This page contains the Story of Sonic, in full detail, in the game Sonic Adventure 3: GX. Secondary characters in Sonic's story include Tails and Amy each one with their own different gameplay and levels. Sonic's storyline is named The Wind Whispers Sonic.

After Dr. Eggman learns of an ancient technology known as the Albion Technology, he seeks of the 9 lost artifacts which once combined achieve their true potential of unlocking a massive, ancient war machine and a hidden army in order to conquer the world. Sonic and Tails, once they are informed of the doctor's devious plans, along with the help of Amy Rose, set out on a journey to find these ancient, lost artifacts before Eggman sets his hands on them and defeat the newly built Metal Sonic.

Sonic's Stages (in Story Mode)

This is a list of Sonic's levels, in order of which they are played, in his Story. In some stages, Tails and Amy are playable. Sonic has 21 levels in his story, Tails has 12 and Amy has 7. Total Bosses are 11.

  1. City Siege (Sonic), Boss: Metal Sonic (Sonic)
  2. Blue Bay (Sonic)
  3. Windy Village (Sonic, Tails)
  4. Tropical Sanctuary (Sonic, Tails), Boss: Egg Statue
  5. 00's Boulevard (Sonic, Tails, Amy)
  6. Glyphic Babylon (Sonic, Tails, Amy)
  7. G.U.N. Stronghold (Sonic, Tails), Boss: F-36 THUNDERBIRD (Sonic)
  8. Scrap Fortress (Sonic, Tails, Amy), Boss: Egg Viceroy (Sonic, Tails)
  9. Old Megalopolis (Sonic, Amy)
  10. Lost Paradise (Sonic), Boss: Beast of Xenin (Sonic)
  11. Totem Tundra (Tails, Amy), Boss: Fang the Sniper (Tails, Amy)
  12. Archaic Mosque (Sonic), Boss: Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic)
  13. Dumm Jummai (Sonic, Tails)
  14. Mad Terminal (Sonic, Tails), Boss: Egg Shockmaster (Sonic)
  15. Alpine Peaks (Sonic, Tails), Boss: Egg Acari (Sonic)
  16. Great Guns (Sonic)
  17. Rail Mountain (Sonic, Tails, Amy)
  18. Sky Squadron (Sonic), Boss: Egg Chamberlain (Sonic)
  19. Huge Inferno (Sonic)
  20. Dragon Dojo (Sonic)
  21. Air Winds (Sonic)
  22. Last Colony (Sonic, Tails, Amy), Boss: Egg Aura (Sonic, Tails, Amy)
Location Kingdom Possession
Central City Humans Stolen by Metal Sonic from Museum.
Archaic Mosque Nomads Stolen by Metal Sonic.
Alpine Peaks Greyhorn Alliance Given by the Greyhorn Alliance to Sonic.
Dumm Jummai Humans Acquired by Gamma, given to Eggman.
Lost Paradise Echidnas Found by Sonic, lost after falling from Egg Fleet, stolen by Eggman
Old Megalopolis Humans Acquired by G.U.N. forces, stolen by Gamma and hid it inside him.
Dragon Dojo Dragon Kingdom Given to Sonic by the clan.
Tropical Sanctuary Forest Elders Acquired by Sonic after defeating Boss, given to Pickle, stolen by Gamma, given to Eggman.
Totem Tundra Bird People Stolen by Fang the Sniper

Sonic's Story

It is night time in Central City, Sonic's home town. Sonic is standing on top of a skyscraper, gazing at the city when he spots police cars rushing through the city's highway. He senses something no good and goes after them.

Stage 1: City Siege (Sonic)

Sonic ends up at the grand opening of the city's archaeological museum where at that point Eggman's fleet attacks the city and unleashes its army of robots. Eggman comes down from his aircraft, in a similar manner to Sonic 2006 and demands an Albion artifact. The Mayor rejects and Eggman releases Metal Sonic to go steal it from the museum. At that point Sonic appears and stops Metal Sonic

Boss 1: Metal Sonic (Sonic)

Sonic loses the battle against Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman's fleet departs victoriously, after having acquired the first ancient artifact. Sonic notices that Metal Sonic has an ancient gear equiped to his chest and right arm. Sonic stands on his feet and the scene cuts to black.

