The Legend of Danger Ranoyya is the story of a girl named Danger Ranoyya who has the power of colors. She has the ability to drain and change color. She becomes a member/leader of the ASV.(All Star Villains). This is her story.

PS. This character list includes all characters, in all the chapters. Some characters may not be introduced yet.

Included Characters


Danger Ranoyya





Tisean (pronounced Tiss-ee-N)








The Gang (NINJAS):

The Leader (not named)







Sam Ranoyya

Grace Ranoyya









Chapter 1

It all started with a trip to the doctor. This starts off after Mrs Ranoyya, Grace, finds out she is pregnant with a girl. This is her conservation with the doctor. "Doctor, I will not have an abortion, no matter how dangerous she will grow to be." Said Grace. "Grace,be sensible! She will kill hundreds of people!" The doctor said. Grace stood up and, looking at the clock, said, "I have an appointment at one o'clock. I have to go. When she will she be born?" The doctor replied, saying: "In two months all hedgehogs or cats or bats or foxes or enchidnas will be doomed." "Right, killer week old child." said Grace, and at that she walked out the door. Later, at Grace's home: Sam rannoyya looked up. "Did he give in?" He asked Grace. "Yes. In two months the world will be over. On the plus side it is a girl, and I have a name -Danger. Danger Ranoyya."

Chapter 2: How The Crazy Life Started

Why did the doctor want Danger to be killed? She had color powers! She would be able change her own color, as well as the color of other things. But she would also be able to drain the color from things. She could freeze people in color and possibly kill them. But she was the only one to have this power! How did she get it? No one knows. Anyway, Danger grew up like a normal girl. She was told her power was common in other lands, even through it wasn't. She had full control of her powers. Danger was happy. Unfortunately, that didn't last long. When she was ten, both of her parents were killed. At first she lived off food banks. At age 14, a gang kidnapped her and took her to cybirk city. Danger was beaten up and she began to starve. She was blindfolded and kept prisoner. Meanwhile a small group of criminals were planning to break Danger out of captivity. The groups's members were called Copper, Tisean, and Matches. Matches was a small child, only eight years old. Copper was the boss and was 13 years old. Tisean was a mother of three children. There were more members of the group, but they were at the hideout, which will be explained in the next chapter. 

Chapter 3: Welcome To The ASV

The small party snuck closer. Danger sat still as the gang attempted to get her to join them. Danger was fed up with them, and right before she attacked them, the small party attacked. Danger sat back down and waited. Tisean scooped up Danger and, after the gang was defeated, carried her to the rooftop of a building called Set-top. They then lifted the blindfold. Danger looked at them. Copper was closest, holding the blindfold. Danger liked how he looked. Then Danger noticed Matches doing a dance behind Copper. Danger liked how happy Matches was. Then Danger saw Tisean looking down on her. Danger feared Tisean because of her long staff. But Tisean's smile was welcoming and friendly. Danger felt something touch her arm. Danger looked straight again and found a fourth person examining her arm. This fourth person was black, handsome and serious. He had something on his ears. Danger withdrew her arm and stood up. "Who are you?" She asked. The copper coloured one stepped forward. "I am Copper. I am the group leader." He pointed to the dancing cat, and said: "That is Matches, another member of the group." The tall Fox smiled and said "I am Tisean, a mother of three children." The black one said nothing. Matches then spoke up  : "He is Dagger, a deaf and shy hedgehog. If you want to talk to him, use gestures and sign language." "Okay, thanks for saving me." said Danger as she turned to go. "You have not ate for at least 12 days, you should stay with us." said Tisean. Danger turned to see Tisean standing by her. Copper nodded "come". He said. So Danger was taken to a doorless old brick building. "How do you get inside?" She asked. A purple cat leaned over the edge of roof and threw down a rope. Copper climbed up and used his psychokinesis powers to bring the others up. The cat approached Danger ."Who's that?" She said, rudely pointing at Danger. "That's our new member." Tisean replied. "Oh. Hi!" The cat said. "Hi. Who do you be?" Danger asked. "That's Adventure." Matches said. Copper held her (Matches') hand and she held Tisean's hand, while Tisean held Adventure's hand, who held Dagger's hand, who held Danger's hand. Then Copper typed a number in his phone and suddenly they were teleported to a large open room. Danger looked around and saw a bright pink hedgehog that had a dozen power (elemental) rings one her arms and legs throwing a weight at a cranky blue chameleon. Danger called to the pink hedgehog, who turned to Danger with a big smile. "Hiya Danger! I was talkin' to Cop' (Copper) while you were knocked out and he said you were a new member eh? Welcome!" Danger, shocked by the warm welcome, asked "Who are you?" "I'm Rye-ann ,the group's caliber (A caliber is a person who can control (often to a minor degree) every power/element there is in the persons world)!" She pointed to the cranky blue chameleon "That's my best friend Seart the chameleon! Melrish is in that office over there." She answered. Danger walked in the office to find a large camouflage colored enchidna working out. "Hi. I'm Melrish. You're Danger. Ama right?" The enchidna grunted. "Yes, I'm Danger, do you know where the next members are?" Danger said. In the dining room." Danger walked into the dining room to see a black cat talking to Copper. "Oh! You've seen everyone?" Copper exclaimed. "This is Chaxa, my best spy agent." Said Copper. Chaxa didn't say anything. Copper grinned. "Welcome to the ASV." (All Star Villains)

