The Unnamed Protagonist is the character occupied by a reader of the anthology story Secrets of the Alliance. The character each chapter focuses on has the character that's speaking talking in first person as if talking to the reader.


Due to the protagonist never appearing, instead being spoken to, their appearance is unknown. The author has recently confirmed the Protagonist's appearance, however.

The Protagonist was recently confirmed to be a Mobian fox of about average height. They are slim with thick russet fur, white fur running from their chin to their underbelly as well as inside their ear and on their tail-tip. They have dark brownish-black ears, hands, and feet. Their gender depends on that of whoever is reading the story.


Due to being the manifestation of whoever is reading the story, the Protagonist's personality really varies depending on the reader, but doesn't show since they never make a physical appearance.


At some point in time, the Protagonist found a way to listen to stories from various characters from The Legend of Fox the Brave.




Originally, there was going to be no physical manifestation of the person each Chapter's character is speaking to.

Similar to the recently released Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode, the Protagonist can be male or female depending on who reads/plays it.

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