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"You're in MY world now!"


The War Room is personal domain of Grief, God of Conflict and the main stronghold of the Eternal Army.It is essentially an alternate pocket dimension outside of Mobius Prime/Earth where Grief reigns supreme. This world takes the form of a giant sized bedroom that is large enough to house an entire city inside of it. Within these gargantuan walls what appears to be a bizarre mix of military equipment and childish object. While it seems innocent and a childlike domain the ground is littered with all manner of real world military hardware and equipment, old tanks sit around as if there were toys belonging to a messy giant child.


The Climate inside the War Room is usually around that of a regular bedroom, thus allowing for normal life to live inside it as well. The temperature is fairly around room temperature and there isn't any signs of actual weather patterns inside the realm. However when Grief wills it conditions can become altered to suit his needs/

Significant Populations

The War Room is inhabited by none other than Grief himself, as well as his Eternal Army minions. While Grief sleeps on his bed and has full control and authority of all that reside within his realm the Eternal Army uses the titan sized bedroom as it's main base of operations to repair, rearm, rest, eat/sleep, and even train within the War Room.Within the realm also lives his daemons such as the Geist Panzers, some War Dogs, and of course a massive cage for his personal Chao avatar, Ozzy.
Ozzy by jaredthefox92-d8tlif6

Grief's "pet" chaos Ozzy resides in a cage upon a desk within the War Room.

Eternal Army Geist Panzer

A "Geist Panzer", a common tank often found roaming around in the war room.

Notable Areas

The Great Mess Hall

The Great Mess Hall is the primary dining location within the entire realm.While Grief himself doesn't need to consume food he realizes that his mortal followers must, such as the old saying goes; "an army marches on it's stomach".Thus Grief allows a large building to be held at the far northeast corner of the bed room that houses all the faculty and staff that work tirelessly to feed his soldiers.

Grief's Bed

Grief's Bed is well, where Grief rests and sleeps after he gets too tired or must rest to regenerate after being defeated in battle. This massive race car shaped bedroom is the personal relaxing place of the "Fighting God". Grief also uses it as his personal lookout to monitor all the activity throughout the realm. Great Caution must be taken while traveling around this area as Grief doesn't like to be disturbed in his slumber.

Grief's Desk

Grief's desk is where the Fighting God conjures up all his battle plans and schemes,(with crudely drawn crayons that is.) It is here where Grief relaxes and does things like play games with his subordinate Patrik, and often colors vehicles for fun.
Grief Playing Poker at the Villains Pub

Grief loses a card game against Patrik.

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