"Warriors may rise, and warriors may fall, but in the end, the Alliance will always win. Evil will never prevail, as long as the Warriors of the Light are around to stop it."
—Boulder's thoughts on the Alliance, Storm of Darkness

The Storming Alliance, commonly shortened to just The Alliance is a collection of six groups. They are the main focus of the fanfic series The Legend of Fox the Brave. The Storm Fighters and SwiftClan are primarily made up of Mobians(in SwiftClan's case, feral cats), while the other groups are made up of Pokemon.


The groups of the Storming Alliance are as follows:

  • The Storm Fighters: A group of warrior-like Mobians. A great deal of the protagonists in the series are Storm Fighters; They were founded and are currently led by Fox the Brave.
  • The Megastone Rogues: A group of Pokemon founded and formerly led by Tai the Charizard until his death. They are currently led by Splash the Greninja.
  • Rogue Squad: A group of Pokemon similar to the Megastone Rogues. They were founded and are currently led by Silver the Lucario.
  • The Ancient Army: A large group of Pokemon whose founder is unknown. They debuted in Dawn of the Alliance under the tyrannical leadership of a mad Shiny Chesnaught called Shatter. Known former leaders include Sandstream, an old Tyranitar; Malo, a Shiny Chesnaught who went mad for unknown reasons and renamed himself Shatter; and Cado, an old Melanistic Luxray who eventually became king of a place called the High Valley. They are currently led by Snowy, a female Albino Arcanine
  • The Mega Force: A team of permanently Mega-Evolved Pokemon as old as the Four Worlds themselves. They are led by Master Y, a Mega Charizard Y.
  • SwiftClan: A neutral group of feral cats who joined the Alliance after being saved from an outbreak of illness. Known former leaders include Reedstar, a pale gray tabby tom with ice-blue eyes and dark gray stripes; Sparrowstar, a dark brown tabby tom; and Splashstar, a tortoiseshell tom with ice-blue eyes and one white forepaw. They are currently led by Sedgestar, a ginger(orange) tabby she-cat with green eyes.


So far, SwiftClan are the only group with a discernible policy. They adhere tightly to a set of rules called the "warrior code".


The main part of the Alliance believe strongly in The Spirits in the Stars, while SwiftClan believe in their own variant, StarClan.

Base of Operations

The Alliance operate at The Storming Base, while SwiftClan have their own home.


SwiftClan live in a forest in Ninjago, while the rest of the Alliance have their own home.


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