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The Storm Fighters is a group of Mobians and Pokemon living at a collection of buildings known as the Storming Base. They are the main heroic faction of The Legend of Fox the Brave, and are part of a coalition known as the Storming Alliance. They have gone through several leaders throughout the series, for one reason or another. They were founded by Fox the Brave, but are currently led by Boulder the Lycanroc.


Current Members:

Leader: Boulder the Lycanroc; Male Dusk Forme Lycanroc with a scarred pelt

Second-In-Command: Storm the Buizel; Male Buizel with a scar on his cheek; Boulder's best friend


  • Laker the Greninja; Albino male Greninja
  • Skye the Lycanroc; Shiny female Midday Forme Lycanroc


  • Cori the Charmeleon: Male Charmeleon with a scar on his nose
  • Riptide the Frogadier: Male Frogadier


  • Redwing: Large Braviary
  • Smokewing: Shiny male Corviknight


  • Braveheart; Male red fox
  • Roy the Fox; Male red fox
  • Mortimer Gray; Male gray fox
  • Sleet the Fox; Male Arctic fox
  • Shamar the Fennec; Male fennec fox
    • Shamar's Delphox
    • Shamar's Druddigon
    • Shamar's Chesnaught
    • Shamar's Heracross(named Hiro)
    • Shamar's Lucario
    • Shamar's Greninja(named Tidesworth)
  • Fang the Saber; Male saber-tooth tiger
  • Chaise the Wolf; Male gray wolf
  • Lerry the Bear; Male American black bear
    • Lerry's Tyranitar(nicknamed Terry)
    • Lerry's Pangoro(nicknamed Goro)
    • Lerry's Emboar(nicknamed Boaris)
    • Lerry's Talonflame(nicknamed Talon)
    • Lerry's Greninja(nicknamed Jago)
    • Lerry's Manectric(nicknamed Ric)
  • Longmire the Cat; White tomcat)
  • Aria the Zoroark; Female Zoroark
  • Hope the Lycanroc; Female Midday Forme Lycanroc
  • Flame the Torracat; Male Torracat
  • Shade the Zorua; Male Zorua
  • Lyra; Human girl from Galar
    • Lyra's Drizzile
    • Lyra's Corviknight
  • Samuel; Human boy from Galar
    • Samuel's Thwackey
    • Samuel's Linoone(Galarian)
    • Samuel's Duraludon
  • Cody the Wolfdog; Male Australian Cattle Dog-gray wolf hybrid
  • Jones Smith; Male black German Shepherd with white patches and blue eyes
  • Rock the Wolf; Male dire wolf
  • Crag the Wolf; Male dire wolf
  • Crow the Wolf; Male dire wolf
  • Frost the Wolf; Female dire wolf
  • Redd; Male Greninja(red)
  • Rose; Female Greninja(pink)
  • Rex Storm; Male brown-and-white wolf
  • Stan; Male gray-black wolf
  • Stripe; Skinny male, pale brown wolf with angled white stripes
  • Martin; Male dark gray-and-white wolf
  • Noah; Male dark gray wolf with angled white stripes
  • Tammy; Female wolf with black fur
  • Streak; Male dark gray bird with angled white stripes
  • Winnie; Female pink bird
  • Crystal; Shiny female Dusk Lycanroc
  • Pebble; Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Crunch; Male Dusk Lycanroc
  • Luca; Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Nick; Male Midnight Lycanroc
  • Alex; Male black-backed jackal
  • Tobi; Male black-backed jackal; mostly mute due to damage to his vocal cords
  • Turner; Male black-backed jackal; blind due to damage to his eyes
  • Kate; Female black-backed jackal
  • Clover; Female black-backed jackal
  • Eli; Male black-backed jackal
  • Gabriel; Male light orange dog

Other Members:

Info: These members are technically classified as warriors, but don't participate in patrols unless they choose to. They usually help keep the Base tidy and look after Young Ones.

