The Spirits in the Stars are, as the name suggests, the spirits of those who have passed. Those that live commonly believe that they inhabit the stars above their heads. It was confirmed by the author that only the Spirits of good or neutral people(or have done misguided deeds believing it was for the right reasons) are Spirits. They are heavily inspired by StarClan from the Warriors book series.


This list will show characters confirmed to be Spirits either in-story or by the creator.

In-Story Spirits

Main Series

  • Redstone: Thick-furred male red fox with forest-green eyes
  • Torch: Male red fox with unusually bright red fur
  • Shane: Male gray wolf
  • Argus: Male gray wolf
  • Locke: Male Echidna; former Guardian
  • Tai: Massive male Mega Charizard Y
  • Maako: Thick-furred red fox
  • Reedstar: Pale gray tomcat with thick dark gray stripes, a long, almost entirely dark gray tail, and pale blue eyes; technically a StarClan cat
  • Nya: Female Frogadier

Shadowed Future

  • Fox: Tall, thick-pelted male red fox with emerald-green eyes
  • Shamar: Male fennec fox
  • Lerry: Male American black bear
  • Fang: Tall, heavyset saber-tooth tiger
  • Flynn's Family: Three unnamed Arctic foxes
  • Lucas: Male Midday Lycanroc
  • Rokky: Male Krokorok

Confirmed by Creator

Main Series

  • Grizzly: Shaggy, scruffy-furred male red fox missing an eye
  • Hemlock: Male red fox(part of the Red Fox Pack)
  • Fin: Male red fox(part of the Red Fox Pack)
  • Hal: Male red fox(part of the Red Fox Pack)
  • Trip: Male red fox(part of the Red Fox Pack)
  • Wikstrom: Male red fox(part of the Red Fox Pack)
  • Forrest Wolf: Male gray wolf
  • Coal Wolf: Male gray wolf with thick black fur
  • Sandy Wolf: Female gray wolf with tawny fur

Shadowed Future

  • Karra: Pretty female red fox


The Spirits have no real policy, but adhere to the rule that the cannot do everything for the living.

Base of Operations





The Spirits are mentioned to have existed since the very beginning, the first known Spirits being Jagged Cliff, an Ancient cat, and Redstone.


While Echidnas generally don't believe in the Spirits in the Stars, it was confirmed in Austin's Flight that Locke is a Spirit.

Austin does not believe in the Spirits in the Stars anymore, but he will join them if he dies. If he retains his lack of faith upon his death, he will be surprised.

Grizzly does not believe in the Spirits, but it was confirmed that he became a Spirit when he died.

Though Argus did terrible acts both before and during his possession by Sonic.EXE, he was confirmed to be a Spirit in the Stars in the Prologue for Legends of the Past, because he felt truly remorseful for his actions.

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