Star Island

Ancient Star Island

The Star Tribe

A large nation of mainly Echidnas. It is a 4,000 year old nation withstanding the test of time. They are a peaceful village and remain in the shadows of the night. The do not cause wars like their Ancestors did and are now peaceful and shrouded in mystery. They have a powerful stone known as The Star Geizer. It has untold powers.                                                                                                
Grasslands, Mountains, Snow Deserts, and meadows
Mainly Echidnas and a few other species
Star Geizer Temple

Star Ruins

Tiku and Tifu Shrines
Birds Of Paradise,Neon Blue and White Roses,Tropical Faux Bird, Amaryllis

Anthuriums,Calla Lily,

Varied(Usually snowing and Sunny,Raining and Sunny, or just sunny)

Naruto - Morning

Naruto - Morning

Star Tribe Theme


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Star Plaza

Ancient Galactic Ruins

White Star Village

Blue Star Village

Shooting Star Mountain

Star Geizer Temple

Gazing Forest

Warp Zone


White Mountain

Kyohaku City


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Nami-Ne the Echidna

Tyson The Echidna

Tai-Su The Echidna

King Nafi The Echidna

Princess Leeha-Lu The Echidna

Queen Mama-Mu The Echidna


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Great Star Geizer

The most famous legend of The Star Tribe. This great rock fell from space millions of years ago during a meteor shower. It was the last surviving rock that had fell(the others were all destoyed). Some ancient nomad echidnas found the rock. They felt it was a sign from the gods to stay there and settle. They watched over their prescious rock. The rock soon began to cause mutations as babies were born with unique abilities. They were the first Shoonin Warriors. The star energy soon found it's way into all members of the tribe.The Star Geizer brings hope to the tribe and it helps them build their power.They protect it with their lives.

The Legend of Tiku and Tifu

These two were twin brothers and were raised to become geat warriors. The legends say that Tiku and Tifu used some sort of dark magic(Chaos Energy) as well as Star-Energy to counter a chain of flaming metorites that would doom the planet. They are said to be the strongest warriors of all time rivaling that of Sonic's own prophecy.


A female who was the first to use Galactic energy in The Star Tribe she used a move called Instant Transmission which allowed her to travel through space. She also helped design the first Star Ship(Means of travel and if absolutely necassary war) she charged it with pure energy. Sara also created a move called Galactic Heal which could heal an injured ally using energy from space. She lived a full happy life got married and had children. 600 years later Galactic abilities have become common in the star tribe.

Nexus and the Jewel of the Night

At one time during the Tribes Existance, a Meteor landed nearby in a river, the Echidna who found it showed it to the rest of the Tribe. It was an Emerald, as black as night, it had white markings on it in the shape of 4 sided stars( if you threw it into Space, it would Blend in with th starry sky). Some time later, a being came from space. This being hovered above the ground, without moving at all, or even speaking, he also had no mouth. This Being was the Guardian of the Seven Galactic Emeralds, the jewel that landed, was a Galactic Emerald. Nexus then took the emerald on the night of the New Moon. Yet somemthing happened, a Shadow had been traveling the Ground. Nexus and this Shadow (Dark Spirit) started a battle for the Emerald, in the end, the two were blasted into Space.

The Traveler from the Future

On an Ordinary day, a portal opened within the town, and walked from the portal was a 15 Year old Girl named Zoey. she said she came from the future in an attempt to find the Origin of Galactic Abilties, around that time, Galactic Abilties were common, but Zoey then said that she was looking for a Darker form, the Galactic Abilties she could perform, she said that they came from Dark Matter, what makes up 90% of the Universe. Zoey eventually leaves, with no success, she said that Galactic Abilities of the Present, were gifted from Nexus.

The 2nd Emerald

During a normal day on the town, a strange emerald had been found in the forest regions of the floating city. After a tribal girl brought it back, the gem was analyzed to be one of the Night Gems. But soon after discovering it, Nightrush had tracked it down and sent an army of Zoah warriors to retreive it. With his minions falling back after being defeated by the tribal people, Nightrush stole the emerald when all were stalled in distraction. Once the emerald was taken back to Night Island, the tribal people semeed to forget about the gem, not wanting anything to do with the Zoah's ancient tech after such a misfortunate loss of their soldiers.

Main Powers And Abilities




Star Navigation



Star Generating

Galaxy Hopping (Only Tiku and Tifu So Far)

Meteor Control (Only Tiku and Tifu So Far)

Chaos Energy (Only Tiku and Tifu So Far)

Star-Energy (Functions Like Chaos Energy)

Galactic Energy (Such as transporting through space, meteor control,etc.)

Power Points

Here are explanations for the major powers of the Star Tribe

Star Energy

The main power source of The Star Tribe. It is one of the only two dark energy sources that is actually light(The other being Dream/Moon Energy). Star energy comes back from years ago when shooting stars fell to the earth and caused the mutation of particles to beings(about 3,000,000 years ago). One star survived in fact it was the largest star of all. A couple millions of years later a tribe found the power and stayed there to make a home. The mutation from the Star's began to give newborns special abilities. With this the tribe was named Star. Star Energy users are usually Celestialkinetics/mancers.

Chaos Energy

This power is only granted to Shoonin Warriors(Well in the case of those from The Star Village) the Chaos energy you all may know is different than this energy. They are classified as the same energy however so they have the same name. This form of Chaos Energy comes from those that are reincarnated from Ancient Star Warriors. This is why Sonic is able to use Chaos Control becuase he is a descendant of a Star Warrior. It is believed that Blackdoom's Great Grandfather(for lack of a better word) gave this energy to the Star Tribe about 5,000 years ago. He placed in into a child and the power that came from the energy slightly mutated the child. The child became the first Shoonin Warrior but dies young from the rapid mutation however the young man had a few children before dying. This spread the energy throughout the Echidna race.Now what makes the Chaos Energy different from Shadow's is that this energy is munipulated by Star Energy this turns the chaos energy a light blue color and allows the user to fly. It is said that The Star enfused Chaos energy reaches it's ultimate strenght when the user faces both the best and worst experience of their life.

Galactic Energy

Like Chaos Energy the Galactic Energy was changed by the star energy giving  the Galactic Energy a yellow or white color. It is used the same as other users, but is often combined with Star Energy.

The Great Star Geizer

An ancient rock that fell to Earth millions of years ago. It was the only rock unscaved by the massive fall to Earth. The rock wasn't just that though it was a an abode for a massive amount of Star Energy. This large gem(slightly resembling the master emerald but with more of a cresent shape) can mutate beings and energy after periods of time. It is energy made of pure light.

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