleport, teleporting Everyone in Mariala City, as well as the neighboring cities and towns, to the opposite side of the planet. Christina and Alexis were also taken there as well. 

      With that done, Trinity, sets her mind on the propulsion system, and overloads the fuel tanks, causing them to explode. Trinity then joins her cousin on Möbius.

      Vultra, Metal Raven, Radon, and Team fashion were left trapped onboard the station to die upon impact, as the station started descending into the planet in smoke.

      Trinity was fearful about the outcome,but was prepared.

      With their villains trapped, the station goes up in a highly volatile explosion, engulfing the ruined cities In a bright white dome of light. The blast could be seen on the opposite side of the world.

      "It's over.....It's finally over..." Trinity muttered to herself.

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    • But Trinity didn't realize one tiny mistake: Krys and Raven were still on the station. While Raven appeared to be perfectly fine, Krys was hidden under the remains of Metal Raven and the Loki Station. "A....... little...... help.....?" She asked in pain.

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    • Raven shuffles through the remains, and picks up his injured girlfriend.

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    • Krys tried to get up, but had a little trouble. She appeared to have a little bit of dust and cobwebs on her, but her left wing was a little bent. She tried opening it, but it hurt a lot. She opened up her right wing just fine. "I think my wing is broken..." She told him.

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    • Raven picks her up and carries her in his arms. Raven strokes his hand through her hair. "I'll get us out of this." Raven to Krys with reassurance.

      Raven stomps the ground twice with each foot, charging up his rocket-soled shoes. His shoes activate, and takes flight.  Raven and Krys get a bird's eye view on the devastation below. Neither one could believe what they saw. Ruined building, broken robots, the ongoing aroma of burning gases. It looked like an apocalypse had occurred.

      Raven turns on his environmental scanner system to determine if there any present signs of life, including LOKI station. The scanner came with only 5 casualties: Mimi, Chloe, Jamie, Vultra, and Radon. Metal R. Didn't count since he was a robot. Raven was surprised that there was only five casualties. Everyone in the cities and towns were alive.

      "Krys, can your horn decrypt my cryptic language? I am transferring the results into your horn now." Raven said as he uploaded the results into Krys's horn.

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    • "I... um... think. Maybe if I use an identification spell...." Her horn lit up. Suddenly, her horn gave off messages to her brain about information on Raven, and what he is trying to say. "I actually can...." She told him.

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    • Krys uses the identification spell to translate Raven's environmental scanner results. What she reads shocks her, but makes her feel more relieved than ever. Their enemies had passed on from the crash. The fight was over.

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    • Krys looked stunned on the results, "You mean they're.......... dead?" She asked him.

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    • "Yes. It is all over now." Raven said. "I don,'t how they did it, but it is all I can say."

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    • Krys blushed, "I guess so..." Krys's horn lit up, suddenly, yellow dust specks float around herand then onto her; she started to float;not with her wings, but actually fly. "I haven't used this spell in forever. We should go find Christina and the white thorn who's crushing on you" She started to fly towards the city.

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    • "Already done that. I had tapped into a radio signal and triangulated the source globally. All the inhabitants are on the opposite side of the planet." Raven to Krys.

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    • Raven froze for a minute, his eyes shrank, and a retro-sounding brake noise came on. He looks at her again. "Uh.....What did you just say about who having a what on me?"

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    • Krys gave that 'oh-shoot-he-caught-me' smile and laugh, and then used her flight spell to fly away as fast as she could to find Christina and Trinity.

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    • Raven follows her saying "That's not funny, Krys." As he followed her, he kept himself going for the triangulated signal. It ended up being a fun little chase.  The duo have a little fun chase until they eventually reach the signal. After running a brief scan, he has girlfriend, Krys, had already beaten him to the curb, or won. Krys wave her hand high enough for her boyfriend to see her. Raven gave her a cute smile in return.

      "Showoff." Raven jokingly said. Raven hovers to the ground to meet up with his girlfriend, who was accompanied by Christina, and Trinity, and Alexis, whom Krys knows, but Raven did not. "Ladies, you did it. It's over. We won the fight forever. The enemies are gone." Raven said to them. As the four heroes relished in their success, Raven looks at the brown haired girl and says curiously, "And you are....." Raven said to Alexis.

