Members (Current)

Striker the Wolf (leader)

Kody the Arctic Fox (de facto leader)

Ralph the Grizzly Bear

La Oh the Caribou


Snow the Arctic Wolf

Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters

Sonic the Hedgehog

The Clans

Anyone who stands up to them

Ice Clan of Kyanos


The Tundra Rogues' main occupation is a mercenary/tracker/hunter type group. No one that is in this group cares about the treatment of their own kind, and would gladly sell their own former Clan members to the Eggman Empire, bounty hunters, or even slavers. When given an intended target, they will hunt their target down diligently, and will gladly harm or injure their targets if it means making finding them and capturing them easier. Their slogan is simply stated, "We will find, capture, or kill our prey without hesitation if it means good pay."

Weapons & Use of Traps

Many of the weapons that members of the Rogues possess are mainly composed of guns, paralyzer and tranquilizer dart guns, and net guns. They also often use a variety of traps to capture and hold their targets. Many traps include: bear traps, hidden steel lock cages, and trap door traps.

Base of Operations

The Tundra Rogues' operate from many different areas throughout the Alpine Region of Holoska, and often times in ordinary places, such as fishing villages, inns, and igloos.


The Tundra Rogues live in the Alpine Region of Holoska, some of their members' Clans coming from the Arctic Region and some from the Alpine Region.


The Tundra Rogue uniform is mostly composed of a dark brown leather snow jacket with brass buttons and a collar. They also wear matching brown leather pants, gloves, and black military boots. Belt holsters to carry weapons with are also available around the waist. Members who have trouble seeing through blizzards and snow storms, wear protective goggles over their eyes to protect them from being blinded.

Sometimes in more secret missions, for example, in other lands or areas where hunting is prohibited, members are supposed to wear black face masks to cover their faces so they cannot be identified.


The group was first created by Striker the Wolf, who, after being exiled by his own Clan for disobeying the rules of his Clan Elders, endangering Clan members, and abandoning many of his fellow Clan members in a terrible snow storm (the latter that were found days later, frozen and dead), who sought creating a special group of united Mobians, who had been abandoned and exiled by their own Clan members, and giving them a chance to take revenge on those who had left them for dead, to show their Clans what they had become out of life.

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