The next morning, Sonic is lying on the beach, being skeptical on how did that machine make Metal Sonic so powerful and what is Dr. Eggman up to. Tails arrives at the scene, only to see Sonic looking down. Sonic shares his thoughts with Tails and the two open up a disscussion on what is Dr. Eggman up to this time and why did he want that artifact. Tails finishes up by saying that he came here in the first place to tell Sonic that he saw Eggman's ships flying over the mountains of the Mystic Ruins. The two head there together to see if they can find any answers to their questions.

Stage 2: Blue Bay (Sonic)

Adventure Field: Central City, Angel Island

Stage 3: Windy Village (Sonic, Tails)

Sonic and Tails encounter Metal Sonic in the Windy Village who is speaking with Dr. Eggman via a communicator. Eggman informs Metal Sonic that his team has started excavating at the Mystic Ruins' jungle and orders him to

The Antikythera mechanism inspired the "Albion" technology concept. The artifacts have a similar appearance to it.

head there. After eavesdropping, Sonic and Tails head as quickly as possible to the place Eggman reported.

Stage 4: Tropical Sanctuary (Sonic, Tails)

Boss 2: Egg Statue (Sonic)

Sonic and Tails reach their destination before Metal Sonic does and acquire the artifact that they heard Eggman speaking of. Not knowing what it is, they decide to go to Professor Pickle's laboratory to receive explanations.

Adventure Field: Angel Island, Central City

(While heading to Prof. Pickle's lab, you will encounter Amy Rose standing nearby. She will tell you that his lab is across the boulevard and she will joing your team)

Stage 5: 00's Boulevard (Sonic, Tails, Amy)

Boss 2: Egg Statue (Sonic)

StationSquare streets

Downtown Central City

At the lab, they find Professor Pickle, who welcomes them with a cup of tea and some cucumber sandwiches. Sonic gives him the artifact they found and asks if he can give them some information about its origin and purpose. Pickle immediately recognizes that it belongs to an ancient, mythical race which resided millenia ago in Albion but needs to study it for a while to learn more and tells them to come by some other time. Sonic and co head to Albion to where the mysterious artifact originated from.

Adventure Field: Central City, Angel Island

Stage 6: Glyphic Babylon (Sonic, Tails, Amy)

Sonic, Tails and Amy, upon arriving at Albion, witness the traces of a huge but lost civilization, once belonging to the Echidna Tribe. They find a huge mural inside a temple which depicts Echidna figures battling with each other. They also spot something very unusual; huge, titanic robot looking figures in the background. There seem to be some hieroglyphics in an ancient Echidna language as well, explaining the events depicted. Tails takes pictures of them so that they can study them later. As they exit the temple, they spot Dr. Eggman's fleet of airships and navy battling against the G.U.N. forces at sea. G.U.N. Helicopters pass right above them, heading to Dr. Eggman's base. Sonic and co decide to go after Eggman to see what exactly he is up to.

Adventure Field: Central City

(Head to Tails' workshop, which is located in Central City. Take the Tornado and follow Eggman's fleet)

Minigame: Sky Chase Act I

The Tornado lands on the G.U.N.'s base constructed on the beach of a remote island.

Stage 7: G.U.N. Stronghold (Sonic, Tails)

Boss 3: F-36 THUNDERBIRD (Sonic)

The fight stops as soon as Shadow intervenes and stops the machine. Shadow welcomes the team and introduces them to Commander Hugo Brass. Hugo Brass explains the team that they have engaged an operation to attack Dr. Eggman's base on E.G.G. Metropolis, which is situated at the other side of the island. Sonic agrees to go with Shadow and the rest of the team to Eggman's base to seek answers from the doctor.

Stage 8: Scrap Fortress  (Sonic, Tails, Amy)

Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow and Omega (found there by Shadow) confront Eggman himself inside his giant mech, the Egg Viceroy. When Sonic demands some answers to his schemes, Eggman replies by saying that soon he will acquire all 10 artifacts of the Albion technology and unlock the ultimate weapon the Echidna tribe hid to conquer the world.

Boss 4: Egg Viceroy (Sonic, Tails)

Sonic notices that the Egg Viceroy, like Metal Sonic the previous day, is much stronger than all of the previous robots Eggman has built over the last years. In order not to put in danger his team mates, Sonic comes up with a plan and somehow escapes with his two friends on board a small hover ship. Eggman goes chasing after them with his machines but ultimately fails when Sonic loses control and the ship falls through a canal which ends up in the lower levels of Eggman's metropolis. It is revealed that Eggman had built his metropolis on top of the remains of a once huge human colony, Old Megalopolis, the place where the heroes end up. The team starts investigating the area.

