The Tribes are a series of various different animals that roam Mobius. The Tribe that is most known is the Fox Tribe, of which Fox the Brave is descended. There is a total of seven Tribes in The Legend of Fox the Brave, Foxes, Wolves, Lions, Leopards, Wilde(coyotes and jackals), Bears, and Tigers. Each Tribe is made up of "Packs"(for canines) and "Clans"(for felines), one for each breed within the Tribe(such as red foxes and gray wolves)


The Packs and Clans currently are:

  • Fox
    • Red
    • Gray
    • Arctic
    • Fennec
    • Silver
  • Wolf
    • Gray
    • Red
    • Arctic
    • Maned
    • Dire
  • Lion
    • African
    • Mountain Lion/Cougar/Puma
  • Tiger
  • Bear
    • Grizzly
    • Black(American)
    • Polar
    • Sloth
    • Spectacled
    • Sun


Members vary greatly from Pack to Pack or from Clan to Clan. Listed below are known current or former warriors.

Known members:

  • Red Fox Pack:
    • Rush
    • Sedge
    • Ash(fox)
    • Jon
    • Phoenix
    • Mona
    • Raiden
    • Baldwin
    • Tanner
    • Snowcap
    • Sledge
    • Flip
    • Hemlock
    • Heather(TVR)
    • Reed(deceased)
    • Redstone(deceased)
    • Garrett(deceased)
    • Roy(formerly)
    • Raymond(deceased)
    • Kenya(deceased)
    • Darkfoot(deceased)
    • Woodrow(deceased)
    • Racket(deceased)
    • Firestorm(deceased)
    • Grizzly(formerly)
    • Hal(deceased)
    • Trip
    • Wilder
    • Barry
    • Star
    • Rose
    • Chris
    • Burpy
    • Nico
    • Firetail
    • Flamepelt
    • Orlando
    • Topher
    • Lily
    • Petal
  • Fennec Fox Pack:
  • Gray Wolf Pack:
    • Ross
    • Donegal
    • Angus
    • Stormfast
    • Kiel
    • Argus(deceased)
    • Proudfoot(formerly)
  • Dire Wolf Pack:
    • Rock(leader)
    • Night(formerly)
    • River
    • Dune
    • Wind
    • Icicle
    • Cloud(formerly)
    • Branch(formerly)
    • Bark(formerly)
    • Mud(formerly)
  • Saber Pack:
    • Fang(formerly)
    • Stubbs(formerly; deceased)
    • Harmony(formerly)
    • Jag
  • Mountain Lion Clan
    • Mason(formerly)
    • Anne(formerly)
  • Jackal Pack:
    • Dennis
    • Manolo
    • Sam
    • Clover(formerly)
    • Eli(formerly)
    • Quentin
    • Rain
    • Thundertail
    • Dustin
    • Summer
    • April
    • Stormy
    • Tidal
  • Cheetah Clan:
    • Lightning(formerly)
    • Lilac(formerly)
  • Grizzly Bear Pack:
    • Jimbo
  • Polar Bear Pack:
    • Parker(formerly)

Possible Former Members:

  • Shane the Wolf(gray)
  • Sandra the Wolf(gray)
  • Orville the Wolf(timber)
  • Grayson "Gray" the Fox(gray)
  • Mortimer Gray(gray fox)
  • Jared the Bear(grizzly)

Confirmed Descendants:

  • Fox the Brave(through Redstone)
  • Braveheart and Midnight(through Fox)
  • Sadie(through Redstone)
  • Garrett(through Redstone)
  • Ferrell(through Garrett)
  • Fox's ancestors
  • Phoenix(through Mona)
  • Humphrey the Jackal
  • Avery the Jackal
  • Turner the Jackal(through Humphrey and Avery)
  • Kate the Jackal(unknown)
  • Tobi the Jackal(through Turner and Kate)
  • Alex the Jackal(through Turner and Kate)
  • Dale the Cougar(through Anne)
  • Scarlet the Cougar(through Anne)

Possible Descendants:

  • Shane the Wolf(gray)
  • Sandra the Wolf(gray)
  • Forrest and Coal(through Shane or Sandra)
  • Orville the Wolf(timber)
  • Leonard the Leopard(African)


Each Tribe functions relatively the same, which each individual Tribe functioning a bit differently due to the differences in species.


The Tribes believe strongly in the Spirits in the Stars, and former members cling strongly to this belief even after they leave. Though it hasn't been directly stated, the Tribes' beliefs in the Spirits in the Stars led them to clash religion-wise with the Echidnas, who beliefs are different.

Base of Operations

Each Pack and Clan has its own territory and camp, as well as a meeting place for all the leaders of one Tribe to meet together and discuss the fate of their Tribe. The one difference for this was the Red Fox Pack, who were often driven from anyplace they tried to settle, therefore their camp has varied.


Each Pack or Clan lives in territory best suited for them(tundras for sabers, forests for foxes, deserts for the fennec foxes, savannas for African lions and leopards, etc.), yet the Red Fox Pack has found it the hardest to find a camp best suited for them. Their first known camp was on Angel Island(after the destruction of Albion, which Firestorm and Raymond witnessed). After they were thrown from Angel Island by Enerjak, the Pack settled in a camp not far from the aggressive Red Wolves, and were constantly attacked until Angus and Stormfast of the Gray Wolf Pack saved them, and brought them to their camp at Ross' orders. Later, they were sent to live in a camp two days' journey away from the Gray Wolf Pack's territory so that the Red Foxes could be left in peace and not bother anyone else. After Roy found them, the Pack moved to Lamarkie Forest upon the former warrior's suggestion.


Not much is known about the Tribes' history except that they existed for a very long time. One of their first warriors was a fox named Redstone, an outcast who did battle with the evil Sonic.EXE, yet later died of illness. Despite it not being common knowledge around the World, Fox the Brave and his sister Sadie are descendants of Redstone, and subsequently Braveheart and Midnight-Fox's children. In the story The Lost Tribe, a Pack of dire wolves return to the Four Worlds despite being thought extinct. A radical member named Night tried to take control of the Worlds, believing dire wolves to be superior to all others, but was stopped in a one-on-one fight with Austin, and later killed by one of his own Packmates who didn't share his beliefs.


Despite being included in the Lion, Tiger, and Wolf Tribes, Mountain Lions, Saber-tooth Tigers, and Maned Wolves respectively aren't actual lions, tigers, and wolves

  • Mountain Lions are an American big cat separate from lions
  • Saber-tooth tigers are extinct and unrelated to tigers
  • Maned wolves are in a family all their own, and therefore not officially wolves.

Coyotes and Jackals are in a Tribe all their own, called the Wilde Tribe, due to having no close relatives or subspecies.

Dire wolves are extinct and thought to be ancestors of the gray wolves.

  • It is thought by others in the series that this is the reason for them having such simple names(as they have names like Grass, Rock, etc.)
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