The Society for Environmental preservation
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The Society for Environmental Preservation
Organization Information

Nonprofit organization

Also known as
  • T.S.E.P
  • "Those damn tree-huggers"
  • Protect and preserve nature
  • Combat the abuse and exploitation of non-sentient beings
  • Combat deforestation
Enemy organizations

The Society for Environmental Preservation (commonly shortened to T.S.E.P) is a small, nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental concerns, and is highly secretive, likely for safety reasons. The location of their main headquarters, the names of their members and their affiliates are all kept private. Not anyone can just become a member either; they must undergo extensive scrutiny before they can become a full-fledged member.



Protecting Curatrix

Word got out that Mobian Lumber Inc., a massive logging industry, had plans to cut down a gigantic and ancient redwood tree called Curatrix (which means "guardian" in Latin"), in order to harvest it for lumber. The giant tree was revered by many tribes and clans, including the Nature Clan of Mokuhana, who saw Curatrix as "the first spawn of Sucellos, Guardian of The Forest".

T.S.E.P began their attack against Mobian Lumber Inc. through protests and petitions, in an attempt to gather enough supporters to keep Curatrix from being cut down. Almost immediately they had garnered support from the Nature Clan.

Various Works

T.S.E.P has sabotaged Troll and Eggman Empire aligned vehicles and equipment on numerous occasions. They've also worked alongside the Nature Clan of Mokuhana many times.



T.S.E.P intends to protect the environment from deforestation, pollution and destruction. They are against poaching and the abuse and exploitation of Mobini animals, Pokemon and other non-sentient creatures.


T.S.E.P members are not to cause bodily harm to anyone as a means of protest. A physical attack can only be made in self-defense. This rule does not apply when facing the Eggman Empire or The Trolls (who have a history of endangering the environment); deadly force is encouraged against them.

Allies and Enemies



  • G.U.N - T.S.E.P is more or less ambivalent towards the Guardian Unit of Nations.


  • The Eggman Empire -
  • Mobian Lumber Inc. - Their attempts to cut down the giant redwood known as Curatrix were met with opposition from T.S.E.P.
  • The Trolls - The Trolls have a history of causing environmental upset.
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