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The Storm Fighters is a heroic group of Mobians situated at The Storming Base. Most of them have had one tragic thing or another in their past that drove them to seeking vengeance for a wrong-doing, have interest in being a hero, or simply want to help keep the peace. They are currently led by Fox the Brave, and exist in the continuity of The Legend of Fox the Brave.


Current Members:


  • Fox the Brave(red fox)
    • Fire Fox-Fox's Super Form
    • Hyper Fox-Fox's Hyper Form, only made one confirmed appearance
    • Chaos Fox-a form beyond Hyper Fox, Fox's go-to transformation beyond Fire Fox
    • Feral Fox-a form beyond Hyper Fox, Fox's go-to transformation beyond Fire Fox



  • Sky the Falcon(Peregrine falcon)
  • Rigor Marole(red panda)
  • Laker the Greninja(albino)


  • Braveheart(red fox)
  • Roy the Fox(red fox)
  • Wilder(red fox)
  • Barry(red fox)
  • Mortimer Gray(gray fox)
  • Sleet the Fox(Arctic fox)
  • Shamar the Fennec(fennec fox)
    • Shamar's Delphox
    • Shamar's Druddigon
    • Shamar's Chesnaught
    • Shamar's Heracross(named Hiro)
    • Shamar's Lucario
    • Shamar's Greninja(named Tidesworth)
  • Fang the Saber
  • Chaise the Wolf(gray wolf)
  • Lerry the Bear(American black bear)
    • Lerry's Tyranitar(nicknamed Terry)
    • Lerry's Pangoro(nicknamed Goro)
    • Lerry's Charizard(nicknamed Riza)
    • Lerry's Emboar(nicknamed Boaris)
    • Lerry's Talonflame(nicknamed Talon)
    • Lerry's Greninja(nicknamed Jago)
  • Longmire the Cat(white tomcat)
  • Thunder the Tabby(pale brown tabby tomcat with darker stripes)
  • Cori the Charmeleon
  • Nightclaw the Zoroark
  • Zak the Zoroark(melanistic)
  • Riptide the Frogadier
  • Thistle the Jolteon
  • Austin Smith(black and brown German Shepherd with blue eyes)
  • Storm the Buizel(former Rogue Squad member)

Other Members:

Info: These members are technically classified as warriors, but don't participate in patrols unless they choose to. They usually help keep the Base tidy and look after Young Ones.

  • Karra(red fox)
  • Midnight(red fox)
  • Rosa Smith(black German Shepherd)
  • Mari(red fox)
  • Audrey(Australian Cattle Dog)

Young Ones:

Info: These are young members who aren't apprentices and don't normally do any work around the Base unless a warrior tells them to.

  • Zorro the Zorua; While technically older than Dallas and Dakota, Zorro will remain a Young One due to his refusal to evolve and his timid and sheepish personality
  • Cody(Australian Cattle Dog/gray wolf hybrid); mentioned in Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Forever when Dallas and Dakota encounter Finitevus near the Storming Base, and has a brief appearance in Search for the Missing Warriors when he is struck in the side by a stray rock from Lycus' Stone Edge attack while tucked under Lucas' belly as the old Lycanroc is trying to protect him.

Former members(deceased):

  • Kairn the Coyote: Slain by Sonic.EXE
  • Shane the Wolf(gray wolf): Died of blunt force trauma to the chest
  • Neal the Mountain Lion/Cougar: Cause of death currently unknown
  • Magma the Dog(timber wolf/Husky half-wolf): Cause of death currently unknown
  • Michael Smith(white German Shepherd): Severely injured by Finitevus, later died in the hospital
  • Zippo the Charizard(Mega Charizard Y): Killed during Dark Enerjak's first rampage at the Storming Base

Former members(status known):

  • Dallas Smith(white German Shepherd): Left of own volition, betrayed the Alliance when tricked by Finitevus
  • Dakota Smith(black and brown German Shepherd): Left of own volition, chose to remain with SwiftClan in Dakota's Search after bringing Firekit there
  • Knuckles the Echidna(Sonic Boom): Left of own volition, betrayed the Alliance when tricked by Finitevus

Former members(status unknown):

  • Timber the Wolf(timber wolf)
  • Smoky the Wolf(timber wolf)


The Storm Fighters have no discernible policy. They are mostly held together by friendship and a fierce loyalty to each other and Fox. The one rule they live by is "A Storm Fighter never gives up."