      But before she had chance to respond, Trinity cuts in front of her, and talks to Raven. "Hey, Raven. Y'know I just got down to thinking that.......y' and I could..... Well...." Trinity planning to ask Raven out in front of his girlfriend.

      Krys wraps herself around Raven's right arm, a warning sign to Trinity that she had best walk away. "Uh, never mind. I thought I should say, I am glad to see you're okay." Trinity having second thoughts. "Though for some, i had anticipated otherwise." Trinity having thought Krys didn't survive the explosion.

      Trinity gets out the way, and Alexis introduces herself to Raven.

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    • "How could I forget that they were still inside? That could have killed them" Trinity thinking to herself.

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    • Krys looked at Raven, then at Trinity. Then Christina looked at her she gave her that 'do-the-right-thing' face. She came up to her and whispered in her ear, "Break up with him." She told him.

      Her pupils shrunk. Walking away from Raven, Krys and Christina went into a corner where they couldn't see her. "But why?"

      Christina gave her that stupid look, and then went back to normal, "Look at how sad Trinity is! You know that she has feelings for him!" Trying to convice her, Krys felt a little guilty.

      Krys came out of the corner. "Raven....." she started to tell him, "I'm..... I'm sorry...... but...... I don't think we're going to work out that well....." She said those words. 

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    • "Wait, WHAT!??!" Raven said in disbelief. " Krys, we are, were.... An inspirational couple. Wait, lemme rephrase that, inseparable. Why stop now?

      Krys points to Trinity. This is when Raven pieces everything together. "It all makes sense now. How was I this blind? She had an interest in me, and you two have been conflictive for years?"  Raven stomps the ground twice with each foot, and flies off to the barren wasteland of the cities, to hide, and sit this through, alone. Having just been broken inside. "Raven, wait!!" Trinity's words don't reach him as he flies away. Trinity follows after him. Trinity hadn't realized he loved Krys that much, but continues to chase him.

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    • "What...... just happened?" Krys asked. "I really thought he would take this more lightly....."

      "You did the right thing, even though you hated her. You made a great sacrafice for your enemy. You are a true friend, Krystal Escavirlno" Christina told her as she tapped her on the back.

      "He ran away, as far as he could!" Alexis told her, "Picture it like this, what if you were dating Ryder, and he told you that he wants to move on." She told him

      Krys's pupils shrunk. "Whoa, didn't have to take it THAT far!" She told her, "But let's go!" The three girls went chasing after him.

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    • Hiding under some of the ruins, Raven patiently waits it out until either  they give up or he cools down. Raven also ponders about everything that happened in his life. "3 of my family members are dead, Cyberspace is destroyed, and now my girlfriend broke up with me. Can all of this get any more worse?  I just feel, I'm a broken hero just suffering in the woes of the barren past. I have tried my best over and over, again and again. However, nothing seems to work."

      Raven kicks a wood pallet and it breaks.  

      " Honestly, I should have taken the problem more lightly, but it was clearly just another problem to suffer from.  But, enough out of this. There is one thing I'm unsure about. I've been dating that alicorn for so long, I don't know if I even l--love Trinity back. I should head home and think this through." That's what Raven does next. But to stop anyone from following him, He blocks off all transmissions to prevent anyone from finding him.

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    • Back Hame, Raven tries to make sense of the break up and tries to figure out what to do and who he will date.  Yet he realizes something. The word love and its tendencies has hurt his mind. He feels that if he just stayed single, he would be free of these woes, but he also can't bring himself to say it.

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    • On foot, Krys, Alexis and Christina were catching up to Trinity. "I'm starting to lose hope for all of this...." Krys sighed.

      While the others were running, Christina made a screech hault as she found Trinity looking down on some odd ruins.

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    • Trinity put two fingers over her mouth, signaling them to keep quiet. She manipulates some of the buildings, and spots Raven running. Trinity accidentally shouts "There you are, Raven! Girls get over here. I found Raven!"

      Raven overhears her and tries to make a run for it.

      Trinity floats in the air, and tries to match up to him.

