Sword of Arcana

The sword itself along with it's sheath


The sword is mostly silver and gold in color. It has a silver blade with a blue jewel that runs the shaft of the sword. It's hilt is mostly golden with an exception of a silver ring around the center jewel on it. it has two black guards at the base of the hilt, one on each side and a black taped handle with yet another gem on it's end. The sword is a lightweight melee weapon mostly used by those who decended from a great fire mage, most notibly Katrina Firefox.


The sword of Arcana is known as a legendary weapon that only the Firefox family has ever been able to use. The only known users are those of the Firefox bloodline. The most well known user is Katrina Ember Firefox, the Princess of Arcana ans Valkary's chosen hero. She is one of the most skilled of it's users, with her being one of the few that cal live up to it's full potential.


The most notible powers this Legendary sword is known for is that of it's everlasting sharpness and it's ability to sync with it's user's fire abilities. When originally forged by a great fire mage, the head of the Firefox family, he had crafted it where he could channel his own abilities through the sword and summon flames through the sword instead of having to always use a wand. This feature is very prodiminant in it's use where Katrina can set her sword on fire to deal extra damage to her opponent.


Thousands of years ago a mighty fire mage forged this blade of the stongest steel and brass to create a blade that never lost it's sheen and sharpness. Crafted with nothing but pure mage magic this blade was made to near perfection, thus producing a strong, lightweight durible sword that this mage carried on his journies. This blade of Legends also had a perk, the day the mighty mage died he cursed the sword to where only those who share the same bloodline as him could use the blade. Anyone who tried to wield the sword who was not of the same bloodline would be punnished greatly in a fiery death summoned by the mystical sword itself, it was said only the strongest could survive the blazes and the weak would perrish.

Thousands of years into the future young Katrina Firefox was given the legendary blade opon being chosen by the all mighty Valkary. She, one of the lucky decendents of the mage, is one of the few known people who is able to use the blade.

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