Thicket Village is a village located in the southern area of the Wild Woodland Zone, which is in Tralius.



As the Wild Woodland Zone is relatively hilly, a good deal of the buildings are built directly into the hills, partially concealed by them. The pathway that goes through the village tends to wind, as it was built with the intention of remaining on level earth as much as possible in order to allow caravans to travel as smoothly as possible.


Thicket Village's primary source of income is from the crops they grow; agriculture is a huge part of the lifestyle here, and more than 50% of the village's population is involved with agriculture in some way or another. Potatoes are one of the primary crops grown here, but beets, carrots, tomatoes, and oranges, among other things, are also plentiful.

A smaller yet still reliable source of the village's income stems from the livestock kept at the farm, especially the Malloura, Mobini ungulates that somewhat resemble woolly goats with two pairs of horns, small ears, and long, slim tails ending in tufts. Their thick, soft coats make for excellent wool, sometimes considered to be the best quality wool in all of Tralius. Malloura are also raised for their milk; the cheese made from their milk is a popular snack in Thicket Village.

Notable Areas

General Store

Thicket Farm

Being a fairly small village, there is only a single, yet quite expansive farm from where all of Thicket Village's crops are grown; this farm is located on the largest expanse of flat, treeless land the area has to offer, directly outside of the village's eastern border.

The large barn is where the Malloura herd is kept; it leads to an outside, fenced-in field for them to graze in.

Notable Residents

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