Cquote1 We are the Storm! We are the Fighters! WE ARE WARRIORS! Cquote2
The Storming Alliance's catchphrase

These are the ranks of the Storm Fighters as of the new story arc, The Phantom Storm.


At the end of The Heart of a Warrior

Leader: Austin Smith; Heavyset brown-and-black German Shepherd with blue eyes and a long scar stretching diagonally down his face

Deputy: Boulder the Lycanroc; Male Dusk Form

Healer: Skye the Lycanroc; Female Shiny Midday Form


  • Storm the Buizel; Male Buizel with a short scar on his muzzle(stand-in deputy in Boulder's absence)
  • Fang the Saber; Huge male saber tooth tiger with gray-orange fur
  • Alex the Jackal; Male black-backed jackal with a scar on the side of his muzzle, a long scar on his right flank and a stab wound scar on his chest
  • Fox the Brave; Stocky male red fox with a torn right ear and green eyes
  • Longmire the Cat; Tall white tomcat with a long scar on Hus belly
  • Rosa Smith; Female black German Shepherd
  • Rex Storm; Young brown Wolf with white flames and blue eyes
  • Shadow the Hedgehog; Anthropomorphic black hedgehog commonly known as the "ultimate life form". Given honorary warrior status and a full pardon after the Great Rebellion
  • Dr. Finitevus; Villainous Echidna who temporarily "helped" the Storm Fighters
  • Splash the Greninja; Male Greninja with a long scar on his face(leader of the Megastone Rogues)
  • Silver the Lucario; Male Lucario with a white patch of fur on his nose and a long scar on the inside of his right arm(leader of Rogue Squad
  • Master Y; Huge male Mega Charizard Y(leader of the Mega Force)
  • Bash the Rampardos; Huge male(Megastone Rogue)
  • Bolt the Manectric; Old male Mega Manectric(Megastone Rogue)
  • Crunch the Lycanroc; Male Dusk Form
  • Dawn the Lycanroc; Female Dusk Form
  • Sunny the Lycanroc; Female Dusk Form
  • Lucas the Lycanroc; Old male Midday Form
  • Finnick the Lycanroc; Old male Midnight form
  • Luca the Lycanroc; Young male Midday form
  • Nick the Lycanroc; Young male Midnight form
  • Pebble the Lycanroc; Young male Midday form

At the end of After the Blackout

Leader: Fox the Brave

Deputy: Austin Smith

Healer: Skye the Lycanroc


  • Longmire the Cat
  • Lerry the Bear; Tall, stocky male American black bear
  • Shamar the Fennec; Short male fennec fox
  • Rex Storm
  • Alex the Jackal
  • Streak the Bird; Male gray-black bird with white streak pattern and brown eyes
  • Stan the Wolf; Male gray-black Wolf with gray eyes
  • Inferno the Dog; Young male white Dog with black flames and brown eyes
  • Tammy the Wolf; Young female black Wolf with amber eyes
  • Wildfire the Wolf; Young male red Wolf with amber eyes and white flames
  • Hopps the Rabbit; Pale gray Rabbit with white flames
  • Kate the Jackal; Female Downunda-born black-backed jackal with badly scarred shoulders and flanks
  • Tobi the Jackal; Male Downunda-born black-backed jackal with a badly scarred throat and chest and has lost some of his voice
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Archie); Honorary warrior
  • Boulder the Lycanroc
  • Dawn the Lycanroc
  • Crunch the Lycanroc
  • Pebble the Lycanroc
  • Nick the Lycanroc
  • Luca the Lycanroc
  • Shell the Buizel; Young female, Storm's sister
  • Cori the Charmeleon; Male tech genius Charmeleon
  • Rynok the Rhydon; Old male Rhydon
  • Aria the Zoroark; Female
  • Swift the Silvally; Genderless(referred to as male)

Other Members(classified as warriors but do not patrol or fight):

  • Rosa Smith; Pretty black German Shepherd with brown eyes
  • Turner the Jackal; Male Downunda-born black-backed jackal with a badly scarred face; is blind as a result

Young Ones

  • Winnie the Bird; Young female bright pink Bird(Streak's sister)
  • Gabby the Wolf; Young female pale brown Wolf(Tammy's sister)
  • Gunnar the Wolf; Young male pale orange Wolf(Wildfire's brother)
  • Hope the Rockruff; Young female
  • Shade the Zorua; Young male
  • Flame the Litten; Young male


The Storm Fighters' exact policies are unknown, but they will protect the Four Worlds with their lives if the need arises.


Like most everyone in the Worlds, the Storm Fighters strongly believe in The Spirits in the Stars.


During the Great Rebellion, Austin's Storm Fighters lived in a first outside of Red Gate City, but relocated to the Mystic Jungle after Boulder returned with a vision of a new home for his Team. After the Rebellion ended, the Storm Fighters settled into the Storming  Base again, once more splitting into the Storming Alliance.


When Infinite destroyed the Base and drove the warriors away, Austin gathered as many as he could and formed his own Team of warriors. They hid in a forest outside Red Gate City until an absent Boulder returned with a vision of a new home for his Team. Along the way, they met up with the missing leader's and Pebble(as Rockruff) was captured and rescued, but they made it safely to the Mystic Jungle safely with only one direct encounter with Infinite. A while later, the warriors were captured and imprisoned aboard the Death Egg, and the Resistance's attempt to rescue them failed, with Infinite cruelly taunting Rex the Wolf by revealing how he found the warriors' camp. Pebble, who had evaded capture, steals the keys to the cells off of Cubot and tries to free his Teammates, but has to fight Infinite first, evolving into Midday Lycanroc in the process. The warriors escape and make itnback to their camp, traveling to a place outside Eggman's fortress to prepare for the final battle. The warriors then help the Resistance in the final battle, with Austin beating Infinite and helping win the fight. Afterward, they return to the Storming Base and reestablish the Storming Alliance.

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