As with most other Mobians in The Legend of Fox the Brave, the Storm Fighters hold a strong belief in the "Spirits in the Stars". This possibly comes from the fact that foxes, wolves, and sabers believe the strongest in the Spirits in the Stars.

Base of Operations

They currently live at The Storming Base. The Base is currently located near a place called Lamarkie Village, but in the Light Mobius and Dark Mobius stories, its location varies. In the Dark Mobius stories, the Secrets of the Dark World Trilogy, the Base was located somewhere in Nekronopolis, so the Storm Fighters could battle Dark Enerjak more easily. In Shadowed Future, the Light Mobius stories, the Base was located in a forest just outside Portal, so that the Storm Fighters would have less travel time in order to battle Shadow during their seemingly never-ending war.



  • Red Fox Pack(led by Rush)
  • Brotherhood of Guardians(mentioned in The War of Time)(formerly)
  • Team Sonic(Sonic Boom)(technically part of the Storm Fighters)


  • The Megastone Rogues(part of the Alliance)
  • Rogue Squad(part of the Alliance)
  • The Ancient Army(part of the Alliance)
  • The High Valley Army(part of the Alliance)
  • The Mega Force(part of the Alliance)
  • Rockhead Village(led by Rynok the Rhydon)
  • Shadow Woods Village(led by Wrecker Rhyperior)
  • River Valley Village(co-led by "Old Hooter" the Noctowl and Gigaremo, "Remo" the Krookodile)


Prime Zone: The Storm Fighters were originally known as Team Brave, and the Base was built by Kairn, Neal, and E.J. while Fox lived in a forest on Bygone Island with his family. After Fox made up with his sister Sadie, he took his family to the Base to live. After Team Brave officially became the Storm Fighters, the Base became known as the Storming Base-though it is unknown who suggested the name. The Storming Base would later be expanded for the other groups that joined to make up the Storming Alliance. In this universe, they are currently led by Fox.

Dark Mobius: At some unknown point in time during Knuckles' descent into madness as the infamous Enerjak, the Storm Fighters were driven out by Knuckles himsef-who attempted to strangle Braveheart in the process only to be stopped by Lucas. Despite their numbers being drastically reduced, the Storm Fighters persisted in their desire to free their World and even worked with the Freedom Fighters on occasion. In this universe, they are currently led by Braveheart.

Light Mobius: At some unknown point in time during Shadow's conquest in the altered timeline, Fox was mercilessly killed by Shadow. About a moon(month) afterward, Shadow had the Dark Legion attack the Base and drove out the Storming Alliance. The Megastone Rogues remained with the Storm Fighters as they found a new Base in the forest outside the capital city of Portal. Even after Fox's death and the dispersion of the Megastone Rogues, the Storm Fighters remained where they were to continue their war on the "king". After Shadow's defeat, the Fighters chose to stay where they were, unofficially becoming King's Sonic's personal guard and a symbol for peace. It is currently unknown what happened to them in the unaltered timeline. In this universe, they are currently led by Braveheart.


Though the original idea was for the Base to have been moved willingly, both Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest and Shadowed Future: The Broken Team state that the Storm Fighters were driven out by the antagonists of their respective stories.

  • In Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest, Knuckles-while maddened by his Chaos Powers-attacked the Base and drove out the Storming Alliance, causing the disappearance of several warriors, including Braveheart's mate Isla and their cubs Scrap and Petunia(who would return in Part 3, accompanied by Liam). During this attack, Knuckles also tried to strangle Braveheart before being stopped by Lucas.
  • In Shadowed Future: The Broken Team, Shadow has the Dark Legion attack the Base and is confronted by a furious Braveheart.
    • Additionally, this is after Fox is killed.
  • In both cases, Austin is the one to find the new Base.

In Secrets of the Dark World: Part 1, it's said that Splash left the Base after Fox's death, but in Conquest, he disappeared when the Base is destroyed. It is in Shadowed Future: The Broken Team that he willingly leaves.

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