• how do i make the box things that have the D.O.B and other stuff

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    • The info box? Those are pretty easy. The easiest way is to start creating your page with the Add a page! button at the top right under "Contribute". That will automatically add it to your page. 

      You can also copy paste the code below, then fill in your own info in whatever fields you like. Leave the rest blank.

       |Align =
       |Border Width =
       |Border Color =
       |Character Image =
       |Image Caption =
       |Image Size =
       |Character Name =
       |Full Name =
       |Nicknames =
       |Age =
       |Gender =
       |Species =
       |Alignment =
       |Relationship Status =
       |Color =
       |Height =
       |Weight =
       |Description =
       |Birthplace =
       |Current Residence =
       |Relatives =
       |Affiliations =
       |Likes =
       |Dislikes =
       |Friends =
       |Foes =
       |Romantic Interests =
       |Occupation =
       |Skills =
       |Abilities =
       |Powers =
       |Weaponry =
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    • thnx

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    • how do u load the image and there is this puzzle piece thing tht is hiding my information how do i premanently open that

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    • I added the image to the box for you. Also, the box is supposed to collapse like that. It keeps it from taking up the entire page. You can just click the [Open] button at the bottom right to open it back up.

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    • ok thnk u

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    • im sorry to bother u again but i was playing furry dollmaker a deviantert game and made a character but i want to transfer it to my page

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    • A FANDOM user
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