"I think that as long as Finitevus is around, he won't stop trying to go after Austin. And now that I'm Austin's friend, Finitevus may try to use me as leverage against him. The Battle of Angel Island is over, but the War of Time has only just begun."
Storm's thoughts on Finitevus and the War, Storm's War

The War of Time is a devastating event that happens in The Legend of Fox the Brave. The entire war is detailed in the story The War of Time, but the first event, the Battle of Angel Island, is detailed in Storm's War. There are four events in the War in total: The Battle of Angel Island, Shadow's Ambush, The Battle for New Ninjago City, and the Battle for Eggmanland.

The Battle of Angel Island


Putting a dangerous plan into action, the evil and mad Dr. Finitevus has brought about the return of Enerjak, a strange and dangerous enemy with unbelievable powers. While Fox and Sonic do battle with the Echidna demigod, two new friends come together to help defeat the mad doctor.

What Happened:

The War of Time: After Cori the Charmeleon reports trouble on Angel Island, Fox leads an Alliance patrol to the Island to investigate, and after learning what he needs from Austin, he heads off to fight Enerjak. After the fight, Fox is enraged to learn that Enerjak is actually Knuckles, and bans him from returning to the Storming Alliance. This is worsened when Cori reports Locke's fate.

Storm's War: In the Prologue, Cori overhears Finitevus, Lien-Da(unnamed), and Remington(unnamed) argue over Knuckles(indirectly mentioned) falling into Finitevus' trap. Frightened, Cori flees and heads back to The Storming Base, reporting the trouble. Fox, Cado, Splash, and Silver each lead a patrol from their respective groups to Angel Island. Fox learns what he needs from Austin, going off to do something else afterward while Austin returns to the makeshift camp with a haunted expression. Later, Austin and Storm slip off to the Chaos Chamber. There, Finitevus catches the two by surprise, blocking their exit until Enerjak arrives, surprising Finitevus and granting the two new friends a chance to escape. However, Finitevus grabs Storm, preventing the Buizel from escaping, all the while cruelly taunting Austin. Fire Fox interferes, allowing the two warriors to escape, before the fiery fox leaps up to engage Enerjak alongside Super Sonic. Later, Storm and Austin sneak off to the newly-made Shrine Isle, where Finitevus engages Locke and Julie-Su(being extremely small, Archimedes disappears in the fray). Austin is scared to go on the Isle, but Storm talks him into it, helping haul the young dog's hindquarters up when he misjudges his leap. While Chaos Fox and Super Sonic battle Enerjak overhead, Storm jumps into the conflict with Finitevus. However, he is knocked aside and almost falls over the edge. Struggling to cling to the ledge while Austin angrily confronts Finitevus-who is blocking his path to Storm-the Buizel overhears Finitevus once again begin taunting the brown-and-black warrior before Austin shoves past the mad Echidna and grabs his new friend and pulls him up. Finitevus strikes Austin in the face, and the two warriors narrowly avoid falling off the Shrine Isle. As Austin pulls Storm to safety, he is once again struck in the face by Finitevus, injuring his eye before going back to fight Locke and Julie-Su. Storm and Austin stay out of the conflict this time, and Archimedes teleports Finitevus away long enough for Locke to undo the hex and free Knuckles. A couple weeks later, it is revealed that Finitevus was arrested.

Shadow's Ambush


In the wake of the Battle of Angel Island, the Storming Alliance is trying to cool off and recover, but Fox is attacked and brutally injured by Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic Boom)

What Happened:

An unknown time after the Battle of Angel Island, Fox is getting a drink at the river after having a nightmare during a nap when he is confronted by Bygone Island's Shadow the Hedgehog, who proceeds to mock Fox. Irritated, Fox tries to avoid conflict, but Shadow continues to antagonize him until finally he attacks. Fox is initially beating Shadow but the hedgehog quickly gains the upper hand, savagely beating him. Realizing he can't win, Fox tries to turn and run, but Shadow won't let him, eventually knocking him out. Roy the Fox and Liam the Chesnaught then appear. Roy drives Shadow away while Liam picks Fox up and carries him back to the Base. It's revealed that Fox suffered from a concussion, a black eye, a broken arm, leg, and collarbone, and several cracked ribs.

The Battle for New Ninjago City

"You took part in the War of Time! You took over New Ninjago City and drove out all the inhabitants! You tried to kill Fox! What makes you think I'll trust you when I was told about what you did during the War!?"
—Boulder mentioning the War while raging to Mephiles, The Dusk Wolf


A mysterious new enemy shaped like Shadow the Hedgehog has been haunting Fox's dreams and even surprised him during his recovery. Now he has taken over New Ninjago City and driven out the inhabitants. After coming back from a perceived death, Fox, in his new Feral Fox state, drives him off in return.

What Happened:

Starting after Finitevus' arrest, Fox begins to have nightmares about a strange new enemy that greatly resembles Shadow but with a different color scheme. While recovering from the injuries he suffered in his fight against Shadow, Fox is surprised in a storage room by the mysterious enemy, revealed to be Mephiles(from the infamous Sonic '06). However, he disappears before Liam appears and helps Fox up. Later, Cori reports that something has happened to New Ninjago City, and that all the inhabitants have been driven off. With Fox at the head, a patrol heads over to find out what's going on. Upon finding Mephiles is behind everything, Fox becomes Fire Fox and easily defeats him, only to get stabbed in the back in return after reverting to normal when he wins. Austin and Dragonite have to hold Braveheart down to keep him from trying to avenge his father. Meanwhile, Tai visits Fox and helps him overcome the strange death-like state he is in and helps him enter his Feral Fox transformation for the first time. After this happens, Fox fights Mephiles and sends him flying with a last Thunder Punch.

It's later revealed that Mephiles' involvement in the War of Time allowed Dark Enerjak to return, though the exact reasons for this are unknown

The Battle for Eggmanland


The Alliance try a preemptive strike against Eggman in an effort to end the War of Time once and for all.

What Happened:

Fox leads a patrol to Eggmanland, and sends out some reconnaissance. After learning what he needs, Fox has Fang surprise Eggman's army by roaring. Announcing that it's time to end the War, Fox heads the patrol. After a long and arduous battle, the Alliance wins, and Eggman and his Egg Bosses are locked up.

This signifies the end of the War of Time and the victory of the Storming Alliance.


StH 184 Cover
Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 184, the basis for the Battle of Angel Island


The War of Time was originally going to be a similar concept called "The War of Stars", which was to be a battle between the Clans of the Warriors fan-series(by Quotev user Burpy's Dream) and their Dark Forest. This never came into fruition, so it was made into the War of Time.

The Battle of Angel Island is mistakenly called The Battle for Angel Island in Storm's Battle.

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