Stage 9: Old Megalopolis (Sonic, Amy)

As they are investigating the area, they sense the presence of G.U.N. Soldiers, who are also there to investigate the place. A G.U.N. Soldier (John Washington), sees Sonic hiding beind some debris but reports nothing to his team in order not to attack him. On a pile of debris, Amy and Tails encounter a rusty and heavily injured

The ruins of Old Megalopolis below E.G.G. Metropolis. Image from Archie comics.

E-102 Gamma, seemingly deactivated but still operating at some levels. Amy recognizes her old friend and insists they take him for repairs. At that moment, they receive a call from Prof. Pickle telling them that he has managed to decipher some of the artifact. The team heads back to Pickle's taking Gamma with them for repairs.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis, Central City

Back at Pickle's, the heroes are told in detail of the mysterious artifact. It belongs to the Echidna Tribe and is part of the Albion technology. The Albion technology was created approximately 15.500 years ago by the Echidnas, as they were a very advanced race in terms of science and technology. However, as time went by, the technology went out of control and eventually caused corruption and distortion in in the minds of some Echidnas wanting to harness its power to overrule over the planet, resulting in the dichotomy of the nation. The first tribe was called the Knuckles tribe and the second was known as the Nocturnous clan. The later waged war against the former in order to gain control of the lands with the use of the Albion technology. The battle was fierce and long. Legend has it that huge, titanic, robotic structures were use as well as nuclear weapons. Thankfully, the war resulted in the victory of the Knuckles tribe, after the Nocturnous clan mysteriously disappeared from the site of the battle by an unknown force. However, in spite of their victory, the war had caused massive catastrophe due to the Albion technology going out of hand. Eventually, the High Council condemned for ever the use of such technology and ordered it to be dismantled into nine pieces and given to each kingdom; 3 for the Humans, 1 for the Nomadic Tribe, 1 for the Greyhorn Alliance, 1 for the Forest Elders, 1 for the Dragon Kingdom, 1 for the Bird people and 1 for the Echidna tribe themselves, so that it would never be found again and used for evil purposes. When the 9 artifacts are found and reassembled, they allow access to the lethal Albion technology and possibly to one of these ancient robotic structures, which was depicted earlier in the murals Sonic and his team saw. At that point, Sonic figures out the Doctor's plans and explains to his teammates that they must go find all of the remaining artifacts before Eggman gets his hands on them. Thanks to Pickle's translations of the hieroglyphics of the murals, Sonic now knows the 7 kingdoms which bear the artifacts. He decides to go to each one of them and acquire the artifacts, starting from the one in the Echidna Tribe's possession, along with Tails and Amy. Gamma remains in Prof. Pickle's lab for repairs.

 Adventure Field: Central City, Angel Island 

Stage 10: Lost Paradise (Sonic)

After acquiring the artifact, Sonic, Tails and Amy are confronted by a Dark Legionaire named Xenin and his army who attacks them for being in his way on his quest for the Enerjak Suit. Sonic, not knowing his intentions, fights back.

Boss 5: Beast of Xenin (Sonic)

During the fight, Silver, Blaze and Cream appear and assist Sonic and his friends in battling of Xenin, until he escapes. Sonic thanks Silver and the two have a short conversation about their status. After Sonic tells Silver that they are searching for the Albion artifacts, Silver tells them to go look for at the Blue Ridge Zone. The trio thanks Team Silver but Tails suggests they split up in order to expedite time in finding the artifacts. Sonic agrees and heads alone to the desert while Tails and Amy head to the Blue Ridge.

Adventure Field: Angel Island, Blue Ridge

Stage 11: Totem Tundra (Tails, Amy)

At the Totem Tundra, Tails and Amy search for the artifact belonging to the ancient race of the bird people when they are unexpectedly ambushed by Fang the Sniper, who seems to be working once again for Eggman's devious deeds. He fights the do for the artifact.

Boss 6: Fang the Sniper (Tails, Amy)

Unfortunately, Fang succeeds in defeating the two heroes and steals the artifact before escaping in his Marvelous Queen. Tails and Amy head to meet up with Sonic empty handed at Tails' Workshop, where they told to meet. Meanwhile, Sonic is heading to the desert in Angel Island to acquire the artifact given to the Nomads.

