It is currently very clean and slightly darker than usual at night. It is used to house the Homeless, Rebels and people who lived in the towns that got destroyed in the effort to build Station Square. The currency is money (UnderDollars) and this is also the preferred trade method.


Many Mobians whose homes were destroyed in the effort to build Station Square live here. The language is a very complicated one. There are two political parties, the Central Party for the Underground (CPU) and the General Party for the Underground (GPU). There is no real religion, although 1% of the entire population practise Voodoo.


In the year 1919, Station Square was going to be built. Many towns were crushed and therefore several inhabitants fled underground into the Protection Bunkers, and recreated many cities there. The Underground was established in 1889 as the huge Protection Bunkers were united as a separate nation, they were never used for their intended purpose and therefore forgotten by the Mobian government. Since 1920, many inhabitants changed the look of The Underground to a much more appealing place, including the installation of natural sunlight redistribution systems.. Their language, Chiz, was created in that same year in order to build a bridge between the many cultures.

Notable Areas

  • Russkaja-Energia Town - under the former Heated-East town, capitol of The Underground


The Overground

Fiaor Archipelago


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