The Storming Alliance, commonly referred to as either the Alliance, or just the warriors, are a collection of several Teams based in the Four Worlds. Their goal is to protect these Worlds, even at the cost of their lives. They are the main heroic faction of The Legend of Fox the Brave


The groups of the Storming Alliance are as follows:

  • The Storm Fighters: A group of warrior-like Mobians. A great deal of the protagonists in the series are Storm Fighters; They were founded by Fox the Brave, but are currently led by Boulder the Lycanroc
  • The Megastone Rogues: A group of Pokemon founded and formerly led by Tai the Charizard until his death. They are currently led by Splash the Greninja
  • Rogue Squad: A group of Pokemon similar to the Megastone Rogues. They were founded and are currently led by Silver the Lucario
  • The Mega Force: A team of permanently Mega-Evolved Pokemon as old as the Four Worlds themselves. They are led by Master Y, a Mega Charizard Y.
  • Lamarkie Defense Force: A team of Mobians originally formed to defend Lamarkie Village. They were made apart of the Storming Alliance following the Lamarkie Standoff. They are currently led by Monty the Dog, and reside in Lamarkie Village
  • Mystic Ruins Freedom Fighters: A team of Pokemon formed after the Battle for Mystic Ruins. They are currently led by Boomer the Pikachu, and reside in Mystic Ruins


The Teams of the Storming Alliance are all staunch defenders of the Four Worlds. They firmly believe in the freedom of the people of the Worlds. While their individual policies vary, the general policy is to defend the Worlds no matter the cost


The Storming Alliance believe in the Spirits in the Stars, the idea that the dead watch over them from above, in the stars above

Base of Operations

Most of the Storming Alliance live at the Storming Base. However, the Mega Force are scattered throughout the Four Worlds, the Lamarkie Defense Force live in Lamarkie Village, and the Mystic Ruins Freedom Fighters live in Mystic Ruins


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