This is an article about The Ultima Weapon, a character created by Dionisio Garcia on 04/27/2015.


A robot that stands at about 26'9 feet tall and weighs about 7 tons.(14,000 pounds) It looks like a giant robot spider with 8 legs and 4 eyes. It's made of an ancient matal that is unknown how to craft anything out of. It appears to do it's master's bidding, the master is the one who reoperates it after it's deactivated.


It's personality is do what it's master says with no questions.


It was created as the ultimate weapon, but was made too powerfully for the world to ever defeat, so it was sealed away by the gods. However, the Mad One found it and activated it, he used it on the heroes of legend, but, they beat him. After that, the ultima weapon fought them, they beat it. Then the ultima weapon fused with Yevon for one final attack. But, they were destroyed by the heroes of legend's leader, who used his ultimate power to give himslf up to save the world. But, he was saved by another member of the team.


Created with the powers of fire, ice, water, wind, earth, lightning, light, dark, holy, shadow, chaos, poison, wood, and metal, it can use all elements to attack it's targets.


It'a a robot that can't be hacked to take control of. It also seems to have a great jumping ability, able to jump about 60 feet into the air and land about 50 feet away in any direction.


It's only weakness is it's determination, if it hadn't kept attacking the heroes, they wouldn't have destroyed it.


Even though it was created to be the ultimate weapon, it was beaten by heroes who had big hearts, proving that man can beat machine if their heart is strong enough. It also proves that nothing is impossible( They beat a guy who basically became god and the weapon created to destroy all life)

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