"So, you're the blue rat, uh? Well, nice to meet you! I'm the Snow King, the chilliest guy you'll ever meet. "
—The Snow King meeting Sonic.

The Snow King is a yeti sorcerer and leader of the Snow Army.


The Snow King is a huge yeti provided of an ice crown and a black armor with a blue cape attached to it. As stated before the Snow King is huge, being 3 meters tall and the biggest yeti in the Snow Army. He always carries an ice sword.


The Snow King appears as friendly and comedic, always making jokes and acting to strangers as if they were long-date friends. This is however a facade: the Snow King is in the truth an omnicidal maniac who wants nothing but cover the whole world in snow and ice, making it unlivable for any creature but his own species. He is obsessed with fighting, always preferring to directly fight his opponents rather than letting his army do the job. He claims to respect and admire Eggman but in the truth to him the doctor is nothing but a pawn for his plans.


Centuries ago, the Snow King and his army came from an unknown land and attempted convincing the Obsidian Tribe, aware of their magic powers, into joining him. The tribe however refused, which caused the king's rage and a war. The king casted a powerful spell to turn the tribe's land into a snow desert for all eternity but the tribe used another spell to trap the Snow King and his army into a prison of ice, hidden in a secret cave.

Centuries later, Eggman went to the Obsidian Land after having heard some legends and eventually fred the Snow King and his army. The monarch promised Eggman to help him conquering the world, convincing the doctor to build a weapon to amplify his magic powers and freeze the whole planet. The king eventually faced Sonic and his friend, who are as of now trying to stop him and Eggman.



The Snow King has survived for centuries in an ice prison. As he himself claims, he and his army stopped aging long time ago.

Snow and ice magic

The Snow King is able to manipulate both snow and ice, freezing objects, causing snow storms and even disassembling himself into snow, teleporting thanks to snow storms and creating creatures out of snow and ice. His breath can freeze anything.


Body temperature

The Snow King's temperature is always below zero, allowing him to survive even at the coldest temperature and not letting objects such as his crown and his sword ever melt.

High strength

The Snow King possesses a great strength, being able to destroy a giant rock with a single punch.

High agility

Despite his size, the Snow King is extremely agile, having a great speed and being able to jump extremely high.

High durability

The Snow King is very durable, being able to keep fighting even after being beaten up numerous times.


Fighting skills

The Snow King is an able fighter, always preferring to fight his opponents directly.



The Snow King can't stand hot temperatures. Staying next to a source of heat weakens both his powers and abilities.

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