  • Midnight; Female red fox
  • Audrey; Female Australian Cattle Dog

Former Members(alive):

  • Austin Smith: Brown-and-black German Shepherd with blue eyes, and a scarred belly and arms; Retired first to Soleanna Forest, then to Storm Cloud City
  • Rosa Smith: Black German Shepherd; Retired to Storm Cloud City to stay with Austin

Former members(deceased):

  • Fox the Brave: Combined injuries and exhaustion from battle
  • Kairn the Coyote: Slain by Sonic.EXE
  • Shane the Wolf(gray wolf): Cause unknown
  • Neal the Mountain Lion/Cougar: Cause of death currently unknown
  • Michael Smith: Died of injuries sustained in a battle
  • Dallas and Dakota Smith: Cause unknown
  • E.J. the Hedgehog: Injuries and drowning
  • Maako the Fox: Murdered by Sonic.EXE

Temporary Members:

  • Maxwell Veschell: Young Belgian Malinois with brown eyes; Sought refuge after landing in trouble with the villainous Dr. Starline
  • Bailey Swift: Young female Border Collie; Fled Storm Cloud City with Max after he landed in trouble with Dr. Starline
  • Ash the Wolf: Male white wolf with angled black stripes; Kidnapped from the Wandering Wolf Pack. Found sheltering outside Red Gate City by the warriors
  • Vernon the Wolf: Male pale yellow-and-white wolf; Kidnapped from Wolfhart City. Found sheltering outside Red Gate City by the warriors
  • Arrow the Wolf: Male red wolf with angled white stripes and cloudy, sightless eyes; Joined under unknown circumstances, but left to join the Wandering Wolf Pack


The Storm Fighters are rather strict when it comes to following the rules. Any infractions are handled quite seriously, and punishments are usually having to clean out the rooms of the Storming Base, as well as being confined to the Base itself.


As with most other Mobians in The Legend of Fox the Brave, the Storm Fighters hold a strong belief in the "Spirits in the Stars". This possibly comes from the fact that foxes, wolves, and sabers believe the strongest in the Spirits in the Stars.

Base of Operations

They currently live at The Storming Base. The Base is currently located near a place called Lamarkie Village, but in the Light Mobius and Dark Mobius stories, its location varies. In the Dark Mobius stories, the Secrets of the Dark World Trilogy, the Base was located somewhere in Nekronopolis, so the Storm Fighters could battle Dark Enerjak more easily. In Shadowed Future, the Light Mobius stories, the Base was located in a forest just outside Portal, so that the Storm Fighters would have less travel time in order to battle Shadow during their seemingly never-ending war


Prime Zone: The Storm Fighters were originally known as Team Brave, and the Base was built by Kairn, Neal, and E.J. while Fox lived in a forest on Bygone Island with his family. After Fox made up with his sister Sadie, he took his family to the Base to live. After Team Brave officially became the Storm Fighters, the Base became known as the Storming Base-though it is unknown who suggested the name. The Storming Base would later be expanded for the other groups that joined to make up the Storming Alliance. In this universe, they are currently led by Fox.

Dark Mobius: At some unknown point in time during Knuckles' descent into madness as the infamous Enerjak, the Storm Fighters were driven out by Knuckles himsef-who attempted to strangle Braveheart in the process only to be stopped by Lucas. Despite their numbers being drastically reduced, the Storm Fighters persisted in their desire to free their World and even worked with the Freedom Fighters on occasion. In this universe, they are currently led by Braveheart.

Light Mobius: At some unknown point in time during Shadow's conquest in the altered timeline, Fox was mercilessly killed by Shadow. About a moon(month) afterward, Shadow had the Dark Legion attack the Base and drove out the Storming Alliance. The Megastone Rogues remained with the Storm Fighters as they found a new Base in the forest outside the capital city of Portal. Even after Fox's death and the dispersion of the Megastone Rogues, the Storm Fighters remained where they were to continue their war on the "king". After Shadow's defeat, the Fighters chose to stay where they were, unofficially becoming King's Sonic's personal guard and a symbol for peace. It is currently unknown what happened to them in the unaltered timeline. In this universe, they are currently led by Braveheart.


The Storm Fighters are the only Team to have currently changed leader more than once

The Storm Fighters currently have the most named members

They are the only Team to currently have Mobians

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