      Raven, out of determination, begins to fire up a warp dash to his home and escape. Raven began turning white, the sound of a jet engine started humming in the air, and Raven's feet started moving in circles. He was mere nano seconds from escaping, but Trinity got him. He made him levitate in the air, and then used telekinesis to throw him against a wood palette. Trinity used some  auxiliary wires to tie Raven up against the palette. She then throws him against the wall, with the palette, and bolts it against a nearby wall.

      Raven is struggling to break free as the others catch up to her.

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    • The others caught up with her. "Raven...." Krys whispered. She was a little worried.

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    • Raven stops, tired of struggling. "You?!!?! Why are you following me?!!?" Raven asks them.

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    • Krys was suprised that Raven was upset at her, "Holy Mammouth Mogul you changed...." she told herself, but Raven overheard it.

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    • Raven started to struggle more violently. His irises and pupils disappeared, his teeth grew sharper, he began to develop a deeper voice. His fur started to turn black, and his skin became tan. His eyes turned a mahogany color, and his ears took on a more horn-like appearance. His physique started growing bigger, and stronger, which made the use of auxiliary wires look ludicrous. His physically augmented strength out matches the integrity of the wires, causing them to snap apart. His gloves tear open as his nails grow sharper, bolder, stronger. His shoes are forced to expand in size because of his increased physique. Spikes are seen on the bottom of his shoes. His newly black fur gets very messy, and starts coming out, getting more thicker . In fact, two chains rise out of the ground, trying to chain him down, but that doesn't work, as he wraps them around his wrists. His skin cannot withstand the sudden, and gives way like paper, but only in some Areas, not all.  Raven had become Wilderbeast Raven, and was targeting Krys.

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    • All the sudden, Krys was scared for her life. Never had she seen this side of Raven. She had no clue of what she was going to do.

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    • In a  twist of fate, as the animal began a barreling charge at her, Trinity focuses her power on the animal, making him levitate, and throws him into a nearby building. This restores some of his cognitive functions . Raven looks a distraught Krys and he realizes how their coupling may never be, as he thinks it. He slowly returns to normal, but looks back toward the woods, planning to run in there if things went bad.

      Krys, on the other hand, wasn't sure about how Raven could turn into such in an animal. She needed to answer him.

      Would she get back together with him?

      Will she cope with him and his troubles?

      These were the asked questions to Krys. 

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    • Krys had a soft, warm look on her face. Her eyes were half open. Her horn lit up and Raven started to levitate. "Raven......" She told him, "If you wanted us to be together, you could've just said so." 

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    • "Well,...I do...I do want us together.....I'm really sorry about my animalistic form, Krys. It's only because you said Mammoth Mogul and, well that's how it happened.

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    • "It's fine, I'm just starting to worry about that white plant...." She told him, "She seems a little depressed about us"

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    • Raven walks over to her. "Wait right there, Krys."


      "Yes, Raven?" Trinity to Raven.

      " I, uh, found out your little...secret."

      (Whispers in anger) What? Who told you?

      "Trinity, that doesn't matter to me. Why was it a secret to begin with?"

      "Aw,Raven, it's just that you've been so nice to me, I kinda developed feelings for you, and I hid them from you because I wasn't sure that you loved me back ."

      "Trinity, I do like you back, but as one of the many friends I have. Nothing short of it. I mean, you are someone I can trust using my artifacts, or protecting them if you wanted."

      Trinity blushes.

      "You're one of my close friends, Trinity. I couldn't say anything else but that."

      "Aw, thanks."

      So, do you wanna be friends?"

      "Sure thing."

      Good. Me too. Go on With your cousin, do what you wish." 


      Raven walks back to Krys.

      "Problem Solved." Raven to Krys.

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    • Krys nodded as the two walked away.

      Christina bowed down her head in a little bit of depression, but still happy. "Well..... I tried." She told her.

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    • "Well, It's not that bad. Team fashion is dead, Raven's enemies are dead, and we can finally be in peace. All that remains is one thing:  How are we gonna fix these cities?

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    • "Krys and Arthur will handle it" She told her, "But I'm sorry. Here's the thing: I was the one who tried to persuade Krys into breaking up with Raven." She said it. 

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    • "Oh?......really?" Trinity to Christie.

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    • Nitro's gotta get some sleep. see ya later.

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    • (Alright, g'night)

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