The Ultimate Emerald (Arutimatu Emerarudo) is a powerful crystal that is difficult to obtain. The Ultimate Emerald has some similarities to its lesser counterparts; it is the same size as its siblings, as well as possessing a large amount of Chaos Energy. However, unlike the others, it possesses an infinite amount of Chaos Energy; whereas Chaos is able to absorb all of the Chaos Emerald's negative energies, the Ultimate Emerald's cannot be depleted; it constantly generates Chaos Energy at an incalculable velocity.

It is unknown what the powers of the Ultimate Emerald may bring to those who can handle its powers, other than it is the only tool that can be used in order to create an Ultima Fusion; a fusion technique that uses more than two people in order to conduct a fusion. The Ultimate Emerald has no positive or negative energies, and is unknown if it can utilize positive or negative energy; all is known is that its energy cannot be controlled by not even two people, and thus is no super form has or can even be achieved by anyone, save probably any God.

The Ultimate Emerald remained elusive for more than 8,000 years, until it had been resurfaced in the form of an inscribed rock; in its dormant state, it resembles a round stone with runes on it. After it is activated with the powers of the other 14 Super Emeralds, the casing will shed away to reveal its true form. However, after it has been used for a certain amount of time, it will encase itself in rock again and vanish at an unknown location until it is next released.


The Ultimate Emerald has been documented, due to the technology of carbon dating, to of existed approximately 8,000 years ago by unknown means, dating 2,000 years before the original 14 Chaos Emerald were even conceived about. However, Tails notices a contradiction between its possible creation; How can the Ultimate Emerald be activated by the 14 Super Emeralds if the Chaos Emeralds hadn't even existed yet?

It is later revealed that the Ultimate Emerald only needs activation from a substantial but precise amount of Chaos Energy; the only things great enough to produce such energy are the 14 Super Emeralds, although this raises a more important question; how did its creator know that the 14 Super Emeralds had the power to activate the Ultimate Emerald, and how did he know to have it activate on that amount of energy?

It was later revealed through old text documents, along with Sonic and co using the Chamber of Paragon to travel back in time, that God Ginrai was the creator of this emerald before he had died in order to easily find his successor; however it was only intended for it to be activated by a being that, like himself, would be able to utilize Omega Energy; a combination of ethereal Light and Dark energies; it was a mere coincidence that the 14 Super Emeralds, when combined, would create enough positive and negative energy to resemble Omega Energy; true enough, this has been shown to be the only way, as no other user besides God Ginrai has been shown to utilize Omega Energy.

Locating the Ultimate Emerald is nigh on impossible; in its encased state, it gives off no form of energy, and those no tracking device can be used to locate it. Even when it is activated, no equipment can trace it due to the fact that it gives off ethereal energy; something that cannot be located by equipment due to having no form of electrical charges and thus has no molecular structure.



Like the Chaos Emeralds, the Ultimate Emerald has a small size that can fit into the palm of one's own hand; however, its size can also change depending on if it is in close proximity of the Master Emerald; it is unknown as to why it does this, but it is possible that the energies of the Master Emerald affect the Ultimate Emerald is it would with the Chaos Emeralds to enlarge them into Super Emeralds; however this theory exists only because it was activated using Chaos Energy and not because of Omega Energy; it is unknown if this would have the same effect if the Ultimate Emerald was activated through Omega Energy.

When activated, it quickly flashes all colors throughout the light spectrum, although some colors can be noticed easily, giving the quick assumption that it flashes the colors of the first 7 Chaos Emeralds much like how a Hyper Form would. Because of this, it was given the name of Hyper Emerald before its real name was revealed in the past time period.

Hierarchy of Power

In relation to the Ultimate Emerald's power to those of the Chaos, Super and Master Emerald's, it is believed that the Ultimate Emerald is the greatest of the lot; no man or machine is capable of utilizing its power on their own, or even with a second individual due to the amount of energy it gives off in such bursts, let alone channeling it, and also the fact that it contains Omega Energy; energy far greater than Chaos Energy. The Ultimate Emerald also cannot be diminished of its power, unlike the Chaos Emeralds and, to some extent, the Master Emerald.

The Master Emerald is known to be stronger than the original 7 Chaos Emeralds and the newer 7 Chaos Emeralds when on their own, as it is able to negate them all at once if commanded. The Chaos Emeralds also draw on the Master Emerald's powers to become Super Emeralds, so the Master Emerald is needed. The Master Emerald is also stronger than the Super Emeralds, being able to grant a form greater than Hyper itself.

The Super Emeralds are stronger than the Chaos Emeralds by far, but when all 14 are used in conjunction, their collective power is greater than that of the Master Emerald; this is because all 14 Emeralds have the power to boost each other's Chaos Energies when used together, giving each other more power than the Master Emerald originally gave them. This is also further proven by the fact that the 14 Super Emeralds can activate the Ultimate Emerald, which the Master Emerald was not capable of doing. It is unknown what form could be accomplished from using all 14 of them, although it is hinted that, because the energies are similar to Omega Energy, that one could achieve a God Form or something similar.

The Chaos Emeralds are considered to be the lowest of the Hierarchy of Power when not including the Gold Rings. Their power is considered lower than the others, unless all 14 are brought together, in which case their powers are greater than that of 7 Super Emeralds; this is confirmed due to the 14 Chaos Emeralds can provide a form greater than that of Hyper.

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