You may be looking for their Prime Zone counterparts or their Dark Mobius counterparts

These Storm Fighters are a group of Mobians that reside on Angel Island in the Light Mobius universe. They are the sworn enemies of Shadow, and are now a benevolent Team that are more than happy living out their lives peacefully. They are led by Braveheart the Fox with E.J. as his second-in-command.


These are the members as of Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later


  • Braveheart the Fox: Tall, thick-pelted red fox with amber eyes and one white ear. He wears a black t-shirt, beige cargo shorts, and an open brown leather jacket.


  • Eli Junior, "E.J." the Hedgehog: Short, light blue hedgehog with dark green eyes and a torn right ear. He is Sonic the Hedgehog's oldest son, and therefore the half-brother of the royal twins.


  • Phoenix: Young male red fox wearing black-framed glasses. He has the odd ability to communicate with Spirits


  • Cypher: Large male white-furred wolf
  • Cyrus: Large male black-furred wolf
  • Roy: Male red fox
  • Mortimer Gray: Male gray fox


  • Scrap: Young male red fox with scruffy fur
  • Petunia: Pretty young vixen
  • Flynn: Young male Arctic fox

Other Members:

  • Midnight: Red fox vixen with black paws and ears
  • Isla: Red fox vixen; Braveheart's mate
  • Dallas Smith: White-furred male German Shepherd; paralyzed from the waist down due to a broken spine

Young Ones:

  • Flint: Young male red fox cub with dark gray paws and ears
  • Twister: Young male red fox cub with scruffy fur

Confirmed Deceased:

  • Fox the Brave: Tall, heavyset male red fox; murdered by Shadow
  • Karra: Female red fox, Fox's mate; died of illness
  • Michael Smith: Old white German Shepherd; shot by Dark Hand Echidna
  • Austin Smith: Male brown and black German Shepherd; died of chest injury inflicted by Shadow
  • Dakota Smith: Male brown and black German Shepherd; died of crushed neck
  • Fang the Saber: Male saber-tooth tiger; shot by Dark Hand Echidna in the final battle
  • Lerry the Bear: Male American black bear; killed while on a rescue patrol
  • Shamar the Fennec Fox: Male fennec fox; killed while on a rescue patrol
  • Sadie the Fox: Female red fox; killed while being rescued by a patrol


None really. The Storm Fighters stay together out of a fierce loyalty to each other


Like the rest of the Alliance, the Storm Fighters believe strongly in the Spirits in the Stars

Base of Operations

The Storm Fighters currently reside at the Storming Base, in a forest just outside Portal.


Unaltered Timeline:

The Storm Fighters' past in the Unaltered Timeline is unknown, but it's likely that they kept the Base where it was and lived in peace under King Sonic's rule.

Altered Timeline:

  • Shadowed Future: After Shadow began his conquest of Mobius, the Storming Alliance attempted to interfere and overthrow him. One night, they tried to drive Shadow out of the capital city, but Fox was shot in the chest by a single Chaos Spear, killing him instantly. This badly shook the Alliance and caused it to split apart, leaving Braveheart in charge of the broken Storm Fighters. Despite his own grief and anger at his father's death, Braveheart manages to keep his Team together under Shadow's tyrannical rule.
  • Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later: 5 years after Shadow's defeat, the Storm Fighters are swelling in ranks and the Alliance has been rebuilt and is recovering. However, the Storm Fighters' Healer, the telepathic young fox Phoenix, receives a warning of Shadow's return. Despite this, the Storm Fighters remain together in the next problem they suffer, and Flint and Twister are later born at the end of the story.


Though this was never acknowledged in-story, being the eldest son of Sonic, E.J. is the half-brother of the royal twins. He is only the half-brother due to the fact that the identity of his mother was never revealed.

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