Stage 12: Archaic Mosque (Sonic)

At the Archaic Mosque, Sonic sees yet another large, stone mural that catches his glimpse. It depicts various milestones of the Echidna tribe such as the creation of the Albion technology, their journey into space, the construction of an underground city, the lifting of the Angel Island and the formation of the Brotherhood of Guardians. Sonic does not understand them clearly but tries to read the hieroglyphics below, which explain the depictions. He manages to decipher some of them and is astounded by their achievements. At that point. Knuckles appears and the two have a short conversation until Knuckles notices that Sonic carries with him the Albion artifact he just found. Mistaking it for a Sacred treasure Knuckles is searching for, he demands Sonic to give it to him. Sonic tries to reason with Knuckles but the two eventually end up fighting with each other the artifact.

Boss 7: Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic)

While the two are battling, Metal Sonic comes out of nowhere and steals Sonic's artifact, then flees victoriously. Knuckles then realizes that he was mistaking and apologizes to Sonic for his mess. Sonic then returns to Tails' Workshop. After meetling up, the three receive a call from Prof. Pickle stating that they must quickly come to his laboratory as something urgent has happened.

Adventure Field: Central City

Sonic, Tails and Amy head to Prof. Pickle's laboratory only to find it completely messed up. Pickle tells them that Gamma suddenly attacked him while repairing him and stole the artifact. He muttered something that he was heading towards Dumm Jummai, a city by the coast. Sonic and Tails go after Gamma while Amy stays to help Professor Pickle.

Stage 13: Dumm Jummai (Sonic, Tails)


Dumm Jummai's beach resort is a parody of Palm Jummeirah, a part of the stage's locations.

Sonic and Tails encounter Gamma, who has managed to collect the artifact, on top of a super tall skyscraper. Eggman appears in his mech and demands it from Gamma but Tails shoots at Gamma's arm just before he hands it over to Eggman with his Electron Cannon forcing the artifact to fall down the skyscraper. Sonic, Tails and Eggman race down the skyscraper to get it.

Boss 8: Egg Shockmaster (Sonic)

Eggman succeeds it stealing the artifact from Team Sonic, after having powered his machine with the artifacts he has collected so far, and escapes. Sonic proposes to go find the next artifact before it's too late and leave the stolen artifact for later. They take the train from the train station and head to the mountains.

Stage 14: Mad Terminal (Sonic)

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge Zone

Stage 15: Alpine Peaks (Sonic, Tails)

Sonic and Tails visit the Greyhorn Alliance at their kingdom in the Alpine Peaks. The Greyhorn Alliance is an ancient race of monks who reside at the mountains. They were allies of the Echidnas and have therefore in their possession one of the 9 dismantled artifacts of the Albion technology. There, the two heroes are welcomed by the race and are offered food and shelter. After a brief talk, Sonic explains to them their situation and the Greyhorn Alliance agrees to help them. They are taken down to the chambers where the artifacts is held, until the kingdom is attacked by none other than Dr. Eggman and his army of mechs.

Boss 9: Egg Acari (Sonic)

The Greyhorn Alliance tell Sonic and Tails to take the artifact and escape before Eggman comes and steals it, while they will hold him on. Unwilling to leave the race unprotected, Sonic and his friend escape and end up in the Blue Ridge Zone. They agree to head to Central City, find Amy and head together to their next destination.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge, Central City

While on their way to Central City, Sonic is spontaneously arrested by a group of G.U.N. Soldiers and is taken to the prisons of the G.U.N. Headquarters. Sonic tells Tails not to try to rescue him but to go get Amy and stop Eggman before he gets his hands on the next artifact. Under Sonic's instructions, Tails heads to find Amy and then head to the city's library to gather information about the location of the Albion Thaumaturge.

Adventure Field: Central City

At the library, Tails and Amy search for books regarding information about the Albion technology. Tails finds a rare book containing information about the reasons the Albion technology was invented. It was used by the Albion Knights of Aurora in the war against the Nocturnal Tribe but caused immense destruction. Tails also reads of an incident that took place at the end of the battle between the Knuckles Tribe and the Nocturnal Tribe named the "Argus Event" in which the Nocturnal kingdom was vanished to another dimensions by a mysterious force. During that incident, the people heard the words "Argus" and was therefore dubbed the Argus Event. Tails and Amy remember having heard before about that incident but waste no time in finding where the Albion Thaumaturge is located. Luckly, they learn that the Echidna Tribe hid the Albion Thaumaturge in a distant, remote island which can only be seen during certain periods of time. Tails and Amy decide to leave the remaining artifact and head quickly to where the huge machine is hidden before Eggman does and stop him. Meanwhile, Sonic is imprisoned in the G.U.N. Facilities for unknown reasons to him. As he is thinking about his next moves, a G.U.N. Soldier appears and releases him from his cell after telling him that he remembers having seen him before and knows who he is. Sonic thanks him and escapes.

