The Void Emerald is hardly an emerald at all, considering it is somewhat stitched up with various materials ranging from garnet, to sharpened bone, and some fractured emeralds. It was made to seal up a creature spoken as, Void. No one knows for sure of its history, but it has been rumored to be many different things, but each with not much intelligence to cover it.


No one was and/or sure who wielded it and/or created it, but what can be said is of a possible mobian known as Q'rixius I.


It doesn't grant the user any enhancements, but it is known to trap souls and creatures within it, where it is eventually filtered by an unknown force(presumably a vacuum).

For some reason, it grants E.R. his Savage transformation.


During the golden times of Mobius, one of the most strategic empires, known as the Vexxda Empirium, had one of the most desolate of burial chambers now known as Wungertok, but originally Ghustid-khan. This is the place where emperor Q'Rixius I had established his empire, but still tried to mimic other empires' religious believes. However, each attempt proved faulty. As Such, the devout emperor had begun to grow gradually paranoid, and began to flee to the desolate burial ground.

as time went on, he became obsessed with a new discovery, such as garnet, iron, and gold. Eventually, he took this obsession and crafted the void Emerald. His new invention was believed to be the greatest yet, but the emerald began to unleash its power in time.

one day, when Q'Rixius I was visiting his creation, the gem started to glow bright red, and a black mist engulfed him and the gem, he screams for help, but it all proved futile. The gem had him in his grip and didn't let go. Eventually, it tired him out, but the gem was draining his energy, and eventually trapped his soul in the gem, and in exchange, let a creature of corruption take the throne.

With the creature released, it then rose to the throne, but it was tied to essence of the gem. The creature impersonated him for centuries, all the way until the empire underwent corruption, and the creature was once again sucked into the gem, and eventually the gem was locked in the grip of immobile pedestal ,where it lay to this day, and stays as new as it was originally built.

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