Chapter 4: Meanwhile...

At the gang hideout. their leader was steaming... "Why? Why do you always let the good ones go?" A young black shadow hedgehog stepped forward. "I'll fix this mess! I can break into anything, anywhere! Send me!" He yelled. The leader looked at the hedgehog with gleaming eyes. "Sure you will go. But... if you fail again Knighton, you are dead! You here me?" "Of course ... I will not fail.The girl will be here by Saturday! I promise! "Knighton yelled again. Beside him was Oxacon, A slightly younger hedgehog, who was Knighton's rival, because of two reasons. One: Knighton was the leader's favorite, but now Oxacon was. Two: Merey was the only single girl in the group (Grest doesn't count she's a Widowed mother) and both boys are in love with her. Anyway Oxacon spoke up. "I know the entire layout of the base and I have a teleportation phone! Shall I go? "The leader looked at Oxacon with a liking. "Okay change of plans! Oxacon goes and Knighton will cover his computer shift !" "WHAaaat?" Knighton yelled, before stomping to the computer room. Oxacon smiled, and turning to Merey said: "I'll be careful, don't you worry. I look like Copper anyway so they'll let me in!" Merey was quick to respond: "Oh I know that, its just the leader favors you more than Knighton and he is jealous, ya know? Oh look at the time! I must go." At that Merey left the room and Oxacon went to the armory to get ready . Meanwhile... Danger and Matches were eavesdropping on a conversation between Seart and Copper... "(Seart) Why do I need an apprentice? "(Copper) Because we need more members! That's why!" "(Seart ) Oh sorry highest of the lands (where Seart is from that means king) if they need be more people why did you let yours run off? Huh?" "(Copper) I DID NOT LET HIM BETRAY US !!! I DID NOT!!!" (Danger covered Matches ears) (Seart) "Well excuse me highest of the lands!" At that Seart stormed out the door, followed by Copper's angry scream. Meanwhile... The gang leader was questioning Tisean's daughter. "Tell me where your sister is!! Now!" He yelled. Maw (Tiseans daughter) replied: "Must you yell?" "Yes!!!" "Oh fine, Break Gem. My sister is at Break Gem."

