You may be looking for the Prime Zone variant or the Light Mobius variant.

This is an alternate version of the Storm Fighters who appear in the Secrets of the Dark World trilogy, focusing on Dark Mobius. They are led by Braveheart, with E.J. as his second-in-command.


These are the members as of Secrets of the Dark World: Part 3


  • Braveheart: Male anthropomorphic red fox. He wears a black t-shirt and beige cargo shorts and is missing his left eye, and ear, as well as much of his fur and his tail.


  • Eli Junior, "E.J." the Hedgehog: Short anthropomorphic light blue hedgehog resembling Sonic the Hedgehog. He was Fox's second-in-command, and is now Braveheart's second-in-command


  • Rigor Marole: Male anthropomorphic red panda with an otherwise unknown description
  • Laker the Greninja: Male Albino Greninja


  • Fang the Saber: Thick-pelted, heavyset anthropomorphic saber-tooth tiger
  • Stone: Male Shiny Mega Manectric (formerly of the Megastone Rogues)
  • Lucas: Male Midday Lycanroc (formerly of the Megastone Rogues)
  • Lycus: Male Midnight Lycanroc (formerly of the Outsiders)
  • Rory: Male Incineroar (formerly of the Outsiders)
  • Riptide: Male Frogadier (listed in Allegiances only)
  • Snort: Male Turtonator (minor appearance in Part 2 only)
  • Gray: Male Shiny Mega Charizard Y (listed in Allegiances only)
  • Liam: Male Chesnaught

Other Members(warriors)

Info: These members are technically classified as warriors, but don't do patrols or participate in fights; they mostly help out around the Base

  • Midnight: Female red fox; Braveheart's sister and therefore Scrap and Petunia's aunt
  • Isla: Braveheart's mate

Other Members(young ones)

Info: There is no confirmed apprentice rank due to the severe lack of warriors

  • Scrap: Scruffy young todd; Braveheart's son
  • Petunia: Pretty young vixen; Braveheart's daughter

Confirmed Deceased:

  • Fox the Brave: Tall, thick-pelted red fox with green eyes; killed by Enerjak(Prologue of Part 1)
  • Lyron: Male Mega Charizard X(former Outsider); killed in the explosion that maimed Braveheart(Prologue of Part 1)
  • Karra: Female red fox, Fox's mate and Braveheart and Midnight's mother; killed in an attack on the Base(died in Part 2)
  • Austin Smith: Brown-and-black German Shepherd with blue eyes; shot by a Prelate and later died of his injuries(mentioned in Part 1 only)
  • Slick: Male Shiny Greninja; killed by Enerjak while out on his own(mentioned in Part 3 only)

Status Unknown:

  • Splash: Male Greninja(listed in Allegiances only)


Most likely the same as the original Storm Fighters


Most likely the same as the original Storm Fighters, though due to their status as former Outsiders(whose beliefs are unknown), it is unconfirmed whether Lycus or Rory share their Teammates' beliefs.

Base of Operations

The Base was originally near Lamarkie Village, but at an unknown point in time, it was moved to Nekronopolis to allow the Alliance to better fight Enerjak. They remain there to this day.


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