• I didn't forget what I said.

    Eventually I'm probably going to toss up all my other characters in time. How's once a week sound?

    I planned to start from Monday, but I honestly was too caught up with work/school to put it up in time.

    But anyway, let's get right down to the point. This week's character is Thunder The Hedgehog.

    Thunder is one of those characters I would LIKE to call one of my mains, but doesn't get nearly enough shine or development to be legitimately qualified for it. That is, as far as I can tell, his main problem. He literally only has like, two episodes in my entire series in which he starred in. Of course, he is an important character, but mostly for his ship.

    Because of this, I kinda have a hard time determining whether or not he's missing anything or not. Don't mind that backstory part where it mentions those sweepstakes games. I already know it's kinda bad and dumb and I wanna change it.
    In terms of powers, I'm really hoping that I did enough to separate him from his brothers, so they don't all seem like slightly altered clones of each other, strength-wise.

    Since I mentioned that, it should be expected now that the next three weeks will be of his other three brothers.

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