Chapter 5

Oxacon was prepared for the break in. Danger wasn't. Oxacon had the hit and run planned out. Danger didn't know what was going to happen. Danger was washing dishes at Set-top with a girl named Scarlett, who was a like a sister to Danger. Oxacon was mad that Scarlett was there, so he waited until Scarlett went home and Danger was alone. Danger was on the phone, so if he kidnapped her now it would break up signal. So Oxacon teleported into the ASV hideout and everyone greeted him as Copper. Then dinner was announced and "Copper" ate some food and said : "I do not feel well, Danger please meet me in the storeroom after dinner. And "Copper" left the room. "Why the storeroom?" Asked Danger. No one replied. There was dead silence. Tisean growled at her phone quietly. Danger finished eating and went to the storeroom and met "Copper". He was holding the blindfold in his hand . "Please sit down." Danger was cautious, but she sat down beside him. "Umm can you show me how the blindfold was tied? He asked. Danger put the blindfold on without hesitation. As she did, Oxacon injected her sleep poison. Meanwhile upstairs Copper walked into the room and was confused by the fact that they were eating. "Why are you eating? I told you to wait for me." He asked. "Umm your in the storeroom with Danger? Remember? " Rye-ann replied. "Really? I didn't know!" At that Copper began to walk down stairs. But then he stopped and said "Oxacon ...... Oxacon! He disguised again!" The group grabbed their weapons and began to go downstairs. Meanwhile. Oxacon smacked Danger and, hearing the group coming downstairs, teleported to the entrance into the gang's hideout. Oxacon walked inside and heard Knighton yelling. "Oxacon, you have succeeded in the very difficult and challenging, suspenseful task of stealing Danger Ranoyya." Grest whispered. "Thanks" Oxacon grinned as he walked to the leaders room. "I AM NOT HELPLESS!!! I AM NOT!!!!" Knighton screamed. "Knighton! shut up!" Oxacon yelled after Knighton finished his sentence. He then turned to the leader. "I have her, leader." The leader stood up and tied Danger to a pole. "Thanks Oxacon, here is your pay and badge." Everyone went to bed and Danger woke up and looked around . 'Where am I?' She wondered. "Help!" She yelled until she saw Maw tied to the pole beside her. "Umm hi. Who are you? Where are we? How did I get here? What city am I in? Where are the others?" She asked. "You are in Cybirk city, in the Gang hideout. I'm Maw, daughter of Tisean. Oxacon kidnapped you. The rest of your group are at the group's hideout. Any more questions?" Maw replied. "No. Oh. How do we get out?" Danger asked.

Chapter 6

Danger stared at Maw. How? How did Tisean's daughter get here? They must have kidnapped her too. The leader of the gang then awoke. "Well my little beautiful girls, what do you think of us?" The rest of the gang walked in the room. Knighton hauled Scarlett in the room and tied her to a pole beside Maw. "Answer me!" He yelled. Maw spoke up. "I think you are a fat pig and should be treated like one. As for your group, they are mean, but only because of ... YOU." The leader was enraged by her words. "Scarlett next!" He yelled. "I know whom you are and that is a despicable, fat, sly, and stupid man! You lie to your members, saying : it is the right thing to do!" Scarlett cried. "Danger Ranoyya!" "You're are a hedgehog." Danger replied. "More detail about me!" He yelled. "You're a black, black-hearted, fat, over weight, bossy, stupid, dumb, brainless, weak hedgehog!" "Clever girl." "You should be jealous." Said an unknown voice. "Who was that!!? Tell me!!!" The leader yelled. The gang said it wasn't them. "Me. Behind ya." The leader stood up and spun around, only get a staff to the face. The ASV came from behind the leader. "Mother!" Maw cried. Suddenly the poles lowered and Danger landed on the ground, followed by Maw and Scarlett. Danger smelled smoke. Than Rye-Ann (who's strong point was water) passed out. Than the whole building was aflame. "Let's get out of here!!" Maw cried. "Copper!" Yelled Chaxa. Tisean used her staff to push everyone out into fresh air. But Danger jumped the staff and untied a girl named Republic who was a rookie, like Danger was. After untying Republic, Danger made her to the exit, only to find Knighton, knocked out on the floor. She picked him up and tied him to the flagpole and pulled it up. She turned around and Grest shot her in the leg. 'Where am I?' Danger thought as she awoke. She was on a bed. A machine leaned over her. There was a few more beds in the room, as well as another machine. There was wooden case, meant for bruise treatment, but Danger thought it was a coffin. Then there was a very old woman in the corner of room. Danger's leg was in a cast. The women looked up and smiled. "Oh ,you're alive! That's splendid." Danger pointed to the coffin. "Who's not alive?" "Huh? Oh that's a machine for bruise treatment. I'm Marian, by the way." Danger turned to see a teenager smiling at her. "Where's the old lady?" "Oh? What old lady?" Danger looked back to see a old lady again. "I'm an illusionist. And a doctor." "Are you old or young?" "hehehehe... both!" You can go upstairs now." She said. Suddenly Danger was upstairs and sitting in the training room. The building was empty, cold and lifeless. She felt a hand on her arm again, and she spun around, this time to see Dagger, touching her arm again. "Hi. Where is everyone?" Asked Danger. "They're in the dining room, discussing the group's injuries." "Anyone dead?" "Umm no.. just seriously injured. Lets go join them okay?"

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