Stage 16: Great Guns (Sonic)

While escaping from the base, Sonic is attacked once again by Metal Sonic, who seeks to thwart his mission. But just before they fight each other, Knuckles appears and battles Metal Sonic instead, making up for his foolish actions back at the Archaic Mosque and tells Sonic to go find his friends. Sonic meets up with Tails and Amy in front of the city's library and is informed by Tails of the location of the Albion Thaumaturge. Tails tells Sonic that they don't have enough time to go find the remaining artifact as Eggman is already heading to secure the area where the Albion Thaumaturge is hidden. The trio heads to Tails' workshop to get the Tornado.

Adventure Field: Central City

At Tails' Workshop, the Tornado has been severely damaged and is unable to fly. Tails uses his Miles Electric to contact Prof. Pickle to see if he can help them. Upon contacting him, Prof. Pickle tells the heroes that he has gathered a group of fellow archaeologists and is on his way now to where Eggman is heading on his zeppelin fleet. He says to them that they might catch up to him if they hurry to to Rail Mountains. The heroes head there to reach Prof. Pickle's zeppelin fleet.

Adventure Field: Central City, Blue Ridge

Stage 17: Rail Mountain (Sonic, Tails, Amy)

Eventually Sonic, Tails and Amy reach Prof. Pickle's fleet of airships and after they are welcomed aboard by the other members, Pickle's fellows, they devise a plan on how to get to the island where the Albion Thaumaturge is hidden. Upon discussing their actions, they are attacked by Dr. Eggman's armada, which tries to shoot down the


The Egg Fleet retains its initial design from Sonic Heroes.

airships and kidnap the Professor and his fellows. The Professor instructs Sonic to go stop Eggman now that he's on board the Egg Fleet.

Minigame: Sky Chase Act II

Stage 18: Sky Squadron (Sonic)

In the flagship, Sonic manages to confront Eggman face to face inside his newly built Egg Chamberlain.

Boss 10: Egg Chamberlain (Sonic)

The overpowered Egg Chamberlain, controled by Dr. Eggman, knocks Sonic unconscious and throws him mercilessly down the aircraft while obtaining the artifact from Sonic's possession and firing down Prof. Pickle's airships.

When Sonic wakes up, he finds himself in an ablaze, ancient city. Not knowing where he is, he decides to investigate.

Stage 19: Huge Inferno (Sonic)

As he searches for answers, Sonic stumbles encounters Dr. Finitevus on top of a structure, laughing maniacally, as Dr. Eggman's armada bombards the city with rockets and bombs from above. Sonic is horrified, not knowing what exactly is going on. Suddenly, everything goes white and he wakes up lying down in a grassy field. As he tries to get up, he sees Rouge in front of him who tells him that she saw him falling from the sky and rescued him, bringing him back to the ground safely. After Sonic describes her the situation he's in, Rouge insists she acompanies him (after learning that he's heading to find the Albion Thaumaturge so she can find ancient treasures).

Adventure Field: Angel Island

While on their way to Tails' Workshop to reach the Tornado, Sonic and Rouge are approached by one of Dr. Eggman's robots, which delivers a message to them by Dr. Eggman himself telling them to bring all of the artifacts to him or else his friends will pay with their lives. Sonic remembers that there is one last artifact remaining which has not yet been collected. As the two have a discussion, Sonic senses that they are being followed by someone and demands to show himself. At that point, Espio who having heard of Sonic's intentions of collecting the Albion artifacts, makes himself seen and offers to guide them to his clan, who are in possession of one of the Albion artifacts. The trio heads to the Dragon Kingdom.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Stage 20: Dragon Dojo (Sonic)

Sonic, Rouge and Espio arrive at the Dragon Kingdom, Espio's homeland and are welcomed by the clan. After a brief discussion with the leader of the clan, Sonic is granted with the last remaining artifact but expresses his concern of not having enough time or transportation to reach the island where Eggman is. The clan council informs Sonic of the existence of a race of flying creatures known as the Air Winds, which ocassionally passes above the skies of the Blue Ridge and travel to the nearby areas. By going there, they could reach their destination. The trio thanks the Dragon Kingdom for their service and head to the mountains to reach the Air Winds.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Stage 21: Air Winds (Sonic)

Sonic, Rouge and Espio arrive at their destination; a large island, a once colony of the Echidnas and the location of the hidden Albion Thaumaturge. The island has not yet been discovered by men but only by Eggman. They spot

The Air Winds resemble the Levitated Ruin.

