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The War of Darkness Arc is a story arc in The Legend of Fox the Brave, beginning with Shadows of Vengeance and ending with Storm of Warriors. The Dusk Wolf and Return of Evil both serve as buildup to the War. It centers around The War of Darkness (event).


Overall Description: A great war is coming. Two dangerous enemies both have their own plans for the Worlds and seek to use this War to their advantage. Tensions are running high among The Storming Alliance as they work to prepare for a fight that will decide the fate of their home and their very way of life.

Included Stories

Buildup to the War:

The Dusk Wolf; A dangerous enemy brought back by the mad villain Dr. Finitevus is predicted by the visions of the new warrior Boulder the Lycanroc as he struggles to come to terms with his new powers as the strange new Dusk Lycanroc.

Return of Evil: Enerjak has returned and taken over Lycus' Gang, forcing Finitevus and his follower Lycus the Lycanroc to seek shelter with their enemies in the Storming Alliance until he is defeated. The battle ultimately culminates in the warriors Austin Smith and Boulder the Lycanroc truly mastering their bond and performing a Z-Move.

The War Begins

The Battle of Shadows

Shadows of Vengeance: The shadowy being known as Mephiles the Dark has returned in the wake of Finitevus' botched plans, and is haunting the dreams and visions of Boulder, making it hard for him to concentrate. Finally, after a warrior is killed in battle, Boulder takes the fight to Mephiles and defeats him in Dusty Desert with a Continental Crush powered up by Shadow the Hedgehog's Chaos Control.

A Short Intermission

Storm of Darkness: Haunted by the lingering shadows of Mephiles' evil influence, Boulder must find a way to deal with the returning Finitevus while also keeping his headstrong and curious daughter Sunny safe.

Hidden Evil: Finitevus has made his grand return following the great Battle of Shadows, and has his sights set on Boulder the Lycanroc and his Z-Partner Austin Smith for their power to use Z-Moves. The two warriors have mended their friendship since the Battle of Shadows, but Finitevus is determined to learn the secrets of the bond that binds them, and learn Z-moves himself, on top of what Austin knows. With his sights set on using Boulder's daughter Sunny against Boulder himself, how far will Finitevus go to get what he wants?

The War of Darkness

Haunting Evil: A dangerous enemy not seen for many years has returned, and is eager both for vengeance and conquest of the Four Worlds. During the fight, the warriors Austin Smith and Crunch the Lycanroc are both badly injured in a fight, and Austin's remaining son Dakota is abducted. Guided by his visions despite the shadows that haunt his mind, Boulder the Lycanroc must find a way to defeat this extremely dangerous enemy before any lives are lost.

Tide of War: The War of Darkness is here. A strange new enemy has arrived and it has called into question the loyalty of warrior Chaise the Wolf. While Boulder the Lycanroc is struggling to focus with visions and dreams of darkness, young warrior Cody is determined to prove himself and rise above the bullying of his half-wolf lineage. In the end, the warriors must work together to drive out an army more numerous than they are and decide the fate of their beloved home.

Storm of Warriors: The final story in the War of Darkness arc. With the Final Battle looming close, the warriors must prepare for a fight to decide the fate of the Four Worlds, from TWO returning enemies who each have their own plans for the Worlds.


The War of Darkness is longer and much larger-scale than The War of Time (event), though like the War of Time, the War of Darkness was a fight for the Four Worlds.

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