The Storming Base, originally called and sometimes still referred to as The Base, is the main setting for The Legend of Fox the Brave, and as such, is the current residence for many members of the Alliance.


The Base is somewhat of a farm, getting help from another farm a little ways away that gives them extra food or supplies they need. Any extras they don't need goes to Lamarkie(LAH-mar-kee) Village, which they frequently visit.


The Storming Base is currently home to several kinds of Mobians, most notably foxes

Current Residents:

  • Fox the Brave and family:
  • Roy the Fox(red fox)
  • Mari, Wilder, and Barry(red fox)
  • Mortimer Gray(gray fox)
  • Sleet the Fox(Arctic fox)
  • Shamar the Fennec(fennec fox)
  • Fang the Saber
  • The Smith Family:
    • Austin Smith(handsome brown and black German Shepherd)
    • Rosa Smith(black German Shepherd
    • Dallas and Dakota Smith(white{Dallas} and black and brown{Dakota} German Shepherds)
  • Chaise the Wolf(gray wolf)
  • Audrey(Australian Cattle Dog)
  • Cody(half wolf pup)
  • Lerry the Bear(American black bear)
  • Eli Junior, "E.J." the Hedgehog(blue hedgehog)
  • Longmire the Cat
  • Thunder the Tabby
  • Storm(male Buizel)

Former residents(deceased):

  • Kairn the Coyote, slain by Sonic.EXE
  • Shane the Wolf(gray wolf), died of blunt force trauma to the chest
  • Neal the Mountain Lion/Cougar, cause of death currently unknown
  • Magma the Dog(timber wolf/Husky half-wolf), cause of death currently unknown
  • Michael Smith-White German Shepherd; died of injuries inflicted by Finitevus

Former residents(status unknown):

  • Timber the Wolf(timber wolf)
  • Smoky the Wolf(timber wolf)


The exact creation of the Storming Base is unknown, as the main building was shown to have been fully constructed at the end of Red's Rage. It was built by Kairn the Coyote, Neal the Mountain Lion, and E.J. the Hedgehog while Fox lived in a forest with his mate and children. They headed toward the Base after Fox made up with his sister Sadie, despite being attacked by Shane. Afterward, the Base became the residence of "Team Brave". The Base would later become known as the Storming Base in Dawn of the Alliance, when the newly-named Storm Fighters joined with the Megastone Rogues to form the Storming Alliance. The Base would later be destroyed in Austin's Terror and Austin's Return by Dark Enerjak after Finitevus somehow found a way to bring back the villain to "coerce" Austin into "helping" him.

Notable Areas

The Base is a series of wooden buildings, and while this makes its easy to destroy, it is fortified with other materials in order to make it harder to bring down. A few miles to the east is Lamarkie Village, close enough so that they can rush there in times of trouble, or just visit, as well as being far enough away so that they don't get tangled up in each other's troubles.

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