• I've seen several fan-fiction games on this wiki (such as Sonic Heroes 2 and Sonic Shattered Worlds) and am considering making one myself. However, I have never created an article before so was wondering if someone could clear some things up first.

    I'd like to know about:

    1.) Rules for using real world companies, developers, voice actors, and music producers/artists for fan-fiction works. (I've seen these in all the fan-fiction games I've come across so far)

    2.) Would I be required to describe multiplayer features and every detail immediately, or could I add those later?

    3.) Besides fan-fiction, would I need to add any other categories to this?

    4.) Rules for using partial fan-art from non-Sonic related sources (such as, to show an idea, use a modified or shopped image of a robot from the Metal Gear series or someting else.)

    Or is there a page here that covers all the rules for these particular issues?

    Thanks for any help I may get. This might also be helpful for anyone in the future with the same questions as me.

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    • 1) I think you could pull off using real-world brands/companies in a story. Though, if you ask me, might be better to make up a name of the brand so you don't get copyright issues or something.

      2)You could add a construction template to the article to show some parts aren't finished, so yeah, add that stuff in later if you want.

      3) Frankly I'm not sure.

      4) Maybe, but that might bring up copyright trouble, so you'll have to mark where the pic comes from and who it's copyrighted to.

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