The Think Tank, or Bob Tangent, is a cyborg, with the only organic material left being his brain, which floats in a spherical glass bowl filled with a green liquid to nourish the brain and keep it alive. Surrounding the tank itself are pieces of technology helping the tank with both locomotion and the replacement of limbs. Two mechanical hands float at his sides, being held by dual energy fields projected by disks at the left and right of the tank. A larger disk is connected to the bottom of the tank, allowing it to float off the ground at a fixed height. To see, he has two floating metal eyes at the top of the tank. Everything attatched to the tank by energy projections have a full degree of motion and can extend outwards by a few feet. At the front is a little flat rectangular microphone used as a means of communication. All the technology connects to the brain by sets of wires inside the tank so that it may control it all.


The Think Tank is a pure contrast to his brother. He is kind, polite, and well mannered. Although one of his jobs is to kill introders, he hates doing so. The only thing that makes the Think Tank want to kill Solomon is The Tank's fear of cats. He is also very OCD. Even though his large room is mostly empty, the Van Gogh pictures he does keep in it are at the perfect height and angle relative to the floor. When it comes to knowledge, years of brain degradation has taken its toll. He knows very little of math and science now, but still showing a deep infatuation with it.

He used to be a loving brother to Howard before his brain started degrading, protecting him and doing what his brother told him to do. Ironically, he wasn't the brains of the two. He preferred to let his muscles do the talking, especially during a slave revolt that occurred. He loved his body, almost to where he idolized it, but he was more than willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Howard from certain death.


Long ago, two twin brothers lived with their mother and father. This was the Tangent family. The brothers would always play pretend, with Howard playing doctor and Robert playing patient. From a young age, it was obvious who would call the shots. Howard was a natural born leader, while Robert was his trusted second in command. They took on school bullies, homework, and loneliness hand in hand.

Their parents were almost never there to tend to them. The father was a drunk and the mother was trying to keep the family afloat through multiple jobs and gambling. One night, she got in deep. Howard's and Robert's mother lost everything. She told Mr. Tangent the news. His reaction was a drunken rage. Mr. Tangent killed his wife with a broken beer bottle, which he broke by smashing it against her skull. The boys watched all this occur. When the father noticed the boys, he was about to send them to kingdom come until the debt collectors showed up and riddled the father with bullets. They knew their money was gone, but when they saw the children, the collectors had an idea. At the age of twelve, both the Tangents were sold into slavery.

Even as slaves, the two would never part. They went from owner to owner, each having a different "job" for them, but they eventually ended up in the black market. When in the black market, the boys led a revolt, with Howard being the leader and Robert, who had the body build of a fifteen year old linebacker, being the muscle. They and several slave children were successful in their revolt. There was no victory without loss, though. A handful of children died and Howard was badly beaten and shot.

With no money, hope for Howard's recovery was slim. Robert decided that his brother would do more good to the world than Robert ever could, so Robert sold his body to an organization specializing in illegal experimentation. In one such experiment, he was killed by a poisonous compound. Howard was fully reimbursed by the leading scientist and became a millionaire. Both were thirteen when this occurred. Howard couldn't leave with just the money though, so he also robbed the scientist of Bob's brain, which was going to be used as replacement grey matter for those who lost any. It was then did Howard pledge his life to learning of the technologies to save his brother again.

Howard kept Robert's brain in a jar filled with liquid that would keep it nourished and "alive" for years until Howard could give him a mechanical body. After two decades of endless work and little food and rest, he constructed a way for Robert to communicate to Howard. This microphone gave Robert a voice. He was scared and confused, having remembered everything, including the pain of death. After one more decade, Howard had given Robert a rusty old robot body with arms and legs.

After a while, they moved to Saari, where Howard got a job in the military. Over time, Robert's body was slowly upgraded until he no longer needed arms or legs, only hands, eyes, a mic, and pure energy to hold it all together and keep Robert off the ground and hovering around. Around this time, Robert's mind was slowly degrading. Not too long later, he forgot most everything except for the love of his brother. In fact, he developed an almost unfamiliar personality. He was now an OCD driven and cat fearing do folder rather than the caring yet brutal brother who killed black market salesmen.

When the military found out about Robert, they took him, which welcomed back Howard's hatred of mankind. The Second Saari War gave Tangent the golden opportunity to retrieve his brother back. He, out of love for his brother, hatred for mankind and mobiankind, and what he thought to be the "greater good" of Jericho City, he launched missiles into the battlefield. This both won the humans the war and made a distraction for Howard to get his brother back. They both fled and started their war on humanity and mobians. Robert now forgot his name and made himself known as "The Think Tank".

He currently resides in Tangent's secret stronghold, guarding the upper floors from his near empty room where he slowly degrades. The only reason Tangent has yet to fix Robert's brain is because of Robert's forgotten hatred of evil deeds. If he were to get his memories back, Robert would hate his brother, as far as Howard knows.

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