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* Good Robotnik
* Good Robotnik
*Duke of Velcronia
* [[The Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehogs (AngieYaz Sonic Underground reboot)|Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehogs]]
* [[The Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehogs (AngieYaz Sonic Underground reboot)|Royal 'Corrupt' Hedgehogs]]

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"The Slow-Mo, Voiceless Leader" is the forty-first episode of the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series.



  • Amy Rose
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Cyrus
  • Doo Bot
  • Mindy LaTour
  • Mr. LaTour
  • Lady Windermere
  • Lord Windermere
  • Uncle Chuck
  • Good Robotnik
  • Allegra
  • Clifton
  • Duke of Velcronia
    • Manic the Hedgehog
    • Sonia the Hedgehog
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Amy Rose
    • Apheelia
  • King Jules
  • Sonic Underground
    • Sonia the Hedgehog
  • Apheelia
  • Swatbot


  • Mobius
    • Robotropolis
    • Northern Plains (illusion created by Robotnik)


  • Crown of Mobius
    • Consort crown (for Amy)
    • Scepters and Orbs
  • Shapeshift Remote
  • Communicator



  • Sonic Super Spin


Sonic is compelled to a mysterious location, where his voice and speed are stolen by a clone of the Oracle created by Robotnik. It's up to everyone to save him and finally defeat Robotnik, fulfilling the prophecy, crowning Sonic as King of Mobius and restoring the planet to peace.


Show Yourselves


Sonic: A wise king once sang to me, 'We are one.' I didn't understand him then. Now I do. We are connected by our shared blood, our heritage, and no matter how far we are, we stay a family.

Priest: A crown to wear in grace and beauty as is thy right and royal duty.


  • This episode borrows elements from Disney's The Little Mermaid (the main plot of Sonic's voice and speed being stolen by the Oracle's clone), Frozen 2 (for the reunion of Jules and Aleena with their children) and The Lion King 2 (the title of the song We are One).

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