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Razz the cat is the captain.  She overseas the entire crew and ships.  Oak the echidna is her first mate and partner in piracy. Tizzy the cat is chieff scientist and Cutter the echidna is head chef. Tank the Zoah is gunner and his brother Sweeper works on the Dancing Shadow's engines.  Mr.Slimer is the cabin boy.


Members of the Twilight Shadow enjoy the benefits of relative democracy and independence they would not find in normal, non-pirate positions on other vessels. However they must all agree to the captions code and must accept the consequences of their transgressions.  This is the code:

1. All pirates receive equal and fair amount of profit, unless pirate is unjustly or has been imprisoned below deck. The captain and quartermaster receive half of the profit, while the master, boatswain, and gunner receive a quarter, and other officers receive what is left divided equally amongst themselves.

2. No quarreling is permitted on board, all arguments are to be settled upon reaching port. If the argument has not been settled by the time the ship is re-stocked, a duel shall take place. The two quarrelers face each other in a weaponless battle, and the victor is the one left standing.

3. Misdirection amongst the crew, or actions against the crew, will be severally punished. Most commonly, the crew that has done the action will be hanged upside down with a slit on the side of his neck until he faints. Death is also permitted to the more heinous actions.

4. Weaponry is not to be tampered with, if only by the gunner as directed by the captain.  Be sure to have weaponry ready for siege in such case of surprise attack. Do not tamper with the guns of your equal or higher-up, as punishment will be provided.

5. Racism amongst the crew is strictly prohibited. As part of the crew, you are an equal to any and all of the members. If you so dare walk over this, you shall be punished with the loss of a limb or death.

6. In order to keep an equal and fair amount of trade amongst allies, do not attack a vessel without the captains or quartermasters say. If friendly fire has been conducted, the gunner or officer who conducted the fire, will be turned over to allied vessel to receive punishment.

7. Back talk against an higher-up will be punished by higher-up if felt necessary. The punishment will be in the form of labor or serving the higher-up for a month or longer, if permitted by the captain or quartermaster.

8. The chef of the crew will receive more pay then the common officer. The chef is also permitted to enter the captains quarters to request more supply if supply is low. If one questions the choice of gourmet made by the chef, the officer is to confront the chef on his own time and not in public event.

9. Captains word is final and is only to be questioned or evaluated by another captain or quartermaster. Do not question the captains choice in public event. Quarreling with the captain is not permitted. If one walks over this conduct, they shall lose a limb or be hung upside down with a slit on the side of their neck until he faints.

10. Scientists aboard the ship are not to be confronted or disturbed without commission or reason. Scientists are not to be meddled with and receive an even amount prescribed by the captain or quartermaster. Meddling with the scientist will end with the fair punishment of the scientist using them as experiment on product or physical labor.

11. If a pirate decides to retire, he will be given a fair amount of retirement money and be brought to land of his choosing. The rightful age of pirate retirement is the hardy age of 47 and above. If one so decides to retire without reason of age or injury, he will be injured by higher-up and left at an space port.

12. The distribution of booze or adult drink is permitted only to those of ages 18 and above. Drinking under the limit is not allowed, and will be punished with a night below deck or in the prison chambers. This does not count if the booze is prescribed for medical reason.

Captain Razz JPG

Here be Captain Razz! The meanest and nastiest space pirate in all the six colonies!

Base of Operations

Most of the crew spend their time on the Dancing Shadow, eventually however the Twilight Shadow's have to set thrusters to port to supply. They usually can be found resupplying,  cashing in any bounties, resting, repairing their ship, and spending all their capture booty on one of the friendly Twilight Cage colornies or an Anti Moebian Federation held shipyard.  
Dancing shadow 2 JPG

The Dancing Shadow. The Twilight Shadow's beloved pirate spaceship. It is made for swift movement,(for a pirate vessel,) and is equipt with cloaking devices and reserve thrusters. Also it has capacity to carry boarding vessels and storage locations on-board.


Most of these adventous scallywags enjoy time on the ship and in the space region of the Twilight Cage. Eventually they get their land legs and visit inhabitied space ports and colonies. They also find several deserted asteriods to make hideouts, or to maroon uncooperative shipmates on!


Their uniforms consist of stolen or used Nocturnous battle armor with minor augmentation to suit their piraty needs. Some members have cybernetics or implants. The captain gets to wear whatever she likes, (any disagreement on her attire will be rewarded with very harsh reprimands.) Crew who work in non-combat positions or areas requireing differnt cloathing are permitted to wear causual work cloathing.

Captain Razz and Oak JPG

Captain Razz and her first mate Lieutenant Oak in their Nocturnous battle armor.

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