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"If you know what's good for ya, you'll stay out of my way."
—Therilde Jonasen

Therilde Jonasen is a Mobianized Noivern and a wandering rogue.

Physical Description

Therilde has the coloration of a non-Shiny Noivern; mostly black fur with a purple stomach, chest and lower jaw, a red nose with two spike-like protrusions, yellow eyes and a greenish wing membrane. Her long, wild hair is white in color and has some bands in it, and the outer edges of her wings are also purple. She also has a white ruff around her neck.

Her build is quite lean and almost sinewy, with little in the way of voluptuousness. Like a Mobian bat or dragon, Therilde's arms have evolved separate from her wings. As she has some dragon's blood in her, she has a spike at the tip of her tail, claws, and a pair of horns.



Base Stats
Spcl. AtkSuperior
Spcl. DefGood
SpeedGreat (land)
Superior (flying)
Other Stats

Therilde has all the abilities of a Noivern; flight, night vision and Sonokinesis. She also has Pokemon-level Omnikinesis, meaning she can learn any moves that a non-Mobian Noivern can, as well as a few extras (such as Night Slash). Her huge ears are the main source of her powerful Sonokinesis, and she can utilize a very destructive move known as Boomburst. She's also proficient in the realm of hand-to-hand combat.

Therilde possesses the genetic ability of Infiltrator; her attacks ignore certain defensive techniques like Reflect, Light Screen and Substitute. She also wields a highly ornate voulge known as Eclipsing Whisper; apparently it was passed down through her family.


As she is partially a Dragon-type, Nature, Fire and Electric-aligned abilities aren't very powerful against her.


Ice-aligned moves can do devastating damage to her, as can Earth-aligned ones. She's somewhat of a glass cannon as well.

Friends and Foes






Therilde has a habit of doing what she wants, and doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise; she's a woman who lives by her own rules. This is not to say that she is cruel, however; she is capable of genuine compassion, and she also refuses to harm innocent people, especially if they're children. The thought of innocent people being imprisoned and tormented enrages her, leading her (as well as her two friends) to habitually raid the camps of any slavers they come across.

Therilde doesn't like slow people, as she feels that they hold her back. She also has a strong dislike for arrogant people, and takes great pleasure in "cutting them down a few notches".

She has two rather close friends by the names of Ashaen Rooka and Ontager Fisk.


  • Adventure
  • Fighting


  • Slow people
  • Slavers

Biggest Fears


"I carry the fury of the dragons on my wings!"


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