Eggman's base of operations where he has brought large machines for excavations. They also spot Tails, Amy and the rest being held captive there and devise a plan for their salvation. But before long, they are attacked once again by Fang, who obeying Eggman's orders is guarding the island, waiting for Sonic to come and steal his artifacts. Fortunately, with the help of Rouge and Espio, Fang is defeated. Sonic tells Fang to guide them to Eggman so that they can save their friends. Fang unwillingly teams up with them and the four head to confront Eggman.

Stage 22: Last Colony (Sonic, Tails, Amy)*

(* This level has two seperate Acts in Story Mode)

Fang successfully guides the team to their friends, whom they rescue. Prof. Pickle and his mates escape to somewhere safe whereas the team, now composing of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge and Fang continue on their mission in confronting Eggman (Here you will play the second Act of Last Colony). The team winds up in an ancient underground temple where they find an army of hundreds of mechanical warriors, perfectly alligned with each other in lines and untouched. Fang explains them that these machine soldiers were constructed by the Albion Knight of Aurora, as he had heard from Eggman to win the war against the Nocturnal Tribe, but after going out of control, they were diactivated for ever and were sealed here. Eggman plans to reawaken them by assembling all the Albion pieces together. The heroes wander across the vast room until they spot E-102 Gamma standing in front of a large mural again depicting a war against Echidnas. Above this event, there are huge, monstrous tentacles coming from the sky, grabbing Echidnas and causing destruction. One of the tentacles is depicted grabbing an entire piece of land and taking it above in the sky with it. They try to read the hieroglyphics but are not able to understand them. At that point, Dr. Eggman appears with his guard of robots. He tells the heroes that the Albion Thaumaturge lies behind this mural, which is actually a hidden door and one must solve the riddle which is inscribed on the mural to open the gate. He then points a gun at Sonic's forehead and demands him to solve the riddle. After some hard thinking remembering of what Locke had told him long ago in Teotihuacan, Sonic is able to crack the code and open the gate. As the gate opens, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge, Fang, Eggman and his guard enter a wide chamber. It is decorated in various hieroglyphics and covered with vegetation. There is also a small pond formed by a fall coming out of huge Echidna statues. In the centre, there is a small island with an altar in the centre where there are 9 openings, apparently for the 9 artifacts. Eggman tries to get there first but after making a few steps, the entire chamber starts shaking and the floor collapses. Eggman nearly makes it to the altar but the floor below him collapses and falls into an abyssal pit. Sonic and his team try to get there before Eggman while his army of mechs escapes. Before Sonic and his team make it to the altar and place the artifacts they have, Eggman arises from the pit inside his Egg Aura, a tremendously powerful machine empowered by 6 artifacts. He summons his army and demands the remaining artifacts from Sonic. Fang complains about having turned against him and wanting to get what Eggman promised him. The heroes battle Eggman.

Boss 11: Egg Aura & Metal Sonic (Sonic, Tails, Amy)

Eggman manages to steal Sonic's 2 artifacts during battle and quickly heads to the altar to activate the Albion Thaumaturge, but to his suprise, there are only 8 artifacts and one is missing. Eggman demands it from Sonic but Sonic denies having ever collected it. At that point, Gamma opens his chest and reveals the last remaining artifact, which was all along in his possession. After being sent from Eggman to search for the artifacts, Gamma found one of them in Old Megalopolis. However, before he could bring it to Eggman, he somehow got mixed up in a battle between the Eggman army and the G.U.N. forces, got damaged and was deactivated until he was found by Sonic, Tails and Amy. Gamma expresses his gratitude to Sonic for his help and gives it to Sonic enabling him to deliver one final blow to Eggman and destroy the Egg Aura, as well as the altar. With Eggman defeated, the entire place starts collapsing and the heroes escape as quickly as possible. They reach a safe place outside the temple which they observe as it collapses. They meet up with Professor Pickle and his mates, who have brought the G.U.N. forces with them to restore order. They arrest Fang and secure the area. The cutscene ends as Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge, Professor Pickle and his mates observe the blue sky having triumphed once again and getting ready to return home.

THE END ...?

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