• This new forum board is going to be for suggestions/requests for things that could potentially improve the wiki. Anyone may make suggestions here and anyone may comment anywhere they like.

    If your suggestion is something that would make a major change, it will need to be voted on. In order to bring a suggestion into voting, your suggestion must show obvious interest from other users. If it meets this requirement, you may request a vote from one of the administrators on the wiki (I'm happy to help you). If they approve, they will put the suggestion up for voting.

    Obviously, keep your suggestions logical. Don't suggest something that you know can't be done.

    If your suggestion doesn't get the popularity you want, tough luck. Don't whine to the staff, or complain to other users. This place is a community, and the community makes the decisions.

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    • I'm on side with this, completely. Plus, I could always use a hand repairing the old techniques and bringing them on-side with the policies.

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    • Sounds excellent. If we're gonna promote "community" then this is the best way possible.

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    • A FANDOM user
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